Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Review - Yes To Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

I received this set of Yes To Coconut shampoo and conditioner as a gift recently.  I've been curious about the whole Yes To line for some time now and was super excited when they came out with the coconut line earlier this year.  (Unfortunately I hated the coconut lip balm.)  The price is what always keeps from diving in and exploring these products.  But hey, now I'd been presented with some!

This coconut shampoo and conditioner is labeled 'ultra moisture' and says it is for normal to dry hair, and that it smooths and restores.  I guess my hair would be considered dry, but by the second day the problem is more that it's oily.  I wash my hair every other day.

So what do I think of this stuff?  It was okay.  I've had worse, but I've also had better.  In fact, my plain old Pantene 2-in-1 seems to work better on my hair.  I did use this several times, just to see if the hair had to go through a readjusting period.  My hair felt amazing while washing/conditioning it in the shower.  It was soooo soft and silky!  Out of the shower and after towel drying my shoulder length hair, the first thing I noticed was that it wasn't as easy as usual to get a comb through.  It wasn't hard, but I did noticed an obvious difference.  Once my hair was dry, and throughout the rest of the day, it didn't quite feel as soft as usual, but it looked like it was laying more nicely, in a more relaxed and behaved way.  There wasn't as much static or fly away ends.  But it just didn't seem impressively shiny or soft.  On the second day, it seemed about the same, and didn't seem as oily as normal by the end of Day Two.  I didn't really notice any change or improvement after using is a couple more times.

In the end, I wasn't impressed with this enough to spend that kind of money, not when the more affordable Pantene 2-in-1 seems to work better for me anyway.

Thank you again for this gift, Sunnee!


  1. Too bad it didn't work out, but maybe that is for the best since you won't feel compelled to buy the more expensive stuff. ;-) I was disappointed in Moonalisa's conditioner after repeated uses. But again, for the best. Now only if I didn't love FuturePrim's conditioner...

    1. I'm still curious about other Yes To products. And if I could find a higher priced product that actually worked for me, I wouldn't mind paying the money.

      Ohhh, FuturePrim. Hard not to love anything from there!