Friday, March 6, 2015

Wax Natters Update

I posted several days ago about my Walmart finally restocking the Better Homes & Gardens and Scentsationals tarts, and that they'd gotten a TON of new scents in for spring and summer.  (Read that list HERE.)  Well today I noticed several more new ones so I thought I'd do another little quickie list.  Ok, some of these are not actually *new* but are newly stocked for this year.

- Mandarin Mango Madness

Better Homes & Gardens
- Southern Spanish Moss
- Napa Valley Escape
- Rainy Spring Day
- Sugared Lavender Twist
- Buttercups & Bluebells
- Lake Side Shores
- Exotic Paradise Punch
- Sun-lit Strawberry Patch

Yes, the elusive Sugared Lavender Twist was in stock and there were plenty of them.  I did not get any of those for myself but I did get one Napa Valley Escape.  Watch for that Melted review one of these days.

Any new scents at your Walmart?


  1. Sugared Lavender Twist!!! The unicorn has emerged! You seriously have the best Walmart ever. Lucky duck.

  2. When they get around to restocking it can be pretty awesome, but it seems like they let it get down to bare bones a lot and leave it that way for too long.


  3. I went on a Walmart run tonight and mine is finally stocked with most of the spring scents. Thankfully, plenty of sugared lavender as well.
    I didn't pick up the Napa Valley Escape though. Interested in your thoughts on that one!

    1. I might pop that one in the warmer tomorrow. Have to find out if it's fabulous or not so I have time to grab more while they're still there if I have to. :)