Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dollar Tree / Dollar Spot Haul

As StilaKiss33 on YouTube says, "It's huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-haul time!"

I thought for a while that I was going to be done with Dollar Tree.  Some of you already know I once again gave up on all my creative ideas involving journals, planners, and card making.  I still love watching haul videos but I've come to realize that my Dollar Tree is very small and lacking compared to what others apparently have.  The other day though, I was trying to get a birthday package ready for a coworker, and found I had no small non-Christmas gift bags.  I was also almost out of wrapping paper.  I did a quick glance at Walmart's prices when I was there with my mom yesterday, and decided to see what Dollar Tree had to offer instead.  Since I'm avoiding all the things I *should* be doing today, I decided to head back to town and go to both Dollar Tree and Target.

I had to get some yummies, of course.  I got two boxes of those little cookies I hauled recently.  Got another of those Russell Stover Pecan Delights (but had eaten it by the time this pic was taken), and another bag of the Russell Stover coconut candy I love.  I noticed mint and caramel this time, so grabbed a bag of each of those too.

Got two rolls of birthday wrapping paper.  I like the black one because it kinda goes with the chalkboard-everything theme that's so popular right now.  You get 17 sq. ft. of paper on each roll.  Walmart rolls are 25 sq. ft. for $3.97.

Bought two packs of tissue paper, one in regular colors, and one in pastels.  There are 25 sheets, size 20x20 inches.  Walmart has 19x24 inch sheets at 8 for $1.47, or 6 for $.97.

I wasn't overly impressed with the birthday designs on the small sized gift bags at Dollar Tree so I only got this one 3-pack.  Walmart's small bags are $.97 each.

We have several birthdays and things coming up in June and since I'm back to sending cards for everything, I needed to get some birthday cards.  I usually just get them from Walmart's bargain section ($.47 or $.97) but I thought I'd see what I could find at Dollar Tree instead.  Most of their cards are only $.50 but I wasn't really impressed with those either.  They all have a sort of yellowed, old feel about them.  Still, I managed to find four that I need for upcoming birthdays.  I usually only buy cards as I need them.  I think I'm going to start buying cute ones as I see them, and just build a stockpile.  I'm really going to keep my eye on the cards at Target's Dollar Spot now.  They have some really nice ones for only $1 each, but there aren't a lot of them and the selection changes often.  Grab 'em while you see 'em is what I'll need to start doing!

My Dollar Tree has finally caught up to the rest of the world and keeps washi tapes stocked now.  Even though I recently gave up my crafty ideas and shipped most of my crafty supplies off to my waxy bloggy friends, I did keep most of my washi tapes.  I will still use those to spruce up envelopes of cards I send or give, or even use it on otherwise plain paper if I send notes or letters.  So yes, I will still allow myself the occasional washi tape purchase.  Today I got this Valentines one and the balloons one, which will be good for birthday card envelopes.

I did keep some of my stickers too, for envelope seals or whatnot.  Since the pastel owls are so dang cute, I grabbed another pack today.  I also grabbed a pack of the fox stickers that I keep seeing.  I think the owls are waaaaaay cuter, but I can see myself getting into the fox trend too.

Then over at Target's Dollar Spot, I grabbed this pack of page flags.  I'd sent all my previous packs out when I shipped off my crafty supplies but then this morning I decided they might be a quick and handy thing to use for tags on wrapped gifts.  So I was glad I was able to find this pack.  (The page flags can be hard to find at times!)

I also got some medium sized gift bags at Target's Dollar Spot.  This size comes in 2-packs, but be sure you look because several of them at my store had been separated.  They're not labeled for individual sale.  They come with a clear plastic band around two bags.  As with the cards, these don't stick around long and selection changes often, so grab 'em while you see 'em!  (Medium bags at Walmart are $1.47 each.)

And that is my little 'dollar stuff' haul for today.
Where do you tend to buy things like gift bags, cards, and wrapping paper?  
Do you prefer using gift bags, or wrapping things?
Are you a big gift giver for things outside the Christmas season?


  1. Great haul!I love finding deals in the dollar spots!
    -Jenna <3
    The Chic Cupcake

    1. Hello!

      I always used to turn my nose up at dollar stores because too me it was all just out-dated cheap junk. I had no idea how many useful things can actually be found there! Now my problem is spending *too much* money there! lol


  2. I want to eat your chocolate coconut candy. Bad.

    1. I inhaled them in one sitting. Sorry. The mint ones were darn good too. The mint filling was very liquid-y, which I didn't like at first, but the taste overall was yummers. Hubby is enjoying the caramel ones. I'll need to grab about ten bags of each next time I'm there.