Thursday, January 1, 2015

Order of the Odor - Vol. 5

This month we are doing a mini version of some of our waxy favorites of 2014, please let us know what some of your favorites were too!
This has been a weird year for me in wax.  Well, first of all there were some big events in my personal life this year that kept me distracted a lot of the time.  That, coupled with so many gifts of wax from very generous waxy bloggy friends, has left me in a big of fog for trying to remember scents.  I went back through my whole year of blogging just to try and jog my memory!

Most Comforting Scent:
I find simple scents like sugar cookie or pound cake to be quite comforting.  They are safe and remind me of younger days and nice aromas from the kitchen, back before the chaos of adult life took over with bills and jobs and endless stresses.  Another oddly comforting scent, for me, is Better Homes & Garden's Frosty Peppermint Snow.  It *is* Christmas for me.  It's a sweet, soft mint scent, with almost a hint of creaminess.

Best Spa/Fresh Scent:
I really don't have an answer for this one because it's just not a scent group that I ever melt anything from.  Even looking back through the whole year of my wax posts, I couldn't find anything of this type.

Most Energizing Scent:
Zesty orange scents immediately come to mind for this and I found that I'd had Satsuma Serendipity from Glitterati earlier in the year and mentioned that it was a really good 'pick me up' scent.

Favorite Bakery Scent:
Wow.  Bakery is my absolute favorite scent group, so how can I pick just one?!?!  I've come to really love graham cracker and frosted graham scents over the past year or two.  Frosted Steuselkucken, from Rosegirls, probably wins this category if I'm required to be more specific.

Favorite Fruity Scent:
Most of my fruity favorites are also bakery related so this will also be difficult.  In general, I *love* lemon scents.  I love banana caramel cupcake scents, but that leans heavily towards bakery.  Soooo we'll go with Strawberry Lemon Custard, again from Rosegirls.  It's just so sweet and bright, but still creamy.

Favorite Wild Card Scent:
Order Master Julie said this category can mean whatever we want it to mean.  I'm using it as the Surprise Favorite category and that goes to tea scents.  I went through a tea phase earlier this year, especially fruit teas.  My absolute favorite would have to be Fruit Tea from the failed Melting Fairy.  I also loved her cranberry one but can't find the actual name, and her Mango Sage Tea.  I tried to buy a bunch of the tea scents outside of her monthly subscription program, and that was a deal that never went anywhere.

Favorite Scent Trend:
Well, custom blending was all the rage this year, for sure.  I was never a fan of it though.  I'm just not adventurous or creative enough.  It stresses me out, and all the blends I want are already made anyway.  It's also completely changed the way vendors do business, and not for the better either.  But wait, the category is asking for *favorite* scent trend.  The only . . . lame . . . answer I can come up with is that it's been fun to see all the Streuselkuchen blends from Rosegirls, even if I haven't tried very many of them.

Husband's Favorite Scent:
Hubby, surprisingly, really likes floral scents.  I know he also loves Black Raspberry Vanilla.  So having said that, I asked him directly to see what he'd say.

He stared at me like a deer in headlights!  He said he can't possibly remember everything I've melted and half the time he doesn't know what they are anyway.  I told him it can be anything, not just a tart I've melted over the past year.  He could only come up with "I really like pine scents, and we know I like florals more than you."

Husband's Least Favorite Scent:
He was stumped on this one, and could only come up with "Mint, in general."

Stinker of 2014:
My obvious answer to this will always be zucchini scents.  LOL!  I do have another answer though, and that is the surprising disappointment of Cranberry Streuselkuchen.  Since I love the streuselchoochoo, and love spiced cranberry scents, I figured this would be an amazingly awesome fall scent.  Nope.  I don't remember just what it was that failed, but it was nothing like I'd imagined it would be and I pretty much hated it.  Boo!

Favorite Scent of 2014:
Gah!  Just one????  I might have to go with that elusive Fruit Tea.  There have been so many scents that I've loved and continue to love, but because I can't get that dang Fruit Tea anymore, I think I love that most.  Crazy logic, I know.

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  1. The forbidden fruit that is Fruit Tea. The Glitterati versions weren't hitting it? My name should be coming up in the next month or two if you feel the urge for more Glitterati tea mixology.

  2. Oh yes, some of those were nice! I didn't do melted reviews on everything though so I can't remember them. I might have to take you up on that for a bit more tea.


  3. Really excellent post, Deb, I love how you expanded on everything! UGH, ZUCCHINI. The bane of our existence! Your hubby is so funny with his answers, I like that he just said "mint in general" for his least favorite! Wow! He would hate our minty house. :P

    Totally agree with scent blending. Even vendors who didn't allow custom blending most of the time now offer it in some fashion! Strawberry Lemon Custard is such a good fruity scent, mmmm! Love your answers! :D

    1. Hubby enjoys a soft mint around Christmas but any other time of year I will try to only melt mint scents when he's at work.

      It's neat to have a custom blending option but the way the wax hoarding community has abused it is sad and frustrating. As I've ranted in the past, vendors really should consider putting limits on the custom blends in order to keep business flowing and not punish those who don't custom blend.