Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Small Collective Wax Haul

I decided to spend more time with retail wax this year since the whole indie vendor way of doing business has become annoying and frustrating.  These few things are from recent trips to Walmart and Kmart.  So let's just get right into it, shall we?

(Glade) Angel Whispers - 'Rose and iris aromas add a pretty perfume to notes of bright florals, peach and melons. The scent of amber, sandalwood and seductive jasmine guarantees that you’ll fall under its spell.'
The first time I sniffed this in the store I could have sworn it was very similar to Scentsationals' Pretty In Pink.  I looked up the scent description when I got home that day and was like 'What the heck?'  So I bought it next time I was in town, just to be able to compare it to the one remaining cube of Pretty In Pink that I have left.  Now I think they are nothing alike.  LOL!  This one is sweet, almost moist, floral scent.  Pretty In Pink is a sweet, almost creamy with a touch of warmth, candy type scent.  Oh well, hubby is a floral fan so he should enjoy this.

 (Scentsationals) Mandarin Pumpkin Spice - [no scent description]
My Walmart has had tons of the fall scents leftovers and I keep seeing everyone online talk about the amazing deals they're getting on these, marked down to fifty and even twenty cents.  Not at my store though.  Oh no, they're still proudly hogging the shelves at their full $2.00 price.  Until last week.  I noticed some of them were marked down to $1.50.  I've debated all along whether or not to buy some.  I didn't want to be loaded down with leftovers of last year's scents when the new fall scents come out this year.  Then again, if the same old scents come out again, at least I'd have them already, and now at a marked down price.  So I did grab this one, but held off on any others because I wasn't sure at that time what I already had tucked away here at home.  I'm also kinda gambling that the price might come down a bit more.  Anyway, this is good pumpkin scent, medium on spice.  I don't get hint of mandarin on cold sniff.  And this will get tucked away until fall rolls around again.

(Mainstays) Black Cherry - [no scent description]
I said I wanted to explore the Mainstays brand a bit more.  I've been impressed with the strength of the ones I've tried before, just haven't like the scents that I had.  (They were gifted to me.)  So I took an extra bit of time my last time shopping, to see just what my store had from this brand, and decided to try this Black Cherry scent.  On cold sniff this is soooo good.  It's not almond-cherry at all.  It's more like sweet dark berry type cherry, like good ol' Black Cherry Kool Aid.  Can't wait to melt this one!

(Essential Home) Lemon Sugar Cookie - [no scent description]
I don't get to Kmart and I've tried their wax even less, but I seem to remember having good results from the very few times I have.  I decided to go ahead and try more since I'm doing this retail wax thing at the moment.  Looks like Kmart/Essential Home is upping their game in this area because there was a big center aisle display featuring a decent variety of scents and even some warmers.  I *love* this Lemon Sugar Cookie scent.  I should have probably grabbed more.  This freakin' rivals Front Porch's lemon scents.  There is a nice, bright lemon note that hits you first, and is quickly wrapped up in a warm and creamy bakery note.
(Essential Home wax sells for $1.99 at Kmart.)

(Essential Home) Grandma's Sugar Cookies - [no scent description]
I wanted to grab a few different scents since I don't get to Kmart often, and I wanted something warm and cozy while we're still in these wintery weather weeks here in Wisconsin.  I hadn't noticed how pock marked this was when I bought it.  Oh well, it all melts the same.  This is just a really nice, deep, rich sugar cookie scent.

(Essential Home) Raspberry Pomegranate - [no scent description]
There were several floral scents, and several fruity and tropical scents.  I'm not a floral fan, and I don't feel like fruity and tropical at this time of year, so I went with this one.  Another fabulous one on cold sniff.  It reminds me of Kool Aid again, or of a fruity lemonade type scent.  It's another rich, dark berry scent, with almost a slight hint of zest or effervescence.  That's probably not really there but there is a verrrrry slight bit of zing.  I probably should have gotten more of this one too.

That is my little wax haul.  These should help tide me over until my Rosegirls order gets here.  Yes yes, I know.  'Why are you ordering from Rosegirls if you're all about retail wax?'  Because I was frustrated with my Walmart not restocking, and because the new Rosegirls mini-melters had me curious.  And because they are local.

But anyway, do you have Kmart in your area?  Have you ever tried their wax melts?  What about other retail brands?  Any gems out there I should know about?


  1. I do have a Kmart nearby. Looking forward to your warmed review of those. If they are any good I will check them out. I still need to check out Michael's wax brand, Ashland. A lemon that rivals FP?? It must be good!! Thankfully FP is easy to order from though.

    1. I've seen wax at other stores that have been so expensive, yet don't have anything more unique than what I can find in the Walmart or Kmart cheapies, so I don't try them.

      I will do some Melted posts when I get to the Kmart ones. =)


  2. I've had good luck with the Kohl's brand but haven't tried too many Mainstays or Kmart's brand.
    I giggle thinking that your hubby might have his own little wax stash :)

    1. He does have his own wax stash. He hasn't dipped into it for quite some time now, probably because I've been hogging melting time with seasonal scents. But yes, he adopted all the florals and things I didn't like along the way.


  3. Mandarin pumpkin spice? OH YES. That'll be a good one when you get to it in the fall! Angel Whispers has such a pretty wax color, very delicate to match the notes.

    All the Kmarts around here have all but disappeared, but we recently discovered there's one maybe 10 or so miles from our house that we never knew was there! I may have to stop in one day and see if they have wax!

    1. I'm willing to dabble in the Kmart wax because they're in the cheap range. LOL! If I see wax at other stores and a clamshell is $5.00....? No, I'm not likely to try it.