Sunday, February 1, 2015

Melted - Maintstays / Vanilla Nut

 Vanilla Nut - [no scent description]
I received this Mainstays brand combo pack during the holidays.  I've tried a few Mainstays candles, with various results, but don't have much experience with their wax melts yet.  This particular post is about the Vanilla Nut portion of this package.  I think it was the orange-brown colored one bunch on the left, not that it matters.

I did not care the Vanilla Nut scent at all.  It was way too nutty for my liking.  I didn't really detect any vanilla.  It was just a very strong, dry, nutty scent.

I melted the four little bars (.8 oz worth) in my tea light warmer and was impressed with the strength of this product.  Too bad I didn't like this particular scent.  It did fade by the end of one tea light burn (4 hours) but since I like to change scents and move on, that part didn't bother too much.  Mainstays is the Walmart brand, and for a mere $2.00 a pack, I will definitely try other scents if I find some that appeal to me.

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