Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wax Natters - BH&G / Scentsationals

While doing my regular shopping at Walmart yesterday, I noticed the hard to find Pretty In Pink tarts were now in stock.  Of course this meant sending a message to my waxy bloggy friends to see if I needed to grab any while they were available, and that led to a crazy discussion of what else was in stock.  I ended up grabbing several for them, and they're going to allow me to borrow those packages to do some Cold Sniff posts for this blog.  That will be handy since it helps me add to the BH&G / Scentsationals reference posts here, and I don't have to spend money on scents I normally wouldn't buy for myself.

Well, I ended up back at Walmart this morning because hubby wanted to go get a few things.  So I spent more time in the tart section and made a complete list of the freshly (finally!) stocked shelves at my store.  I'm just going to list them here for quick reference.  These are in no particular order or categories, except by brand.  I did not sniff each one.  Those Cold Sniff posts of the ones I got yesterday will start showing up in the next few days.

- Vintage Lace
- Beachwood (Beach Wood?)
- Sunshine Blossom
- Blackberry Lemonade
- Whitewater  (White Water?)
- Sweet Pea
- Strawberries & Cream
- Fresh Air
- Vanilla Bean
- Lemongrass Mint
- Simple Romance
- Black Raspberry Vanilla
- Zen
- Motlen Orange
- Cucumber Aloe
- Cucumber Melon
- Papagayo Beach
- Mountain Twilight
- Coffee Cake Swirl
- Pretty In Pink
- Pineapple Palm
-Honeysuckle Nectar
- Vanilla Woods
- Blushing Pink Petals
- Fire Amber
- Apple Bobbin'
- Bee Sweet
- Coast 2 Coast
- Honey Bourbon Frosting
- Raspberry Fizz
- Cherry Berry
- Ginger Peach
- Illusion
- Tropical Fiesta
- Guava Hibiscus / Eden & Pear (?) combo pack
- Basil Leaf / Fresh Rosemary combo pack
- Buttery Shortbread / Sugared Pecans combo pack
- Fresh Strawberry / Sweet Blueberry combo pack
- Fleur de Sol / Summer Garden combo pack

Better Homes & Gardens
 - Iced Raspberry Sangria
-Line Dried Linen
- Butterscotch Maple Cream
- Soft Cashmere Amber
- Wildberry Cheesecake
- Sugared Melon Kiwi
- Hawaiian Pineapple Cilantro
- Vanilla Cookie Crunch
- Cinnamon & Spice
- Brownie Pecan Pie
- Creamy Tahitian Coconut
- Orange Buttercream Cupcake
- Sun Kissed Tulips
- Exotic Coconut Quince
- Apple Blossom Freesia
- Honeyed Island Nectar
- Iced Mocha Latte
- Salt Water Winds
- Brazilian Bamboo Wood
- Pink Tiare Flower
- Valencia Blood Orange
- Fresh Lilac Flowers
- Fresh Eucalyptus Mint
- Pink Sugar Berry
- Fresh Pulled Taffy
- Pineapple Kiwi Colada
- Apple Pie / Clove combo pack
-Raspberry Cookies / Cinnamon combo pack
- Lemon / Jasmine combo pack
- Splash / Coconut combo pack
- Tranquil Garden Spa large pack

They have a fabulous selection right now!  I'm wishing I'd stuck to my plan for this year and not gotten any indie vendor wax, because I'd totally be buying up a ton of these otherwise.  Watch for the new Cold Sniff posts, coming soon!

See anything in this list you're excited about?


  1. My local Walmart has more than doubled the entire wax tart area for the spring roll-out! I immediately started snapping up paks that smelled nice on cold sniff. So far I've melted Fresh Pulled Taffy (nice but not great, could have added a salty note for maximum impact), Sun-Lit Strawberry Patch (very similar to Strawberries And Cream), Lake Side Shores (very pleasant aquatic floral), Pink Tiare Flower (strong pink tropical floral), Exotic Coconut Quince (BLECH! The quince provides an unpleasant sour note and the throw was STRONG) and Mainstays Tahitian Sunset (maybe my favorite, a warm tropical/woodsy fragrance that reminds me of a favorite BH&G fragrance, Red Wood Pomegranate). All in all, thumbs up for the spring line! I will be returning for more in the days to come, with a generous selection available less than a mile from my front door!

    1. My plan for this year was to get away from the indie vendor scene and really explore 'The Walmart Tarts' more. I got tired of waiting for my store to restock so I ended up placing an order elsewhere. But yeah, now that they finally have restocked, there are a lot that I want to try! I've only had mixed results with the Mainstays brand though.


  2. Ohhhh I was so excited about Quince until Keven described it above. I don't think I'd like it either :(
    Such a great list Deb! I can't wait to read your cold sniff impressions. <3

    1. I don't even know what quince is. =( I'll have to give that one a sniff next time I'm at the store.


  3. I have a problem! I never want to try BHG or Scentsationals because I'm convinced that they will never compare to etailers' quality. This is so ironic because I have so many etailers that behaved poorly and time and time again I'll read about people getting amazing performance with these two brands. One of these days I'll catch some on clearance and make myself pick some up :)
    I'm intrigued about how you describe these scents. Your descriptions have always been very clear and easy to understand, even when you say they aren't LOL

    1. I absolutely LOVE Better Homes & Gardens and Scentsationals tarts! They are consistently strong and reliable, way more reliable than any indie vendor I've tried. Affordable and long lasting too. So many people dismiss them simply because they are from Walmart. I've also found that people who have a problem with Walmart to begin with, try the tarts with their mind already made up against them anyway. I'm even finding those tarts from Kmart to be quite good.

      (BH&G and Scentsationals are made by the same company. Did you know that?)


  4. So many of these are intriguing! Lake Side Shores, Pink Tiare Flower, fresh eucalyptus mint, pineapple kiwi colada, cinnamon & spice, zen, honeysuckle nectar, mountain twilight, bee sweet, and cucumber melon are all ones I will keep my eye out for at my local Walmart. Thanks for writing all of these down for us!!

    1. I always seem to grab the eucalyptus mint one and am always disappointed. I must be hoping it'll be like a Vicks type sinus relief scent but to me it's not. There is something harsh and weird about it.

      I do still want to grab some of these other ones though.