Thursday, March 19, 2015

Melted - Rosegirls / Muffin Club Pink Margarita Blend

Pink Sugar / Margarita / Watermelon Slush

Another nice one from our second round of Muffin Club!  This is like an almost elegant watermelon scent.  I get quite a bit of the Pink Sugar notes, but there is such a healthy dose of watermelon coming through with it, and then there is just enough of the lemon-lime from the Margarita to put a bit of perk in it all.  The 'Slush' keeps it creamy though.  It's just a really interesting blend.

I divided this muffin and melted 1.0 oz. worth in each of three warmers.  I had two tea light warmers and my Glade hot plate warmer going in three adjacent rooms and had a very healthy medium-strong scent.


  1. Whoohoooo!!! This one I want to save until we hit the 90's. Which will be any day now lol! Glad it threw well, it was a little light for my tastes when it first arrived. RG Watermelon Slush is very yummy.

    1. I'm really liking that Watermelon Slush in blends. Might have to work it in again. Watermelon tea? Watermelon and sage? Watermelon sage tea??