Thursday, February 12, 2015

Melted - Mainstays / Black Cherry

Black Cherry - [no scent description]

This smelled so darn on cold sniff that I knew this was one I needed to try since I've decided to explore the Mainstays brand a bit more.  It's not like a typical almond-type cherry scent.  This one is dark and deep, yet super sweet.  It very much reminded me of my absolute favorite flavor of Kool Aid, good ol' Black Cherry.  The scent held true while warm.  There was a slight waxy smell at the end of the a tea light long melt (about four hours) but not enough to ruin the overall scent.

I melted two cubes in my tea light warmer and had a healthy medium scent in the room the warmer was in.  I later added two cubes to another tea light warmer in another room and that really boosted the scent and throw throughout the house.

I would buy this again.


  1. Look at that gorgeous color! Oh man, so pretty! This sounds like it was nice, I have been really liking cherry scents lately.

    1. It was a nice change of pace scent, sort of summery and kid-like in its sweetness.