Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Melted - Rosegirls / Muffin Club Sugared Apple Blend

Peppermint / Lemonade / Sugared Apple

When I came up with this blend for our Muffin Club, it was sort of just a 'pull random things together and get out of your rut of familiar scents.'  This turned out to be quite an interesting blend!  On cold sniff, the peppermint seems much more noticeable then when warmed.  On cold sniff, the apple note is more distinct than while warmed.  On cold there is still a sort of underlying creaminess but that seems to come out a bit more while warmed.  All of the notes seem to swirl and blend together more smoothly while warmed.  You're not quite sure anymore if that's apple you're smelling, or if that's mint.  It's become a sweet, crisp note on a bed of mysterious creaminess.  Can't say that I'm detecting any specific lemonade notes, but I'd guess they helping for the sweetness of the apple and the crisp mint.  Just an unusual and interesting scent!

I divided this muffin and melted 1 oz. worth in each of my three warmers.  I had two tea light warmers and my Glade hot plate warmer going in three adjacent rooms and had a robust medium scent.

I would consider this again if I were to place a custom order.


  1. You make me want to melt this soon. I tend to save my muffins and ration them like treats. This is definitely the most innovative blend!!!!

    1. I used to put off melting the muffins because I hated cutting them. This time I seem to feel like I need to get them out of site, out of mind. The Rosegirls box sits outside my little wax stash cupboard, which means my stash is too big. You know we can't have that.......