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(REPOST) April 27, 2015 Collective Haul - Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree


While doing my regular shopping at Walmart the other day, I grabbed a few extra fun things. I then had to stop at Target for something and of course had to check the Dollar Spot . . .

And then today I had to take my mom to get some things done in town so I grabbed a couple more things at Walmart, and even more things at Dollar Tree . . .

So let's take a look!
In Walmart's little 'dollar spot' type area, I found these phone cases for $1.00 each. You might remember that one I got at Dollar Tree no long ago, purple with the sort of graffitti looking hearts all over. I do love that case but the clear plastic coating on the back is already bubbling and cracking, and I've come to not like that the button areas are plastic instead of cut-out. So I thought I'd give these a try. They are just plain, light weight plastic in a sort of frosted color look. No, they don't offer much protection if you drop your phone but my phone does not take much of a beating. And the button spots on these are indeed cut out. I got purple because, well, it's purple. Got orange for the fall, and red for Christmas. Wheee!

I got this football yard line washi tape that I'd mentioned in a previous post. It wasn't until later, when I was home and looking at the receipt, that I noticed this was Scotch Expressions tape and cost $2.00. I'd grabbed it out of the Studio G crafty section, thinking it was one of the $.97 ones. Oops! Oh well, it'll still be fun for football season, if I ever get going on my planner.
The reason I'd gone to Target that day was to get this, the Mockingjay DVD. (Walmart was out.) Hubby had already seen this on pay-per-view, but I haven't yet and we needed it for the collection anyway.
I found this pillow in Target's Dollar Spot and just had to have it. I'm planning on doing a wee bit of decorating this 4th of July, which is a holiday I normally don't decorate for. This is just a small pillow, maybe 8x8 inches or so. They had a couple other styles but this was my favorite.

While I did see more of the mercury glass jars, they were the colors I already have. And I did have more page flags from the watercolor line in my hand for a while but put them back in the end. I have not seen the page flags from the new line yet though. And I don't understand the thrill of all the tags that people are snapping up like they're gold or something. Those metal tags seem to be the hottest thing right now. Why? I don't get it.
Just this morning, before heading over to my mom's, I'd read about Dove chocolate covered blueberries on Julie's blog. She'd mentioned also has cherries like this. Now, chocolate-blueberry and chocolate-pomegranate are all the rage in Dollar Tree hauls at the moment so I'm well aware of these types of treats but have never been interested until seeing Julie's mention of cherries. So I looked while at Walmart and did indeed find a bag! Have not tried them yet though.
I'm not normally a trail mix person but my mom was looking at bags of Chex Mix and right next to those in a center aisle display, I saw this particular trail mix and remembered someone hauling it recently. I decided to give it a try. This one has white, chocolate, and peanut butter chips, peanuts, golden raisins, dried cranberries, almonds, and cashews. I'm laughing at myself now. I can see the nuts and chips getting picked out and we'll be left with a bag of raisins and cranberries.
At Dollar Tree, I grabbed another bag of these Russell Stover dark chocolate-coconut candies. Love these things!
Got this tinsel-y star for my 4th of July decorating. They had other shapes, like flag, top hat, and shooting fireworks, but I liked this one. They have a lot of fun red-white-blue decorations! I don't want to do too much though.

My Dollar Tree finally has washi tape! I saw a display of them in the seasonal section right at the front of the store, and also found a regular display of them back in another aisle. It was fun to see all the designs everyone has been getting but I was good and only grabbed a couple. I knew I'd get this one if I ever came across it and there it was. More 4th of July fun!
And then this one, which looks like chalkboard drawings and has different sayings on it like 'Love' and 'Garden' and I don't know what else is all on there.

I also saw the new fabric washi tapes that people are going nuts for at the moment. I'd wondered what the heck they were, and was quite surprised to see them at my severely lacking store. They are just what they are called, sticky fabric washi type tapes. They have really pretty designs and I almost grabbed a purple with white dots one, but then decided not to.
Of course I had to dig through the stickers again. I found some gorgeous ones that I've seen in hauls but still haven't seen the ones I'm *really* wanting. Did find these though, and got them specifically with card making in mind because they are such large stickers. Cute owls here.
Yummy treats!
And shiny, foil looking butterflies and flowers.

I really need to stop buying stickers and tapes since I have yet to do anything with my planner or journal. I'd completely given up on the idea last week and shoved everything in the bottom drawer of my desk to await its fate. But it's all still nagging me in a "Just do it!" way. Sometimes I need to stop talking myself out of things by over-thinking and being too logical and practical. Sometimes I need to just allow myself some fun without worrying about the point of it all in the end.

On the other hand, if I don't ever think I'll really do the planner/journal/notecard thing, I've definitely accumulated one heck of a giveaway prize!

What fun goodies are you indulging in these days?

Or talking yourself out of??

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