Friday, March 20, 2015

Melted - Rosegirls / Muffin Club Marilyn Blend

Vanilla Bean Noel / Strawberry Raspberry Guava / Marilyn

Hubby and Casey thought this smelled like bubble gum.  I can find maybe the tiniest hint of what might seem like bubble gum, but no, that description would probably never have come to mind for me.  This was very sweet, like a chewy candy of some sort.  There is a tiny bit of creamy vanilla from that Vanilla Bean Noel, and a wee hint of tartness or zing that is probably from the Marilyn, but mainly it's a sweet and pretty scent.  This was nice but is not something I'd normally gravitate towards.  I think it's the Marilyn that puts it into that 'pretty' category that I usually bypass.  I did not dislike this.  It's just not the type I'd be anxious to melt more of.  It was fine for this bright and sunny first day of spring though.

I divided this muffin and melted approximately 1 oz. in each of three warmers.  I had two tea lights and my Glade hot plate warmer going in three adjacent rooms, and had a light-to-medium scent.


  1. I think this one will be one of my favs but I have a Marilyn/Blonde Moment addiction. Bright fun and fruity are what I am craving right now. Too bad the throw wasn't stronger for you. Maybe I will let mine sit for a lil longer.

    1. A lighter throw with this type of scent was fine for me. I've been reaching for the brighter, fun scents myself. The days are so bright and shiny here lately, but still with some chill in the mornings. The perkier scents just seem to fit.