Monday, December 22, 2014

Subscription - Treatsie / Dec. 2014

Treatsie is a monthly subscription box that I learned about through Lauren, over at the Lolo Loves Scents blog.  This is a food subscription box though.  I've seen other snack boxes but there always seems to be more things in them that I wouldn't eat than what I would.  After keeping an eye on the types of things Lauren was showing in her box posts, I decided to give this one a try myself.
Like most subscription boxes, when you first open it you see an info card about that month's box, and the tissue paper and logo.

 This is how it looked inside.  You see some crinkle paper scattered in there.  And I immediately noticed the Christmas/winter flavor theme.

These are the items, outside of the box.

These two cookies were from Grey Ghost Bakery and were Cranberry Orange Pecan flavor.  Hubby and I ate these right away.  The orange flavor hits you right away.  These were very soft and very moist, but this particular flavor was not a favorite for either of us.

These are two large gingerbread flavored caramels from Serendipity Confections.  We have not tried these yet.  They seem to be a somewhat soft caramel, which I like, as opposed to something harder to chew.

 This is a three ounce package of Frittle, from Newfangled Confections, and is described on the info card as 'This aint' your grandma's brittle.  Frittle combines the classic peanut-buttery sweetness of brittle crossed with peanut fudge.  The result is a kinder, softer brittle with a crispy-creamy texture and just a hint of salt.'  We haven't tried this yet either.  Hubby is not a fan of brittle.  I am but yeah, that hardness is scary and difficult for someone like me who has less than stellar teeth.  I'm both curious and leery.

And then there is this guy, which I thought was like a fudgepop or something until I actually looked at the label.
This is from Ticket Chocolate and is 'Hot Chocolate on a Stick.'  You simply stir this chocolate block in hot water or milk until it is melted, and you have hot chocolate.  I'm looking forward to try this!

That is my first Treatsie box.  The info card says the value of this box is $21.00 (before shipping).  I'm not quite as impressed with that as some other subscription boxes, in as far as the box often times being worth much more than what you pay monthly.  Treatsie boxes are $15.00/month plus $4.95 shipping.  If you order six months, the cost per month goes down.  And if you order a full year, the cost per month goes down even more.  At first I felt a bit cheated there were only four little products in here but again, I have to remind myself that these are gourmet treats and not the cheap and simple everyday things that I'm used to.  And for a sweet tooth like me, this box would seem to be ideal.  lol

Have you tried Treatsie?  What, if any, subscription boxes to you enjoy?


  1. Treatsie!!!! Every time I see a post about it, I want it! The only thing I am struggling with, is that I want to eat healthier. But then I figure, if I know I have a little box of sweets coming then I can ration those and use them as little splurges. Or I will just eat them all in one sitting and then eat a slice of cake. :-/ one never knows.

    Yes I do. It will be the latter.

    1. I've had a change of heart since my initial 'I need this!' signup, and just cancelled my subscription. I always seem to start off each new year in a penny pinching mindset, and this was one thing that didn't need to be there. Also, while I was excited to see all the goodies in the first box, all but the cookies are still sitting here untouched. *sigh* I'm just not adventurous.


    2. Aw, it's a bummer you cancelled your subscription, but it is always tough in the beginning of a new year. Sorry you didn't enjoy this box very much. :(

    3. Part of the problem might have been getting the first box at Christmas, when we were already overloaded with sweet treats. I'll still enjoy it through your posts though. =)