Sunday, December 14, 2014

Subscription - Walmart Beauty Box

Did you know Walmart had subscription boxes?  I didn't either.  My sister stumbled across it online and mentioned it to me.  They have a beauty box and a baby box.  I don't know about the baby box, but I did sign up for the beauty box.  It is quarterly, with the seasons.  They say the box is free, but you're paying $5.00 shipping.  It has several sample or full sized products that are beauty related, like makeup, skin care, etc..

I received my first box today!

This is the winter box.  When you sign up, you don't get any choices like for what your preferences are.  And since the boxes are 'free' they are probably all the same for everyone.  My sister and I did wonder if the colors of any makeup products might vary from box to box.  I purposely avoided looking up any YouTube videos or blog posts about this box, because I wanted to be totally surprised.

One thing I was pretty sure I would like about this box is that the brands are familiar and easy to get if I find a product I love.  I was hoping like it crazy it wouldn't be filled with makeup products, and I was happy to see that it's not.

There is this sample of Maybelline's Dream Wonder Powder.  It's on the cardboard, under a plastic sheet.  There is a $1.00 coupon on the back of this.  I don't wear makeup, so I'll pass this on to someone who does.

This Covergirl's Outlast 'all day lipcolor,' in color #542/Brazen Raisin.  It looks slightly more brown than the camera is showing.  The package says to use the white one as a moisturizing, shiny top coat, or just use a regular lip balm.  I do love lip balms but I don't wear lip color, so I might pass this set on to someone else too.

Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes in 'original fresh' scent.  There are five in this travel pack.  It says these can be used for makeup removal or just a quick face wash.  I don't remember ever trying these types of wipes but they do seem to be all the rage.  I will go ahead and try these.

Pond's Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream, in a 1.75 oz. jar.  I do like (and need) face creams.  I've never been into all the fancy anti-wrinkle or age defying types.  Just give me a simple cream.  I'll try this though.

This is Dove's Deep Moisture body wash and I was very happy to see it.  Love me some body wash!  I've used Dove in the past and have enjoyed it.  I will gladly use this little 1.8 oz. guy.

To go with that, I received this Dove shampoo and conditioner set from their Advanced Hair Series.  This is the Oxygen Moisture one.  I don't know if I've used Dove shampoo but I do know I absolutely loved a leave-in conditioner spray that they used to have.  Looking forward to trying these.  They are one ounce each.

I'm please with this first box.  No, it's nothing "Wow!" worthy like some of the proper beauty boxes, but for low maintenance girls like me, it's rather fun.  Looking at the products, even if you were to buy these out of the travel section, you're probably paying at least a dollar each, so the Pond's and Dove products have already passed the $5.00 you pay for shipping.  The Covergirl lip product looks to be full size.  I don't know how much that sells for but it's pretty much free in this box after the other things.  I think this is a fun little box!

I ask again, did you know Walmart had subscription boxes?!  lol


  1. I would say the covergirl lipcolor would retail for at least $5 by itself, probably closer to $7 or $10. (Amazon has it for $7.50 with some pretty good reviews!)
    This sounds like a very good deal! I'm interested, oddly though, I've never seen it advertised anywhere. If not for your posts about it, I would have no idea.

    1. I would never have known either if not for my sister. She's been very into coupons, deals, freebie programs lately and came across it while doing all that. I couldn't even find it on the site even after she told me about it.

      Here is the link to it:

      She says there is a baby box too, but she's waiting for one to be her child's age range or something. Or maybe it's not officially launched yet? I can't remember.


    2. So cool! Thanks for the link!

    3. Yep, all they've got right now is 2nd & 3rd trimester boxes. He's a little beyond that. lol

  2. Love this! You got a good box with an excellent value! I just signed up, thanks for the info!

    1. Cool! I know now that there is some variety in the boxes, so it will be interesting to compare ours. =)