Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Melted - Better Homes & Gardens / Napa Valley Escape

Napa Valley Escape - [no scent description]

Like the watermelon scent yesterday, this is another 'grownup' version of a familiar kid favored scent.  This time it's grape.  This is a deep, rich grape, not like the sweet candy or soda type grape scents.  There seems to be something almost like greenery with fruit notes.  While the cold sniff scent is amazing, it becomes richer and darker when melted.

I melted two cubes (about .8 oz worth) in my tea light warmer and, sadly, only had light scent.  It's rare that Better Homes & Gardens tarts are anything but fabulously strong for me, but this is one that fails to impress.  I later tried with fresh cubes in the tea light warmer and two fresh cubes in my Glade hot plate warmer, in adjacent rooms, and that bumped the scent up to a light medium, but still not wow worthy.  Such a bummer because the scent itself is so great.


  1. That stinks this wasn't stronger. It sounds like one I would really enjoy.

    1. It was so funny while shopping this morning. Hubby went along with me this time and while I paused to look at the wax offerings, he was doing some sniffing and shoved this one in my face with a big "Mmmm!" I told him it I'd just had it and it was too weak, and he looked so bummed. LOL!