Saturday, July 25, 2015

(REPOST) April 21, 2015 Small Kmart Haul

I finally went and got a long overdue haircut today.  While waiting for that, I wandered next door to Kmart to browse.  Did you know they are getting into the 'dollar' thing too?  Theirs is severely limited and boring at this point but I did see a few stationery items among the other oddball things.  I also found washi-type tapes by the kids books and crayons.  They cost almost $3.00 but there is a hefty amount of tape on them, and they were mainly popular character themes.  There was one cupcake one that I *almost* got but then decided not to.  Also saw some Scotch Expressions (washi-type) tapes that come in 3-packs and cost $5-something.  Didn't get any of those either.

Remaining Easter items were marked 75% off so of course I had to look through that stuff.  Found these gorgeous eggs that I thought I could maybe add to the wooden bunny banner next year.  There are six eggs in the tube and they feel like they are probably styrofoam or something like that.  There were other designs and colors too.
(Regular price $4.99, I paid $1.24)
I was thrilled to find this one lonely bag of speckled plastic eggs!  I'd seen others using similar eggs in their Easter decor but couldn't find any by the time I decided I wanted them.  I have a simple little brown wicker basket that these might look nice in next year.  I think with the simplicity of these and the wooden bunny banner, it'll be a more subtle or 'natural' type of Easter decor for me next year.  Maybe.  My tastes might totally change again by the time Easter rolls around again.
(Regular price $4.99, I paid $1.24)
And of course Minion had to check them out too.
I bought another tea light warmer.  This cost $4.49 and is almost exactly the same as one I already have.  I've found I prefer the small edged, flat bowl to the scalloped edge, rounded bottom bowl of my former favorite warmer.  Wax pops right out of the smooth one, whereas the scalloped one often needs a bit of edge scraping to clean up bits that stick.
With the great performance of the Essential Home tarts that I tried earlier this year, I went ahead and grabbed more.  I thought all of the tarts were on sale for $1.44 but no, mine rang up as the regular $1.99 price.  That's okay because I was getting them anyway.  Lemon Sugar Cookie, Raspberry Pomegranate, and Grandma's Sugar Cookies are all scents I've had before and loved.
Gourmet Spice is a new to me scent and will be tucked away until fall.  I see cinnamon and cloves in the picture on the label, but not sure what those nut things are.  The scent is very cinnamon-y, reminding me of Big Red gum.
And then at the checkout, the cashier gave me a packet of Forget-Me-Not flower seeds.  I guess because tomorrow is Earth Day . . . ?  That's cute.  I will maybe plant some in that little flowered tin I got from Dollar Tree a while back.
That's my random little Kmart haul.  Nothing too overly amazing this time.  I'm itching to get back to Target, Dollar Tree, and Walmart!  And that stupidest thing about that is that I haven't even touched my journal or planner or any of that stuff yet.  Gah!
What's been occupying your time lately?  Anything new and fun?

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