Saturday, April 25, 2015

100 Followers Giveaway! (CLOSED)


Finally, finally, FINALLY . . . it's time for my 100 Followers Giveaway.  It's taken quite some time to get over 100 hundred followers, but I think it's a pretty nice accomplishment considering I do not self promote my blog anywhere.  There was a brief time when I tried to get into that, when I thought I'd turn this into a 'professional' review blog.  There have been times more recently when I've thought about it again, seeing so many people self promoting through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..  But since I always seem to waver on just what I want to do with this ol' blog, and I'm not even sure from day to day anymore if I'll even keep going, I don't feel like I want to start advertising myself . . . yet.

Whatever happens though, I'd like to take a moment to thank those 100+ people who have followed me on this journey.  Whether you've been here years, or months, or maybe only weeks, I appreciate you taking the time to read.  I especially love when you take time to comment.  It's the interaction that I love.  And who would have thought that simply nattering about various topics would lead to some of the wonderful friendships that have developed along the way?

This is not a high budget blog, so this prize is not huge.
When I asked for prize ideas in a recent post, most of the responses leaned towards Target.  You certainly know by now that I'm hooked on Target's Dollar Spot.  LOL!  So I'm offering a $15 gift card to Target so you can pick some Dollar Spot goodies out for yourself.  Or try the Method foaming hand soap that we talked about.  Or those Glade colors products we talked about.  Or try some of the Target wax tarts if you haven't yet.  Or even some of the Yankee candles that Target carries.  Or anything your dear little Target loving heart desires!

  • Must be at least 18 years old, or have parent/guardian permission to give me your address.
  • Must have a US mailing address.
  • Must be a follower of this blog.  (There are 106 of you at the time of posting this.)
  • Must leave an email address that I can contact you at, if I don't already know yours.
  • Must answer the following 2-part question.
What is your favorite type of post on this blog?  And what do you think you'll use the gift towards?
(I'm just curious, hehe.)

This giveaway will be open from Saturday, April 25, 2015 to around noon (central time) on Friday, May 1, 2015.  A winner will be chosen using

Good luck, everyone!


  1. I enjoy your hauls, wax reviews, body care reviews, natters and book reviews the best.

    I would go to the Dollar Spot and go crazy.

  2. Hauls (especially the dollar store and Target ones!) and wax reviews! I would get more wax (much to my husband's dismay) or books and then some snack stuff - Target has these dried strawberries that are a-mazing but I never get them for myself.

  3. I love your Haul posts-Target being my favorite! And I would use the gift card for some cute new office supplies.

  4. I think your reviews are the best! I also love your hauls.
    I would take this gift card straight to the makeup section :)
    Congrats again on 100+ subscribers!

  5. I like shopping haul posts, fun to read. I'll use the gift card to get birthday party stuffs for kids.

  6. I love your wax hauls and reviews and would go to that section for another warmer perhaps?

  7. My faves are your wax hauls and reviews and Dollar spot/dollar tree hauls. I would probably use the card to get a candle or goodies from the dollar spot. Congrats on having over 100 followers!

  8. Deb! Congrats again on 100+ followers! :)

    I love your haul posts, wax or otherwise. Your dollar tree/dollar spots always have cool stuff, so I like seeing the regional differences, if any. I also like your movie review posts, and your melted posts. OH! And your natters *LOL,* okay, everything. :P

    If I won, I would use the gift card to browse the dollar spot and see what I could find. You have been tempting me with the journals and notebooks and cutesie things from your store, so I'd try my luck there. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. My favorite posts are the giveaways and hauls.
    I would buy a candle with the $15. Thank you.

    GFC Follower: Amy Orvin

  10. Late to the party, I am! Enter the giveaway, I must! :)
    Congrats on 100 followers!
    I love your haul posts. They help me get ideas and live vicariously through your purchases. It also helps that we have the same tastes in a lot of things, whether it's wax or anything purple or stickers! Besides that... really, everything, like Lauren said LOL. I especially love whenever you post a natters post.
    I would probably use the giftcard to get a bunch of stickers and washi tapes. Basically planner supplies. I've started playing around with mine and I think I have an idea of what layout I want/need.