Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Haul - Rosegirls / Muffin Club #2

In May of 2014 my waxy bloggy friends convinced me to be part of a Rosegirls Muffin Club.  (If you don't know what a muffin club is, you can read more about it HERE.)  It was an interesting experience but I'd told these waxy friends I probably wouldn't do it again.  It was frustrating for me to try and come up with blends, and I absolutely hated the long turnaround time.

Well, here we are in February 2015 and I have received my share of Muffin Club #2.  Ha, yeah, I caved and did another one with my waxy bloggy enablers.  This time was a bit more fun because hubby got involved, we were planning fall and winter scents, and we each did four blends instead of two.  And then the TAT kept growing longer, and longer, and longer . . . to the point that Rosegirls eventually offered apologies because a good chunk of the orders from that opening had fall and winter scents but wouldn't even be going out until it was too late to enjoy them.  They offered a limited number of changes per order.  But for me it was just a very heavy reminder of why I didn't want to do another Muffin Club in the first place.  

The opening of the website was in mid or late June 2014.  I did not change any of my blends later when that option was available, because I was just crabby by that point and didn't even care anymore.  I told my waxy friends *again* that I would not be doing another Muffin Club, and I put my foot down about it this time.  Like I said, we just received this June 2014 order now in mid February 2015.  I was the last of our group to receive my part of the Club goodies so I did get to hear some first impressions from the other ladies about what we'd all created this time.

And now I can finally show you my share, and let you know my first thoughts.

(I forgot to take a group 'haul' pic.  Oops!)

Ooey Gooey Caramel / Toffee Apple Crunch / Dunk My Donut
I really like this one.  It's a delicious caramel apple scent that will be perfect for fall.  There is just a hint of spice, some lovely sweet and creamy caramel, and just enough apple to let you know it's there.
Cherry Berry Punch / Lemonade
This one is verrry candy-like sweet.  It packs quite a 'Wake up!' punch.  There is some zing or zest in this, an almost dry, powdery after-taste.  This will be fun for summer, or a dreary day when you just want something fun.

Lavender / Vanilla Bean Noel / Birthday Cake
I'm not a huge lavender fan but if it's blended with interesting things I'm sometimes okay with it.  This might be one of those okay times.  The lavender is soft.  If I didn't know it was there, I might not even recognize it.  I don't get a distinct cake note but there is a nice vanilla bakery blend keeping that lavender in check.

Peppermint / Lemonade / Sugared Apple
This was one of my blends and even though I had fall and Christmas scents for my other choices, I was most anxious to see how this would be.  Early reviews from the other Muffin Club members had me even more excited.  It's really quite interesting.  The first note that hits my nose is the apple but it's so quickly chased away by a lighter version of the powdery zing from that earlier tart, and then a tiny spark of warm and creamy comes from somewhere.  The mint sort of glides in with that zingy note (that I now assume comes from lemonade), so you might not even realize there is mint involved.  It's not at all fall-like because of the apple, and not at all winter or Christmas-y because of the mint, so I'm really curious how this will be when warmed.

Cranberry Orange / Marshmallow Smoothie / Cranberry Marmalade
I think Julie said she'd finally found her perfect spiced cranberry scent with this one.  This is indeed pretty close to cranberry heaven, but there is one out there that I do like more.  This is divine though.  The marshmallow keeps the cranberry from being too tart.  The orange adds some sweetness and juiciness but isn't a distinctly orange note on its own.  There is just enough soft spice in there to warm it all up and make it perfect for fall.  Yuh-uhm!

Sweet Lemon Confection / Orange Revival / Sage
This might almost be one of my favorites of the whole bunch.  I'm not familiar with sage, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I'm still not sure just how much it's doing in this blend or even how to describe it, but there is something doing wonderful things in there.  This is a bright citrus scent, for sure.  It reminds me of candy again, of Lemonheads, but then there is that something . . . the sage, probably . . . adding a sort of green note.  An herbal note?  It's hard to describe!  In some ways this reminds me of the Fruit Loops scent, which makes it funny that I like this one as much as I do.

Christmas Past / Cranberry Orange
I don't remember what is in Christmas Past but there must be pine or spruce.  This is one of those 'craft store at Christmas' type scents, sometimes considered a generic Christmas blend.  It's nice though *because* of that.  You get the hints of Christmas tree, the hints of spice, the sweet and tart from the cranberry and orange.  This will be great for right after Thanksgiving as we jump straight into Christmas.

Pecan Waffles / Cotton Candy Frosting / Blueberry Cobbler
I think this is the one I've been smelling the most since opening the box these all came in and having them sit out while taking pictures and writing this post.  It's so sooo good.  If my sister still like blueberry muffin scents, I'm pretty sure I'll need to share some of this with her.  It's like a deep, rich blueberry bakery scent but then the pecan waffles add a bit more depth.  There is more of a 'body' with those extra notes.  I don't really get any cotton candy notes, and suspect that might just be enhancing the sweet blueberry notes.

Marshmallow Smoothie / Celtic Moonspice / Apple Puff Pastry
Ohhh, were that other apple scent will be my fall-time caramel apple scent, this one will fill the spiced apple spot on my fall scent menu.  I get the apple first, but it's subdued a bit by the marshmallow and hints of bakery from whatever the 'Puff Pastry' part of this is.  The spice is all around it, yet not too harsh or sharp.  It's a warm, spicy apple scent.  I suppose, if you didn't know just what was in here, you might think this is simply hot apple pie.  And that's totally okay with me!

Peppermint / Royal Sugar Cookie
Yes, yes, yesss.  A delicious sweet mint scent for Christmas.  I don't really recognize the cookie as cookie but it serves to soften and warm up the peppermint just enough to make it my favorite kind of Christmas scent.

Peppermint / Christmas Past
While I had such high hopes for this one, I think it might actually be the bummer of the bunch for me.  I'm iffy on pine, spruce, Christmas tree scents, and can usually only tolerate them in small doses to get me in the holiday mood.  I thought maybe the mint would be enough of a distraction to just reinforce 'Christmas!' in my brain.  The pine smacks you in the face right out of the gate with this one though.  I almost don't even notice the mint because I'm still digging out from under the Christmas tree.

Although, ya know what?  Now that I've sniffed this one a million times to write this post, it's starting to grow on me.  It definitely does turn your thoughts to Christmas.  I might have to just melt small amounts at a time now and then through the holiday season.

Pink Sugar / Margarita / Watermelon Slush
This one is funny.  I get a nice creamy watermelon scent from this.  Creamy watermelon?  Yes, that's why it's funny.  Sometimes I seem to get the faintest hints of Pink Sugar, but other times I think it's the Margarita working hardest to take that watermelon note to the prom.  This is not my preferred type of scent but it's not too bad.  It will be a nice change of pace, or cleansing scent.

Monster Cookie / Southern Creme Brulee / Pumpkin Chai
With Monster Cookie and Pumpkin Chai in here, I thought this would be fabulous.  I had to laugh when I picked up a notorious note, known here on my blog as 'meat tart.'  LOL!  I don't know what's causing it, but it's there, kinda settled right down in the middle of the otherwise greatness that could have come from this.  And I can't get away from it now matter how hard I try to focus on the pumpkin or the spice or the cookie.

Strawberry Jam / Sicilian Lemon Cookies / Royal Sugar Cookies
I mainly get the cookie notes right now.  A bit of the strawberry is poking through, and a hint of the lemon is trying to come through.  Hopefully those come out more when warmed.  It's a nice cookie scent though, even if that's all it manages to be.

Sweet Pumpkin Pie / Vanilla Bean Noel / Vanilla Wafers
This one has potential to be a very yummy fall scent.  The pumpkin is definitely there, although it reminds me more of just the canned pie filling type of pumpkin scent.  I don't get much spice, if any.  The other notes provide a gentle, 'safe' vanilla bakery scent.  I think this might end up being one of those nice, background scents to set a subtle mood while you start prepping for the holidays.

Vanilla Bean Noel / Strawberry Raspberry Guava / Marilyn
And finally, this one reminds me of . . . Easter.  Why?  I have no idea.  The pastel colors?  The candy-like sweetness that makes me think of jelly beans and candy in plastic grass filled baskets?  This is a bright and perky fruit scent, but still on the hesitant side of being full blown juicy summer fruit type.  There is a bit of a SweeTarts note to this.  I like it.

As mentioned earlier in this post, I said I would not do another one of these Muffin Clubs.  I was absolutely, positively, 100% sure of that.  But guess what.  There are rumors that the next Rosegirls opening will be in March and yes, I've agreed to do one more Muffin Club.

Whyyyyyy do I do these things?  We're going to be stuck in the same situation of wondering how many months the TAT will be, so what season should we plan for?  Looking at the fall and winter scents I already have here, I don't need to make more of those types blends.  Do we hope for a shorter TAT this time and shoot for some fruity summer blends?  Who freakin' knows?  But we've already got our crazy mad blender hats back on already, trying for some new surprise hits.

How about you?  Do you dabble in custom blending?  Will you be putting your blending skills to the test for this next opening?  See anything in this bunch of muffins that sounds promising?

Blend away!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Melted - Rosegirls / Vanilla Crunch Donuts

Vanilla Crunch Donuts - [no scent description]

Since there is no description for this on the Rosegirls website I did some searching online and found two oil suppliers that feature 'vanilla crunch' fragrance, and both mention hints of caramel and nuts.  Going back and smelling this again, yeah, I think that might be accurate.  This is such a yummy bakery scent!!  My original cold sniff thoughts in my haul post were that this was just a really good, safe vanilla bakery scent.  It always nagged at my brain though that there might be something more going on.  It's bit more complex that just 'safe vanilla,' but still one of those more mellow 'company's coming' scents.  If there is indeed caramel and nuts in there, that's what what's coming through, but on a bakery level, not an ooey gooey sweet level.  If you didn't know just what this was, like me when I first got it, you could probably easily overlook it as just what I thought . . . simple vanilla bakery.  I don't get any distinct cake or donut or cookie note though.  It's just yummy goodness.

I started with one .8 oz. cube in my tea light warmer and was getting a light-medium scent.  I started another tea light warmer with another .8 oz cube in another room, along with one cube in my Glade hot plate warmer in a third room, and never really got over a medium strength scent.  It was an amazing scent, subtly spreading it's yumminess throughout the downstairs of the house, but I really wish it had been stronger.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Melted - Essential Home / Lemon Sugar Cookie

Lemon Sugar Cookie - [no scent description]

This is a fabulous scent.  It's a creamy lemon, definitely a bakery type lemon.  There is absolute sweetness, almost like the Lemonheads candy, but there is a smoothness or mellowness that must come from the sugar cookie.  This very much reminds me of the fabulous lemon scents I've had from Front Porch.

I melted two cubes in my tea light warmer and was thrilled by the strong scent and throw.

Essential Home brand can be found at Kmart stores for $2.00 a pack.  I don't get to Kmart often but you better believe I will be grabbing several more packs of this scent next time I'm there.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Haul - Dollar Tree Randomness

I had to take my mom to town today so she could get her shopping done and we stopped at Dollar Tree.  She wanted to find cheap stylus pens for her tablet, and I had a couple things I wanted to check for.  Of course, I came out with extras and completely forgot to look for one of the main things I'd wanted.

This is one of the things I'd gone there for.  We have an end table in our living room, in the corner by the window and sort of blocked by two couches.  Nothing much ever really goes on that table.  It's always been sort of an empty space in the overall look of the room.  Well, since last fall when I placed a vase of fake fall flowers over there on a whim, I've decided I love the look of having something like that in that area.  I had gone ahead and bought some fake Christmas flowers, but once those got packed up after the holdiays that corner became rather bare again.  Then I saw someone's Dollar Tree Valentine's haul and she showed these cute roses with glittlery hearts.  I got all excited, thinking I'd just start grabbing whatever holiday Dollar Tree has such fake flowers for, and keep that vase livening up that corner table all year round!  Well, I didn't get there before Valentine's but I did still find some of the flowers.  I know there was also white but there were none of those left at my store.  I was able to dig a little and find a pink set and a red set though.  I'll grab white next year if I see them.

Since St. Patrick's Day is next, they had a pretty good selection of things and I was happy to find they have fake flowers for that too.  They had non-glittery ones too but I liked  the sparkly ones.  There are glittery shamrocks in there too, just like the hearts in the Valentine's one.

They have their Easter stuff out now, and there were so many things I wanted!  This was so cute though, so I had to grab it.  It's actually very small, the pot only being a little over two inches tall.  I might actually go back and get a couple more to place throughout the house.  There are different colored pots too.  See the little glittery egg in there?

Right when you walk in the door, they have a display of these solar tulip lights.  I love tulips!  They had pink, purple, and yellow.  I wanted to grab purple and yellow for Vikings colors but decided to wait and see how well this works first.  I think enough light comes through that corner window that this should work if stuck in the vase with other spring flowers.  Maybe I should go grab a yellow one before they're gone though.  Hmm.

Grabbed a card for Casey, whose birthday is coming up next week.

Got this little puzzle for the daughter of a friend.  I have to find something for her other daughter.  The friend is having Baby #3 later this month, so I'm including a little quickie gift for each of the girls along with what I get their new brother.

Because they have their Easter stuff out, I was happy to find some regular jelly beans.  I prefer the boring, old fashioned jelly beans over all the fancy flavored ones they have these days.  So yeah, grabbed these while I could find them.

I *love* these caramels with the cream centers.  I can't always find them other places so I usually grab a bag when I'm at Dollar Tree because they always seem to have them.

Also bought these cookies.  I love molasses cookies but rarely find them anywhere anymore.  Archway brand used to have the best ones.  Can't hardly find ANY Archway around here anymore.  Also bought oatmeal raisin for hubby.  These are soft and chewy cookies, and not bad for only one dollar.

I'll have to stop back next time I'm shopping alone and have more time to look around.  My mom can only walk for so long before getting tired and sore, so we don't do a lot of browsing.  And like I said, I totally forgot to even look for one of the main things I went there for!  So you might see another Dollar Tree haul coming soon.

Are you a Dollar Tree shopper?  Or do you avoid it like the cheapass plague?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Haul - More Fall Wax Leftovers

I mentioned in a recent wax haul post that my Walmart was finally marking down some of the leftover fall scents from Better Homes & Gardens, and Scentsationals.  I'd said I was going to go ahead and pick them up just to tuck away for next fall, and sure enough, I grabbed a few more this morning while doing my weekly shopping.

(Febreze) Vanilla Latte - 'Breathe in the season thanks to this comforting creation of rich vanilla and sweet cream, with subtle, spicy undertones to warm your spirit.'
First of all I made sure to grab another of the Vanilla Latte candles that I'd enjoyed so much recently.  It was already marked down, plus I had a coupon.  I'd wanted to try this scent in wax melts form this time but I only saw it in candle form.  I saved the glass from the previous one, cleaned it up and have it set aside.  Not sure what to use it for though.  Any ideas?

 (Febreze) Autumn Harvest - [no scent description]
This one was funny.  There has a been a clearance section on the end cap of the cleaning products aisle for many weeks now.  A lot of the fall scent products from Glade, Febreze, Air Wick were there.  I knew this was were I needed to get the Vanilla Latte candle from so as I was approaching and saw StoreDude there with his rolling rack of shelves, clearing off those clearance items, I had a mild panic attack.  I passed by once and did a quick glance to see if there were even any vanilla candles left, and I did see a couple so I continued down the aisle wondering if my chance was gone.  I glanced back and saw the guy had walked away for something so I headed back, grabbed the candle I wanted, and did a super quick look at what was still left on the shelf.  And this Autumn Harvest melts pack was sitting awkwardly alone on a bare section of shelf so I grabbed it and kept walking.  Wasn't till I got home that I finally sniffed it and did an 'Eeuw!' sort of head jerk reaction.  I was expecting some pumpkin type scent but this is more of a hayride type scent.  The only thing I could find about it in a quick Google search mentions sandalwood so yeah, that's were my 'Eeuw!' came from.  There is something cologne-y happening in there too.  I'll hang onto it and see how I feel about when fall rolls around again.

(BH&G) Spiced Pumpkin Pie - [no scent description]
I had this one in 2013 but not in 2014 because I'd bought all those fall scents from indie vendors.  This is a spicy pumpkin scent, so spice haters beware.  But it is so soo good and perfect for late fall.  I was bummed that this rang up as the full $2.00 price instead of the $1.50 clearance price.  In my crabby funk of late though, I didn't feel like arguing.

(BH&G) Enchanted Pumpkin Valley - [no scent description]
I did not have this one last fall either.  This is more one of those 'outdoor' type fall scents, with the hint of cologne-y-ness.  I'm guessing there is still some pumpkin somewhere in there but it doesn't strike you first as pumpkin.

(BH&G) Pumpkin Ginger Cookie - [no scent description]
I did have this one last fall and while my post about it mentions it was light, I do seem to remember liking the scent.  We'll see how it goes when this fall rolls around.

That's my little leftovers haul.  The fall scents are finally getting pretty well picked through so maybe they'll finally restock with some fresh new spring and summer scents.  I'm there every week and I'm keeping my eye on it!  hehe

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Haul - Rosegirls / Mini Melts

Rosegirls introduced 'mini melts' in their special opening earlier this month.  This is a new thing they are trying as a way to hopefully let more people order, with a shorter TAT, and keep the site open.  It is their hope that people will buy the mini melts and play around with their own blends, and perhaps alleviate the load when it's time for custom orders.  There is already some grumbling that these are shipping before the June and October orders, but I think once this settles down, this new option could be awesome.

I wasn't even going to order when the site opened February 1 with the debut of these mini melts.  I couldn't see, at the time, what difference it was going to make in the notoriously long TAT and impossibility of getting an order placed.  Something just kept tickling the back of my brain though and that morning I did find myself stalking the site.  I only had a small order planned, for money reasons and because I just wanted to see how this would work.  I couldn't believe how fast these got here!  My order was placed February 1, and I just received the package this morning, February 14!  I can see why people are grumbling about these mini melt orders going out so fast, but people should also realize, Rosegirls has added extra staff to help push this easier product along.  It's a messy gray area right now that *should* settle down now that the last of the old orders are being worked on.  And if the crazy hoarders don't overboard at the next custom ordering, things should be a lot better next time around.

So anyway!  Let's see what these new guys look like!

Vanilla Crunch Donuts - [no scent description]
Oooh yeah, this is right up my bakery alley.  This is one of those safe, homey scents like sugar cookie.  You know, when you just want something mellow going, or when company is coming and you're unsure of their scent tolerances.  I don't know how to describe it much more than vanilla bakery.

This bag contained 8 chunks, ranging in weight from .6-.9 oz. each.  The total weight was 6 ounces.

Cherry Cobbler - [no scent description]
A while ago I had wondered why I couldn't ever find cherry cobbler from any vendor.  I would always see various other cobblers, but never cherry.  So of course I had to order this.  I mainly get a cherry note on cold sniff, with an odd aftertaste note.  I was hoping for more of a cobbler presence, but hopefully that will come through more when warmed.

This bag contained 8 chunks, ranging in weight from .7-.9 oz. each.  The total weight was 6.2 ounces.

Lemon Biscotti - [no scent description]
Oh heck yeah!  You know I love my lemon scents!  And this one is super yummilicious.  It's a sweet lemon, with some creaminess, and a nice simple bakery note behind it.  So soo good.

This bag contained 11 chunks, ranging in weight from .4-.7 oz. each.  The total weight was 6.2 ounces.

Raspberry Coconut - [no scent description]
This one seemed like a good non-seasonal, everyday scent.  I'm so glad I picked this!  It's a stronger on the coconut, reminding me of the bagged coconut shreds you can buy in the baking aisle, but there is a fruit note in there to add some 'color.'  Looking forward to this one!

This bag contained 7 chunks, ranging in weight from .7-.9 oz. each.  The total weight was 6 ounces.

There were no free samples with my order.

I really hopes this works out for Rosegirls.  I think I'm already in love with these things.  I hate cutting wax, and I melt smaller portions (less is often more!), so these chunks are perfect.  I can just pick one out of the bag and toss it in the warmer without worrying how big it is.  I've never been good at coming up with blends anyway, so these single scent options are awesome for me.  And since the website is remaining open for mini melt orders, I can easily see myself going back to try things as I run out of the previous stuff.  I'm really looking forward to the fall and winter scents in this new easy to get and easy to use format!

Mini Melt bags come in two sizes.  The 6 oz. bag sells for $7.00 and the 16 oz. bag sells for $17.00.  The smaller bags are more than enough for me.  And you'll notice that they come in the clear zip bags instead of the usual brown bakery bags.  I know these bags are more expensive, but I do prefer them.  Oh and even though the Rosegirls store is local to me, the limited hours and never knowing what will be in stock is one more reason I'm really hoping this new line works out because I can order what I want and have it shipped right too me.

Are you excited for these little guys??
Will playing around with these curb your custom order appetite a bit, or only serve to make your custom orders bigger as you figure out blends you like?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Melted - Mainstays / Black Cherry

Black Cherry - [no scent description]

This smelled so darn on cold sniff that I knew this was one I needed to try since I've decided to explore the Mainstays brand a bit more.  It's not like a typical almond-type cherry scent.  This one is dark and deep, yet super sweet.  It very much reminded me of my absolute favorite flavor of Kool Aid, good ol' Black Cherry.  The scent held true while warm.  There was a slight waxy smell at the end of the a tea light long melt (about four hours) but not enough to ruin the overall scent.

I melted two cubes in my tea light warmer and had a healthy medium scent in the room the warmer was in.  I later added two cubes to another tea light warmer in another room and that really boosted the scent and throw throughout the house.

I would buy this again.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Burned - Febreze / Vanilla Latte

Vanilla Latte - 'Breathe in the season thanks to this comforting creation of rich vanilla and sweet cream, with subtle, spicy undertones to warm your spirit.'

 I loved this candle.  It burned flawlessly, except for some soot at the very end.  The scent was a light-medium but it through like a champ.  I could smell it everywhere in the house, and it was the first thing I smelled when I stepped into the house after work one night that hubby had this burning.  The scent itself was quite yummy, full of warmth and creaminess that is perfect for these cold winter days.  The spice was minimal, and easily mistaken for a very mellow coffee note.

The one I bought says 'Limited Edition' on the package.  It does not look like the one on the Febreze website, so I wonder if this packaging is the limited edition part of it?  The glass is very pretty, with an etched-looking design.  I hope the scent itself is not limited edition.  I would definitely buy this again and fully intend to grab one (or more!) the next time I'm in town.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Small Collective Wax Haul

I decided to spend more time with retail wax this year since the whole indie vendor way of doing business has become annoying and frustrating.  These few things are from recent trips to Walmart and Kmart.  So let's just get right into it, shall we?

(Glade) Angel Whispers - 'Rose and iris aromas add a pretty perfume to notes of bright florals, peach and melons. The scent of amber, sandalwood and seductive jasmine guarantees that you’ll fall under its spell.'
The first time I sniffed this in the store I could have sworn it was very similar to Scentsationals' Pretty In Pink.  I looked up the scent description when I got home that day and was like 'What the heck?'  So I bought it next time I was in town, just to be able to compare it to the one remaining cube of Pretty In Pink that I have left.  Now I think they are nothing alike.  LOL!  This one is sweet, almost moist, floral scent.  Pretty In Pink is a sweet, almost creamy with a touch of warmth, candy type scent.  Oh well, hubby is a floral fan so he should enjoy this.

 (Scentsationals) Mandarin Pumpkin Spice - [no scent description]
My Walmart has had tons of the fall scents leftovers and I keep seeing everyone online talk about the amazing deals they're getting on these, marked down to fifty and even twenty cents.  Not at my store though.  Oh no, they're still proudly hogging the shelves at their full $2.00 price.  Until last week.  I noticed some of them were marked down to $1.50.  I've debated all along whether or not to buy some.  I didn't want to be loaded down with leftovers of last year's scents when the new fall scents come out this year.  Then again, if the same old scents come out again, at least I'd have them already, and now at a marked down price.  So I did grab this one, but held off on any others because I wasn't sure at that time what I already had tucked away here at home.  I'm also kinda gambling that the price might come down a bit more.  Anyway, this is good pumpkin scent, medium on spice.  I don't get hint of mandarin on cold sniff.  And this will get tucked away until fall rolls around again.

(Mainstays) Black Cherry - [no scent description]
I said I wanted to explore the Mainstays brand a bit more.  I've been impressed with the strength of the ones I've tried before, just haven't like the scents that I had.  (They were gifted to me.)  So I took an extra bit of time my last time shopping, to see just what my store had from this brand, and decided to try this Black Cherry scent.  On cold sniff this is soooo good.  It's not almond-cherry at all.  It's more like sweet dark berry type cherry, like good ol' Black Cherry Kool Aid.  Can't wait to melt this one!

(Essential Home) Lemon Sugar Cookie - [no scent description]
I don't get to Kmart and I've tried their wax even less, but I seem to remember having good results from the very few times I have.  I decided to go ahead and try more since I'm doing this retail wax thing at the moment.  Looks like Kmart/Essential Home is upping their game in this area because there was a big center aisle display featuring a decent variety of scents and even some warmers.  I *love* this Lemon Sugar Cookie scent.  I should have probably grabbed more.  This freakin' rivals Front Porch's lemon scents.  There is a nice, bright lemon note that hits you first, and is quickly wrapped up in a warm and creamy bakery note.
(Essential Home wax sells for $1.99 at Kmart.)

(Essential Home) Grandma's Sugar Cookies - [no scent description]
I wanted to grab a few different scents since I don't get to Kmart often, and I wanted something warm and cozy while we're still in these wintery weather weeks here in Wisconsin.  I hadn't noticed how pock marked this was when I bought it.  Oh well, it all melts the same.  This is just a really nice, deep, rich sugar cookie scent.

(Essential Home) Raspberry Pomegranate - [no scent description]
There were several floral scents, and several fruity and tropical scents.  I'm not a floral fan, and I don't feel like fruity and tropical at this time of year, so I went with this one.  Another fabulous one on cold sniff.  It reminds me of Kool Aid again, or of a fruity lemonade type scent.  It's another rich, dark berry scent, with almost a slight hint of zest or effervescence.  That's probably not really there but there is a verrrrry slight bit of zing.  I probably should have gotten more of this one too.

That is my little wax haul.  These should help tide me over until my Rosegirls order gets here.  Yes yes, I know.  'Why are you ordering from Rosegirls if you're all about retail wax?'  Because I was frustrated with my Walmart not restocking, and because the new Rosegirls mini-melters had me curious.  And because they are local.

But anyway, do you have Kmart in your area?  Have you ever tried their wax melts?  What about other retail brands?  Any gems out there I should know about?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Order of the Odor - Vol. 6

We hope your 2015 is moving smoothly and pleasantly along. February heralds in with pink and red hearts bursting forth in store aisles. Pro-Valentine, Anti-Valentine, it makes no difference, love exists. Please answer these questions along with us!

1. What scents remind you of love?
After thinking and thinking and thinking, I have no answer for this.

2. What scent would you melt or what candle would you burn to create a romantic atmosphere? 
Sadly, I have no answer for this either.  I'm not a romantic person.  I don't create romantic atmospheres.  A nice, musky, cologne scent came to mind but that's not romantic, it's just a sexy man scent.  So it's a big fat fail for me in this month's Order of the Odor.  :(

Deb hit up her local Yankee Candle Outlet store and came home with quite an array of waxy smelly goodies. Want to know what treasures may be hiding out at your local Yankee Candle Outlet? Hop on over and check it out.

Tiffany Candles has been knocking it out of the park with her Chunklet wax tart shapes. See what amazing blends Sunnee picked up recently and her thoughts on them. 

"Rise up this morning', smiled with the risin' sun, three little birds each by my doorstep, singin' sweet songs of melodies pure and true" If you are in the mood to sing along with Bob and bring some tropical whimsy into your winter day you might want to pop this scent in your warmer like Lauren did.

Wax fiends who are bookworms understand the thrill of matching wax to book series. Julie has been waiting with baited breath for Alamo Candelaria's Outlander release and its time as come! Was it worth the wait?