Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cold Sniff - Scentsationals / Fire Amber

Fire Amber - 'Deep rich amber.'

I am not an amber scent fan and therefore am no expert on the scent.  I'm also not a fan of smoky notes in scents and this one has that.  The first thing that hits you is that campfire type note, followed quickly by the amber.  This type of scent makes me think of ancient things, kinda goes in that group with frankincense and myrrh.  To me, this is a very dry scent.

(The Cold Sniff series will feature Better Homes & Gardens, and Scentsationals tarts that I'm probably not going to melt myself, whether it be ones I'm buying to send to others or just new ones I notice at my local Walmart.)


  1. I cannot wait to smell this! Your cold sniff thoughts excite me :-D

  2. Hope you like it. Doing these cold sniff posts about ones you guys are going to get has me kinda nervous. LOL