Thursday, March 5, 2015

Order of the Odor - Vol. 7

Welcome to the Order of the Odor! Please join us in answering the smelly question of the month and voting in a fun blending poll, by commenting with your choices.

1. If you could create any scent blend possible, what would it be?
Two blends immediately come to mind for this, and both *seem* simple enough but have eluded me. One is the rosemary and lemon combo that is mentioned throughout the Beautiful Creatures book series. Why do no vendors have this? When toying with the idea of doing it myself through any vendor's custom blend option, I always find that no one carries a simple lemon or a simple rosemary.

The second blend is THIS soap that I had years ago. It is labeled as Oatmeal Lavender, but there was cinnamon in the scent too. And I seem to remember thinking there was a hint of orange as well. I'm not a big lavender fan but whatever was all in this made it one of the most amazing scents ever. Of course, it's been so long since I've had it that I don't even really remember it anymore, just that I was crazy about it.

2. Deb, Lauren, Sunnee and Julie each picked a single scent note they would like to explore further. They then created a blend for each other using that note. Please vote for which blend in each scent category you think you would enjoy the best by commenting.

All "A" choices are Deb's Blends, all "B" choices are Lauren's Blends, all "C" choices are Sunnee's Blends and all "D" choices are Julie's Blends.

1. Deb: White Tea

A. Sage / Mandarin Marmalade / White Tea overpour

B. Lavender Cucumber Sage / Honeydew Melon / White Tea overpour

C. Citrus Cooler / Pink Sugar / White Tea overpour

D. Sage / Apricot / White Tea overpour

2. Lauren: Strawberry Rhubarb

A. Waffle Cone / Vanilla Ice Cream / Strawberry Rhubarb overpour

B. Strawberry Jam / Cannoli / Strawberry Rhubarb overpour

C. Monster Cookie / Marshmallow Smoothie / Strawberry Rhubarb overpour

D. American Cream / Orange Sherbet / Strawberry Rhubarb overpour

3. Sunnee: Raspberry Coconut

A. Lilac Lane / Watermelon / Raspberry Coconut overpoour

B. Celtic Moonspice / Dunk My Donut / Raspberry Coconut overpour

C. Lemon Biscotti / FL Keylime Pie / Raspberry Coconut overpour

D. Serendipity / Strawberry Raspberry Guava / Raspberry Coconut overpour

4. Julie: Pink Chiffon

A. Serendipity / Whipped Cream / Pink Chiffon overpour

B. Pear / Cotton Candy Frosting / Pink Chiffon overpour

C. Fireside Marshmallow / Pink Sugar / Pink Chiffon overpour

D. Pink Chiffon / Peach / Gilligan's Brew overpour

What would be some blends you would create with those scent notes?

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  1. Your lemon rosemary inspired my blend. Ever since you mentioned it, I have not been able to get it out of my mind.

    I would love to smell a spiced lavender. Muffin Club??

    1. I'm always afraid to try recreating that scent. Maybe I'll go for it this time. Oh wait, I think what holds me up is that RG doesn't have a cinnamon scent.


  2. Voting!
    Here is what I picked:
    1. B- the melons and lavender and tea seem so spa like!

    2. D- because I am an American Cream NUT

    3. A- this feels like the makings of a crazy yum Deb blend.

    4. C- how can I turn down pink mallow fireside with pink chiffon?? Another unique blend!

    Thanks gals for coming up with these! They got my blending cap on and running.

    1. It was hard for me to pick on some of these, but I did post my votes on your blog. =)


  3. 1.) White Tea - B
    2.) Strawberry Rhubarb - B
    3.) Raspberry Coconut - C
    4.) Pink Chiffon - B

    Huh, I guess I kind of like the way Lauren thinks! (although I definitely wouldn't shy away from any of them, I adore experimenting w/ scents)

    1. Yeah, Lauren does have some good ones in there. Hard to choose! Thanks for voting. =)


    2. Hey there, scent soul mate! ;)

  4. I think you got closest to the rosemary and lemon with an I Heart Wax blend you came up with, if I remember correctly. It was Rosemary for sure...and I thought it had a citrus in it.

    The soap you described sounds amazing.

    1. (A) sage/mandarin orange/white tea
    2. (A) waffle cone/vanilla ice cream/straw rhubarb
    3. (D) serendipity/straw rasp guava/rasp coconut
    4. (B) pear/ccf/pink chiffon

    I love those blends so much I'm going to make muffins out of all of them if I can :)

    1. I was thinking that too, of using my blends for these as my blends for Muffin Club!! LOL


  5. Your scent sounds so good. I agree with Julie, muffin club exploration??? ;)

    Here are my picks from our blends!

    1. C
    2. D
    3. A
    4. B