Sunday, February 15, 2015

Haul - More Fall Wax Leftovers

I mentioned in a recent wax haul post that my Walmart was finally marking down some of the leftover fall scents from Better Homes & Gardens, and Scentsationals.  I'd said I was going to go ahead and pick them up just to tuck away for next fall, and sure enough, I grabbed a few more this morning while doing my weekly shopping.

(Febreze) Vanilla Latte - 'Breathe in the season thanks to this comforting creation of rich vanilla and sweet cream, with subtle, spicy undertones to warm your spirit.'
First of all I made sure to grab another of the Vanilla Latte candles that I'd enjoyed so much recently.  It was already marked down, plus I had a coupon.  I'd wanted to try this scent in wax melts form this time but I only saw it in candle form.  I saved the glass from the previous one, cleaned it up and have it set aside.  Not sure what to use it for though.  Any ideas?

 (Febreze) Autumn Harvest - [no scent description]
This one was funny.  There has a been a clearance section on the end cap of the cleaning products aisle for many weeks now.  A lot of the fall scent products from Glade, Febreze, Air Wick were there.  I knew this was were I needed to get the Vanilla Latte candle from so as I was approaching and saw StoreDude there with his rolling rack of shelves, clearing off those clearance items, I had a mild panic attack.  I passed by once and did a quick glance to see if there were even any vanilla candles left, and I did see a couple so I continued down the aisle wondering if my chance was gone.  I glanced back and saw the guy had walked away for something so I headed back, grabbed the candle I wanted, and did a super quick look at what was still left on the shelf.  And this Autumn Harvest melts pack was sitting awkwardly alone on a bare section of shelf so I grabbed it and kept walking.  Wasn't till I got home that I finally sniffed it and did an 'Eeuw!' sort of head jerk reaction.  I was expecting some pumpkin type scent but this is more of a hayride type scent.  The only thing I could find about it in a quick Google search mentions sandalwood so yeah, that's were my 'Eeuw!' came from.  There is something cologne-y happening in there too.  I'll hang onto it and see how I feel about when fall rolls around again.

(BH&G) Spiced Pumpkin Pie - [no scent description]
I had this one in 2013 but not in 2014 because I'd bought all those fall scents from indie vendors.  This is a spicy pumpkin scent, so spice haters beware.  But it is so soo good and perfect for late fall.  I was bummed that this rang up as the full $2.00 price instead of the $1.50 clearance price.  In my crabby funk of late though, I didn't feel like arguing.

(BH&G) Enchanted Pumpkin Valley - [no scent description]
I did not have this one last fall either.  This is more one of those 'outdoor' type fall scents, with the hint of cologne-y-ness.  I'm guessing there is still some pumpkin somewhere in there but it doesn't strike you first as pumpkin.

(BH&G) Pumpkin Ginger Cookie - [no scent description]
I did have this one last fall and while my post about it mentions it was light, I do seem to remember liking the scent.  We'll see how it goes when this fall rolls around.

That's my little leftovers haul.  The fall scents are finally getting pretty well picked through so maybe they'll finally restock with some fresh new spring and summer scents.  I'm there every week and I'm keeping my eye on it!  hehe


  1. Nice sweep of a few fall stragglers. You will be ready once the leaves turn yellow and the Fall *ahem* Lady arrives. I am planning on heading to Walmart tomorrow with Savanna since she has a few birthday dollars burning a hole in her pocket and we have no school.

    1. More Pokemon coming home today, huh? I wonder if we still have all the little figures my boys collected when they were little? Hmm, I should look someday.

      I didn't want to stock up on fall scents beforehand. I wanted to be in the moment this year, and buy what came out this year. But oh well....


    2. Yep! Four packs of Pokemon cards :-)

      You only grabbed a few :-) not too many to spoil the new scents.

    3. I think I'm going to grab a couple more of A Thankful Harvest because it's been an absolute favorite the past two years, and I might grab a couple more Candied Caramel Apple just because it's my favorite caramel apple scent from anyone anywhere.