Saturday, July 25, 2015

(REPOST) April 12, 2015 Haul - Target

No, this isn't another Dollar Spot haul.  I think I've got that part of me under control for now.  (Can't guarantee what will happen when fall stuff comes out though . . . )  Casey and I did a quick run to Target this morning because the boys have introduced hubby and I to our latest addiction.
Yep, we're finally accepting Minecraft into our lives.
The other day when Casey and I had been at Target, I'd been looking at books and he was browsing through a big Minecraft book, amazing things people have built in the game.  I started asking him about the game because I'd never really paid attention beyond the whole 'you build things' part of it.  As he was telling me you mine things and gather supplies and can farm and do alchemy and all the 'mule work' things I love about games like UO and Warcraft, I became more and more interested.
"Why don't we have this game?" I asked.
"We do," Casey assured me in a 'you don't pay attention' way.
"We do?!  For what?"
"Really?!  Why have I never been introduced to it?"
"Because you never wanted to see it."
"Really?!?!  Well, I think I need to play this."
So yesterday he brought his Xbox downstairs because it's downloaded onto that one.  We didn't have an actual disc copy.  I played for a bit and we were laughing at my total noob incompetence.  It was also frustrating to have people telling me do this, do that, push this button to do this or that, etc.  So when a spider killed me not long into it, I rage quit and handed the control over to hubby.  He got sucked in and played for six hours straight yesterday.  Coming and going from the room while he was playing, watching things he was discovering and seeing things in the game, I was more and more amazed.  We were so freaked out that monsters will come to the door of your house and peer in at you and actually bang on the doors!  I even had a nightmare about it!  LOL!!!!!
So yeah, we decided we wanted an actual copy for the Xbox hubby and I have for ourselves.  And that's why Casey and I dashed to Target this morning.  Hello, new geeky addiction!
 I also got this set of handbooks for the game.  Each has tons of detail about different areas of the game, like essentials, combat, construction, and something called Redstone, which Casey says is for more experienced players.
This is the book Casey had been looking at the other day.  He went ahead and bought it today.  It has a lot of information about the game but he was mainly interested in the amazing things people have built.  I'm hoping I can get into it enough to make something really cool.  My first tutorial house yesterday was a simple block thing with a door and window, and it was a chore just doing that.  LOL
Also got a boring iTunes card for myself because I discovered the other day that I'd run out of credit.
And of course I couldn't pass up checking the Dollar Spot.  It was still mostly the same watercolor line of things, but I did see some of the new things mixed into some of the bins.  I'd seen these new notecards in a haul video just a day or so ago.  You get four of the green and four of the red in the same pack, which I thought was cool.
I also found this really cute design and snatched a pack immediately.  There are so many other nice designs in this line!  I wanted to grab them all but had to keep reminding myself that I don't know who I'll ever send them too.  Ugh!  I'll need to just start sending snail mail to people for no reason at all.
I did not see too many of matching notepads or other things yet, but I'm sure they'll be coming soon as the watercolors line of items begins to sell out.
And then I saw this.  *angel chorus*  Oh, my, word.  The tag says this is an apothecary jar.  It's made to look like what I think is called mercury glass . . . ?  There is a cork in it, and twine around the neck.  It is about 5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide.  This was in the $3.00 section.  There was also another slightly lighter, more gold color one.  This is more coppery or bronze looking.  I should have gotten the other one too.
What the heck am I going to use it for?  Well, I've had ideas of making a medieval/fantasy themed room somewhere in the house.  I've never been sure where to do it though.  In our bedroom?  In the sort of hallway upstairs that's really more of a square open area, where I'd had visions of my floor-to-ceiling library?  On maybe now that Ty has moved out and I'll be claiming that room as *my* room, maybe I can finally do the medieval thing in there.  I've been gathering random little items for this idea over the years.  Remember that little wooden box I got for Christmas?  A coworker and I had even come with an idea to buy and old world fancy dress from Halloween costumes, when I see one, to hang on the wall just to add to the whole look and feel.  So I think this jar will sit nicely on a shelf with the other things I've been saving for the medieval room.  What do you think?
That is today's haul.  Have you played Minecraft?  Have you bought any fun little goodies since we last talked?

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