Sunday, May 24, 2015

Haul - Shayz Scentz / Tarts

Shayz Scentz is another vendor I have not ordered from in a long time.  Now that I'm back to ordering wax, and because people seem to swear by Shayz, I decided it was time to revisit this shop.  There was a 10% off special during Mother's Day weekend, so that helped.  You get free shipping with orders over $25 and since hubby said this order order could be my Mother's Day gift from him (*snort*) I went ahead and made sure I was over $25.  A free heart tart was also included that weekend.

So let's sniff the goodies!

Okay, wait.  Let me say something first.   You know how, many times vendors have a certain underlying note that is distinctly theirs, whether intentional or not?  I'm getting a weird from all of these tarts, like a chemical after-taste.  Maybe it's just a plastic-y note from the cups?  Maybe it'll go away when melting?  Maybe I should repackage these to let them breathe fresh air?

Pure Caramel - 'Rich blend of toffee caramel mixed with creamy vanilla.'
Some vendors have a creamy, sweet caramel, and some have a more bitter, salty caramel.  I prefer the sweet.  This seems to be the bitter.  I'm thinking I don't like this.

 OMG - 'A special scent designed by Candice D.  Tropical bananas and apple spices.'
I think that's supposed to say 'slices' in the description, because I don't smell any spices.  It's an interesting scent.  Banana hits your nose first but the sweet apple races in so quickly behind it that it sort of turns the whole thing into a candy-like scent.

 Vanilla Berry Cobbler - 'Shayz blend of vanilla and blueberry cobbler.'
This is kinda yummy.  It reminds me of wildberry mousse types, which I'm usually not wild about.

 Doodle Cookies - 'Shayz blend of Snickerdoodle and our famous blend of cookies.'
Strangely, there is almost a root beer type note to this.

Dreamsickle Pops - 'This scent is full of orange and lemon peels with a touch of sweet vanilla and coconut.'
You know what this reminds me of?!  Those yummy sugared orange slices candy!

Gingersnap - 'A nice cookie with a freshly baked smell, with hints of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger.'
This one is just weirdly evil to me.  There is nothing warm and cookie-like about it.  It's very dry, and strong on either the nutmeg or ginger.  I'm not familiar enough with either of those to know which one is the offender here.

Strawberry Cookies - 'Shayz blend of fresh strawberry and sugar cookies.'
This one is okay.  There is a creamy strawberry scent with a soft bakery note, but that chemical smell I mentioned at the start comes in and taints it all.

Lemon Pound Cake - [no scent description]
Nice.  Strong on the lemon.

Cherry Orchard - 'A clean refreshing blend of cherry and pine on a light woody background.'
This one sounded so interesting.  I'm not a woody fan, and I only like pine in lighter doses around Christmas, but the edition of cherry had me curious.  I think I like this!  It's definitely cherry, more like a candy cherry, and there is something else going on but I don't distinctly recognize it as pine or wood.

Tea & Ginger - 'A blend of fresh tea with lemon, bergamot, and ginger, with base notes of woods, musk, and light berries.'
 Not the type of tea scent I was hoping for.  The other notes seem stronger, and I'm getting a big dose of the woods and musk, so it's kinda meh for me.

Caramelized Melons - 'Shayz blend of caramel and juicy watermelon.'
This was the most anticipated of the order.  Caramel and watermelon?!?!  Whaaaat?!  It's interesting, for sure.  I get both notes about equally.  Your brain kind of struggles, like one side is picking up the salty caramel and the other is picking up the sweet watermelon.  They are each distinct, not like they are blending smoothly together.  This will be very interesting when warmed.

Buttercream - 'Creamy vanilla with a hint of hazelnut and a rich blend of frosting.'
The site lists Buttercream Frosting, but I'm going to assume this Buttercream is the same.  I love vanilla-hazelnut scents and this is nice.

Snickerdoodle - 'A creamy caramel, chocolate, and vanilla blend.'
I think this description from the website is wrong.  Caramel and chocolate for a Snickerdoodle?  Sniffing the actual tart, I do get more of the cinnamon cookie, like I'd expect it to be.

Caramelized Lemons - 'Shayz blend of caramel with fresh squeezed lemons.'
This one seems to blend together more smoothly than the caramel-watermelon one.  It's like a creamy lemon, with some warmth to it.

Almond Cake - 'A sweet, powdery almond cake with a light, fluffy, moist effect.'
Typical almond cake scent.  The almond is not too sharp or cherry-like.  The cake is less sweet, like a pound cake.

Orange Cream Danish - 'A rich blend of orange citrus mixed with creamy vanilla.'
This is like a delicious creamsicle, with a just a tiny hint of warm bakery.

Vanilla Grapes - [no scent description]
This was in the new scents section, where you can try these small single tarts for a lower price.  This one sounded interesting and I wondered if it would be like Purple Cow.  This is more candy-like, definitely grape.

Spiced Coffee Cake - [no scent description]
I got this thinking it might be similar to the streuselkuchen scent everyone knows from another vendor.  It's not.  This has the same almost root beer note that the Doodle Cookies scent has.  I don't really get much of a cake or bakery note on cold sniff.

Pumpkin Souffle - [no scent description]
This is a yummy and familiar scent that I will gladly melt this fall.  Deep pumpkin with hints of spice and bakery.  This was a freebie in my order.

Rose Petals - 'Awesome floral bouquet, reminiscent of fresh picked red rose petals, jasmine blossom, and bitter geranium.'
And the free heart tart which was part of the Mother's Day weekend sale.  I don't know if they were all Rose Petals scent in honor of Mother's Day . . . ?  But I can't stand this.  Holy moly, it's like everything I hate about floral scents all crammed together and put on steroids.  Ugh!  It's probably really nice to floral fans but to me . . . no thanks!!

I placed this order on Saturday, May 9 and received it on Saturday, May 23.  I'm not familiar enough with Shayz Scentz to know if that was quick but two weeks is okay with me in this world of 6+ month TATs.  As mentioned, shipping was free because my order was over $25.00.  Scents shots are $1.75 each and listed as 2 oz. on the site, although nearly all of mine are under 1.5 oz.

Just like with my previous post about Candles By Victoria, I think I'm over my urge to order from Shayz again.  There must have been a reason I never went back for more way back then.  Maybe these will all melt nicely but for now, on cold sniff, that weird underlying note does not have me very excited about these.  But still, a lot of wax fans swear by Shayz Scentz . . .

Are you a Shayz Scentz fan?
Have you found a huge difference between the cold and warm scents?


  1. Hmmmmm.... I was all stoked to order from Shayz again but now I think I will pass. I do like her Pink Sugar blends but haven't really loved anything else. Sometimes I feel like folks get enough of my pink sugar craze.

    Root beer huh? Ew. Love to drink it. Not smell it. Glad to hear there are some ones there that are nice though! Hope they melt strong!

    1. I don't mind root beer scents if they're supposed to be root beer scents. lol I'm quite curious to see how these melt. Maybe they'll come out more true once warmed.

      I'll probably end up sharing a lot of these.