Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Melted - Dessa's Homespun Scents / Southern Home

Southern Home - 'Peaches and apple slices baked in a buttery crust and drizzled with sweet caramel. A Homespun Original House Blend.'

After some concerns with previous Dessa's bakery scents, this one turned out to be quite a nice change of pace.  It was still a warm type scent, but it was gentle fruits.  The peach came through a little stronger than the apple.  Although I didn't get any distinct 'buttery crust' note, there is a cozy warmth wrapping around the fruit notes.

I cut this 1.7 oz. tart in half and had two tea light warmers going in adjacent rooms, and had medium scent.


  1. The peach was stronger than the apple!? WHAT! That's insane, usually apple overpowers everything in anything, ha! I had a mild obsession with this scent a while back before I realized it was the peach I didn't care for. Was the warmth a spicy warmth at all? This does sound like a nice change of pace!!

    1. I don't think the warmth was spicy. I'd say it was more like warm syrup. And with that mention of caramel drizzle, that's probably what it's coming from.