Saturday, June 20, 2015

Itty Bitty Walmart Haul

Picked a few fun things while doing my regular grocery shopping this morning, and thought I'd share.

I had paused to have a look at hot cocoa mixes, looking forward to drinking some again this fall and winter, when what do my eyes notice way up there on the top shelf?  Apple cider that comes in little instant drink mix packets?  And what?  It's caramel?  The Fall Slut got a little excited when she saw that!

But wait!

Right next to the caramel was . . . what?  PUMPKIN spiced cider?!  Well, hello!  The Fall Slut got way excited upon noticing that!

I stood there smiling like a dufus, wondering why these were out already.  Or were they always out and I'd just never noticed them?  No, because the boxes both say 'New!'  I'm not even sure if I like cider, but I walked away thinking I'd have to get some this fall.  Once I got home it was like duh me, what if these are not around by the time fall rolls around?  I made a mental note to grab them next time I was back at Walmart.  A little later in the morning, Casey said he was going to Walmart to get a few things for himself.  Ooooh!  I told him about these and told me to grab a box of each.  And he did.  So yep, I'll tuck these away until fall and then happily try them.

I've been seeing these winter themed bubble mailers in the clearance aisle for quite a while now.  I always pause to grab a pack, then stand there considering, and put them back.  I finally decided to just get the dang things today and be done with it.  There are three in the pack, and they are the smaller 6x9 inch size.

I also keep pausing to look at the 4th of July line of crafty things like tapes and clips.  Decided to just go ahead and grab this tape today too, but not with 4th of July in mind.  I thought this could pass as Christmas-y.  I'm sure there will be a ton of fun Christmas designs out as we get closer to the holiday season, but at least I'll already have one I know I like.

And that's it.  I considered a quick stop at Target just to see if there was anything new in the Dollar Spot but then decided to skip it.  I haven't been seeing as many Dollar Spot videos lately and the ones I've seen all feature pretty much the same stuff, so I figured there was nothing new yet.  Wouldn't you know, got home, got settled and watched a couple videos, and saw new items!!  Gah!  
From the look of the labels on the new things, it looks like a Back To School line.  Well, a big yellow pencil and a red apple seem to scream "School days!"  Right?  Looks like lots of bright, rainbow colors.  Now I'm excited to start checking Target again.

So anyway, what goodies have you found recently?  Anything you're waiting for or hoping to find?


  1. Glad you had Ty pick up those ciders! I hope they are yummy! I love those pencils they are super bright and cheery! You have officially enabled me to swing by Tar-jay tomorrow!

    1. Casey picked up the ciders but yes, I hope they are yummy! I don't even know if I *like* cider. LOL I think some packets might find their way into Fall Friendship Boxes. =)

      Pretty sure I'm heading to Target tomorrow. I just have to know if the new goodies are there, and what they might be!