Saturday, May 23, 2015

Haul - Candles By Victoria / Tarts

It's been quite some time since I've ordered from Candles By Victoria.  I absolutely love their 4 oz. mini jelly jar candles and their tarts have always had very strong scent, but there were some things that frustrated me and CBV just slipped off my list of places to order from.  Apparently enough time had passed because I'd been having an urge to order from there again.  Well, I think the ridiculous state of vendors these days was really made me go back to this one that I knew was always open and had a decent TAT.

Let's look at what I got before I go on with my thoughts.

I ordered a bakery sampler pack.  You get eight scent shots, but CBV picks the scents.  It's a fun way to try scents you might not pick yourself.  It's also an easy way to get started when faced with the overwhelming scent list this vendor has.  I see the sampler is $14.50 on the site.  Why was mine $15.00 on my invoice?

Zucchini Blackberry Roll - 'Anything is better with Zucchini Bread but you throw in Blackberry... OMG out of this world good!!'
 I had to laugh (and scream "Noooooo!") when I saw this.  Zucchini?  It's well known I will run screaming from zucchini scents, so it just figures one would be in my sampler.  A waxy bloggy friend has already volunteered to rescue this stinky little thing.

Chocolate Strawberries - 'Fresh strawberries covered in yummy rich chocolate!!'
Also had to laugh at this one because I'm not fond of chocolate scents either.  There is enough strawberry in this that it would probably be okay, but I'll probably send it off to a new home.

Butterscotch Pecan Pie - 'Dripping in yummy sweetness, this fragrance is one of my new favorites!!'
This one has a delicious butterscotch note right off the bat.  It's followed by a sort of dry nuttiness.  This is a very rich scent, and very sweet.  It might be a bit too much.  That Better Homes & Gardens brownie pie one comes to mind when I sniff this.

 Lemon Meringue Pie - 'Strong yummy lemon with that right out of the oven bakery smell. Wonderful fragrance for the kitchen!'
Strong lemon scent, with some subtle bakery notes to tone it down a bit.

 Honey Cinnamon Pastry - 'Honey Cinnamon mixed with our yummy sugar cookie scent, smells just like a scrumptious warm pastry dessert.'
As soon as I first sniffed this I was immediately taken back to my soap making days.  The honey part of this is so much like the Wild Mountain Honey fragrance I used to use.  Unfortunately, I don't like that scent anymore and I can't get beyond it when I sniff this.  It's a very sweet, floral type.  I don't find the sugar cookie or cinnamon notes on cold sniff.  This is another that is going up for adoption.

 Iced Orange Bundt Cake - 'Sweet vanilla icing tops this buttery vanilla cake scent with a touch of orange to round it out.'
 I seem to get an almond note from this.  It's like an almond pound cake with a hint of sweet orange.  This will be interesting to melt.

 Apple Butter Festival - 'Apple Cinnamon Butter and Kettle Corn.'
This will be awesome in the fall.  I get warmly spiced apple with just a hint of something extra, but I'd never guess it was kettle corn.  It sort of comes across as a soft pastry note.  The Fall Slut should like this one.

Macintosh Apple - 'Fresh, wonderful, juicy real Macintosh Apple scent. For those of you that love straight apple without the spice this is it!'
 Another one for The Fall Slut.  This juicy apple scent will be perfect for mid or late August, whenever I start easing into the the glorious fall scents.

Cranberry Brulee - 'Cranberry & Creme Brulee.'
 Whaa-at?!  Another one for The Fall Scent?  Maybe not, because it's the more perfume-y type cranberry scent.  I like the spiced cranberry scents.  I don't get much, if any, of the brulee notes on cold sniff.  This might go in the adoption pile just because I know there are other cranberry scents I like more.

You may have noticed there are nine tarts in that eight scent sampler.  That's because you get a free scent shot with every CBV order and whatever my freebie was is also a bakery scent, so I have no way of knowing which was technically my freebie.  hehe

Bella Swan - 'Chelsea and I put our noses together and came up with the most amazing scent... just like Edward describes Bella, sweet and floral with a warm vanilla note... so pretty!!!'
I also ordered a few single scent shots.  Bella Swan is one I've had before, knew I loved it, and wanted to have it again.  I'm not a floral fan, I know, but there is enough of the fruit and vanilla to keep it from being too floral.  I'm not sure if it's grape or berries in here.  I've seen people describe it both ways.  Maybe both ARE in there.  I do kinda get a grape note when I smell it.  It's just a nice scent.  (And I'm a Twilight geek.)

 Hawaiian Hula Muffin - 'Pineapple, Buttercream Crunch, Caramel and cookie.'
Another that I've had and loved before, and needed to finally smell again.  Over time my mind has sort of morphed the memory of this scent into something closer to the banana-caramel cupcake scents I've had along the way.  It was a funny shock to finally be able to smell this again and how far off the mark I'd gotten.  I can still see how my mind would lump the two together but there is a more obvious pineapple note in here than I remember.  This is a warm, sweet, juicy, gooey bakery scent.  I still love it.

 Graham Cracker Crust - 'Yummy, rich graham cracker crust scent... this is a keeper!!'
On cold sniff, there is disappointing to me.  It's nowhere near as yummy as the Sweet Fixations graham cracker scent that I adore.  Maybe there is something more in this.  Maybe the 'crust' part is what's throwing it off.  I start to get twitchy when I hesitantly sniff this because something in there is dangerously close to a zucchini note.  This one might go bye-bye too.

So there is my order.  I'm somewhat disappointed overall.  The fact that I don't like all the scents was a chance I took by ordering a sampler.  I knew that going into it and I accept that.  Still a bit of a bummer though, that so many of them just aren't ones I like.

Another disappointing thing was the shipping.  CBV has always had high shipping, and that's one of the main reasons I stopped ordering in the first place.  It was almost a deal breaker again for this order but then I decided to go ahead just because it had been so long since I've had any CBV.  They have a new website since the last time I ordered.  There are two shipping options, and neither were familiar to me.  I mean, it wasn't like 'Priority - Flat Rate,' or 'UPS Ground,' or things we're all used to.  It was something like 'Smart Post' and whatever the other was.  Huh?  I chose the cheapest (I think) even though I knew it would probably be slower.  Well it was indeed slow.  The area CBV is located in had some severe weather right around the time I ordered, so it's understandable that things were delayed.  But even once it finally shipped, whatever that weird shipping option was took For.Ev.Er!  Then I receive the plain brown, fairly large box and find it's about 90% packing peanuts, with my twelve little tarts stacked up on two ends.  I suppose whatever system they have in place is efficient for them but it certainly seemed wasteful and overpriced on my end.

I'm glad I have my Glade hot plate warmer now, with that big dish I can plop a whole scent shot into.  That's another reason I went ahead and ordered.  One of the things I had problems with before is that CBV wax is just too dang hard to cut, and it sometimes wouldn't melt completely in my tea light warmers.  Having the Glade warmer now, I knew I wouldn't have to mess with that.  And yes, these scent shots are still rock hard.

So while it was fun to order again after so long, I think that's an itch that didn't take much scratching to satisfy.  I don't see myself going back there again anytime soon.

Are you a Candles By Victoria fan?
What are some of your favorite CBV scents?


  1. I've ordered a few times, but the rate of shipping has made me stop from making any recent orders. Plus the rock hard wax makes me work up a sweat trying to get it out of my warmers. Sure, I could empty it when it is still warm, but that just gives me an excuse to be klutzy and drop it on my carpet.

    1. Ugh, I forgot about it not coming out of the warmers. Oh man.... *sigh*

      I've never been a warm wax pourer either. It seems like a messy way to do it, with extra waste of paper towels or whatever to wipe out the dish. That's just not for me. Pop it in the freezer for a few minutes and pop that wax right out. =)


  2. Oh man Deb. I am sorry you got stuck with so many duds. That is never fun. I agree, the shipping is mighty steep. Mighty steep. Chocolate covered strawberry? Ew. I just cannot do chocolate. Your Fall Slut scents sound amazing though. I love that you like your Glade warmer <3 It does have its perks. Enjoy melting your Bella Swan!

    1. I'll find a new home for that chocolate strawberry one. Someone out there must like that kind of scent. Or, I'll add it to my coworker/friend's birthday gift next week. hehe

      I am liking the Glade warmer, but I still like the portability of the tea light warmers. If I know I'll be in the living room a lot on any day, I'll just put a tea light warmer in there.


  3. Bakery is by far CBV weakest link. I have never enjoyed her bakery scents. Her wax is one of the strongest though. I really only need a 1/4 of a scent shot to fill my area. I do have a small house.

    1. It is strong, for sure. I don't know how you cut it to 1/4 pieces! That wax is like cement. I haven't done it in years but I remember just trying to get it chopped in half was a chore I usually gave up on. lol

      I would have liked to pick more of my own scents for this little order but the scent list is so overwhelming that it was like 'Uhhhhhh......sampler.'