Friday, January 23, 2015

Watched - Annabelle

Rated R, 99 minutes

'A couple begins to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists.'

The is a sort of prequel to the movie The Conjuring.  (My post about it HERE.) I remember wanting to see this when it came out but not enough to go to the theater, which I rarely do anyway.  Then I kinda forgot about it until last night when hubby was flipping through channels and noticed it was about to start on pay-per-view.  I rarely sit down and watch movies at home these days either but I had nothing else to do last night so we went ahead and watched this.

We were both disappointed with this movie.  We both made the same comment, that we'd thought (and hoped) there would have been more creepiness from the doll.  That's what it seemed to be hyped as, right?  But no.  The doll just sat and looked creepy and it was other things going on that put the doll in creepy situations.

I don't know what hubby thought about the actual story but I found it to be very weak and full of holes.  There might be spoilers in what I'm about to say but I don't think the movie is good enough to be worried about that.  Doh!  Okay, there is all this talk about the doll being a temporary home, or a vessel, for the demon that the cult had been trying to conjure up.  It's explained that the demon needs a more permanent home, it needs a soul, and some mention of 'an innocent,' which is why everyone assumes it's after the baby.  Somewhere along the way it becomes that the soul must be given willingly, and someone figures out that a baby can't willingly give up its soul, so 'omggasp!' it's the mom's soul!  So, shenanigans ensue, and someone does willingly give their soul 'to stop this.'

But wait!  Didn't the crazy lady in the beginning kill herself?  Thereby willingly giving up her soul for her crazy cult's cause?  Why didn't the demon use her?  Was it already in her and went into the doll when she died?  Then why would the suicide at the end of the movie be of any help to this homeless demon?  I would think the demon needs a living body and soul to inhabit.  Even if we dismiss that confusion, how did the suicidal lady at the end think that would make things right?  Didn't she now just allow a demon into the world?  Yes, it was rather confusing and weak.

The story itself was rather slow too.  It took a long time to build up to anything.  I think they were trying to build tension, but went overboard.  There were a few made-you-jump moments, and few really creepy shots of the devil-y demon thing, but overall it was pretty tame.  What was that devil-y demon thing anyway???  I thought it was a soulless demon living in limbo in that creepy ass doll?  What was that very physical looking thing doing crawling about the apartment building then??

And let's talk about that doll.  It was creepy looking from the start!  Even in it's 'new' condition, it was a freakin' nightmare inducing doll that I don't know why anyone would want to have.  And then later, after everything that happened, it was all discolored and banged up, yet for sale for a high price in a pawn shop because it was a hard to find part of a collectible set.  Really?  It was hideous and torn and damaged.  Pawn Stars would probably have turned it away in that condition.  So it seems very unlikely to me that anyone would buy it.  The story would have been better if it would have stayed in good condition and looked a bit more harmless all along, OR if the next owner sort of inherited it or something, or had been oddly drawn to it in an unexplainable way.

This was not a horrible movie to the point that I'd never watch it again, but I don't think it's one I'll be in any hurry to buy.  Maybe eventually when it's a $5.00 DVD at Halloween I'll grab it.  Overall though, it was a weak and disappointing story.  (Did they have 911 in the early '70s?  And how about that totally current Doritos bag?  Not much budget for the props or accuracy departments, huh?)

Have you seen Annabelle?  What did you think?


  1. So glad to hear your thoughts on this movie! I'm glad it wasn't just us that were disappointed with it. It was slow and it was weak and it was fully of holes. And the acting! We hated their acting. It was either over-acting or under-acting with nothing in between!

    "But wait! Didn't the crazy lady in the beginning kill herself? Thereby willingly giving up her soul for her crazy cult's cause? Why didn't the demon use her?" GOOD POINT!!! Hadn't thought of that! I think in an effort to capitalize on "The Conjuring," the rushed "Annabelle" out to the masses and skipped out on the story and strength of the tale itself. Bummer!

    1. The acting didn't really bother me. I suppose I was so preoccupied with the holes in the story.....LOL

      I watched most of it again the next day because we can watch it multiple times in 24 hours when purchased as pay-per-view. It still bothered me.