Thursday, June 25, 2015

Haul - Target Dollar Spot New Items!

I've starting to see new Dollar Spot items popping up in haul videos the past few days.  It seems like the hot new thing might be the planner kits.  Although I've admitted defeat on planners, I wanted to check these kits out for myself.  So it was off to Target this morning, in hopes of finding some of the fun new things.

And yes!  I found a bunch of new stuff!

I always feel awkward taking pics in stores, especially when I'm alone, so these next few pics are rather crappy quality because I was rushing.  But anyway, these are a few of the new sticky notes.

Another new design on sticky notes.

The larger, magnetic listpads.  Actually, maybe the floral one in back is not magnetic.  It's wider than the others too.  Again, that's my favorite of the new designs.

Total crap pic, sorry.  I'm not crafty enough to have a need for these but I was tickled by the fact that these are mainly Halloween colors.  These are those tiny clothespins.  I'm not even sure what people use them for but I know they are all the rage right now.

They had A LOT of new notecards but I felt weird trying to dig them all out for pictures.
So let's just take a look at what I did get.

I did find the 3-ring binders for the planner kits.  There were only two, both in this slightly metallic gold chevron design.  I'd seen a different design online that I was hoping to find, but no such luck.  This binder is about 9x7 inches.

They only had a couple packs of the planner pages.  I grabbed one of the weekly/monthly pages.  This pack also comes with six divider pages/tabs, each one a different color.

I also grabbed a pack of the lined paper.  It has mint green lines and stripe across the top of each page.  There are 80 sheets, and the pack also comes with three pocket/divider pages in pink, mint green, and gray.

This isn't for me, but I grabbed one of these mint green and black sticky notepads.  (This is the same as the one in the first crappy pic.)

Spotted a pack of the old page flags and automatically grabbed it because these things are apparently gold among the Dollar Spot hoarders.

And found the NEW page flags!  Grabbed two of these right away.  I don't really have a need for them but again, they're much in demand.  Maybe I'll join a swap community or something.  hehe

And new washi tape?!  I had not seen any new tapes popping up yet in videos.  Well, wait.  I saw new fabric tapes in a video, and some other washi type tape that comes in dispensers, but had not seen any of this familiar washi roll type.  I was so surprised to see this that I grabbed it like a madwoman.  I dug around the bins to find more but this was the only one I could see.  I did see those fabric and dispenser tapes in another area but wasn't interested in them.  I should have at least taken pics.  Oops.

And finally, there are a ton of new notecard designs but I only grabbed this one for now.  I like this set because it's rather generic, so it can be used for almost anything.  There four purple, and four black in one pack, along with the light green envelopes.  Very simple yet cute.

There were a lot of other new things that didn't really interest me, like a lot of tumbler cups and organization containers.  They still have a lot of the summer burlap things like the banners and bags.  Still a bit of the red-white-blue themed things.  Still a lot of the black/metallic things.  But I did not see things like the colored lights and jars that waxy bloggy friend Julie saw at her store, or the colorful pencils or notepads that I'd seen in videos.  I'll be keeping a curious eye on things!

So, a question for you all.
Is there much interest here for some Target Dollar Spot giveaways?
I'm already going to do one with the planner kit, but I was also thinking about maybe doing a notecard giveaway, and a notepad giveaway.  Or maybe a mixed item/same design type thing.
It might be fun, especially later when the fall and holiday things start coming out.
Anyone interested?

Well that's my little haul, and most of this isn't even for me.
Stay tuned for that planner kit giveaway!


  1. Wow, I could totally use those items for school! I need to make a Target run!

    1. I just posted the giveaway. Enter, enter! =)

      I'm already wanting to go back for more things.


  2. I keep thinking about those ding dang lights and jars! Cute stuff Deb, I am really digging the floral notecards. I will have to go back and look for those.

    1. I almost grabbed the purple-y floral notecards when I went back but decided not to because I'm just not using up what I have very fast. I saw in one of your posts that you did indeed go back and get them. =)