Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(REPOST) July 1, 2015 - Doldrums & Decorating

It's July now, huh?  Part of me has the usual 'This year is flying by!' but I'm surprised to find a slightly larger part of me has thoughts of 'We're only just starting July?'  I guess I kinda like that feeling because it seems like time is no flying by so much.  When I really stop and think about it though, it's more of a 'same old, same old' thing, where the days just blend together and pass by.  Oh well, things could be worse.  And hey, we're just that much closer to fall now!  
You may have noticed my daily natters posts are becoming iffy again lately.  Well, I almost quit blogging recently.  My waxy bloggy friends talked me down from the ledge twice in about a week.  I've been having the 'I quit!' urge more and more lately, and I'm trying to keep in mind that a lot of it could just be stress from other things making me feel like the blog is a waste of time.  June was a very frustrating month for me at work and at home.  Some little health issues towards the end of the month didn't help things either.  But really, it was probably all connected.  I've taken some extra bits of time off work lately though, and things seem to be leveling off there, so I'm hopeful July will be better all around.
I'm off for a week over this holiday weekend.  Through a combination of my regular days off and the holiday, I only had to use one vacation day to get seven days off.  That deal was too good to pass up!  I don't really have any plans for this lovely break.  There are things I'd like to get done but I'm not pressuring myself too much to get those things done.  Yesterday I went to my Mom's . . . did her laundry and took her grocery shopping.  Today Casey and I started putting together the old entertainment center that will be in 'my' room.  It's the entertainment center that used to be in our living room but then went into Ty's room.  When he moved out last summer, it went along to his apartment but some piece got broken in the move.  He bought himself a TV stand and I said I'd try to save that old rickety one.  So, it came back home and has been sitting, disassembled, in Ty's old room for months now.  That room is going to become 'my' room, which will have an older style TV and our older video game consoles like the SNES and N64.  It will also have our spare DVD player.  Since we only have DirecTV in the living room, I'm hoping putting the spare DVD player in the other room will encourage me to start watching movies again, maybe start up our Netflix again.  And putting the old game consoles in there will hopefully let me enjoy all those older style games that I loved so much.  I can't seem to get into the newer stuff like I could that good ol' simple stuff.
And yes, this room will hopefully become my library AND my medieval room!
Since the 4th of July is right around the corner, I did a little decorating.  The 4th is usually a holiday I don't decorate for at all.  Maybe if I have one of those little flags on hand I'll pop it into whatever flowerpot is on the porch but beyond that it's not something I even own decorations for.  I've felt drawn to it this year though.  I did buy a few little things from Dollar Tree and Target's Dollar Spot, which you've already seen in long ago haul posts, but I thought I'd show you those things again now that I have them in place for the holiday.
I think this bunch of flowers might have been from Walmart actually.  Gah, I can't remember now.  Anyway, I have them in the usual spot on the corner table in the living room.  I just put some blue tissue paper in the glass globe vase so the stems wouldn't be an eyesore.
That little $3.00 pillow from the Target Dollar Spot sits in the big recliner by the window in the living room.
A $3.00 rustic looking, wooden slat flag from Target's Dollar Spot hangs above the buffet, the usual center of my decorating.  That little patriotic bowl was $1.00 from the Dollar Spot and is being used as a candy dish.
Even a red-white-blue colored box of tissues to sit on my desk.
This fireworks-looking dish towel was part of a patriotic 2-pack from the Dollar Spot, I think.  The other was blue and had red and white USA embroidered on it.  As feared though, the towels are totally non-absorbent so I ditched the blue one and moved the fireworks one to the kitchen table as a mini runner instead.
This small wreath (like maybe six inches) was made by my mother-in-law many years ago and was only just recently rediscovered by me.  It's now hanging in our entry room, next to the inner door that leads into the kitchen.  It's one of the first things you see as you come into the house.
And outside by the back door (our main door) is this sparkly patriotic star that I got at Dollar Tree.
That's it.  Not much, but I like it.  I don't even have any flags at the moment.  I'll try to grab some of those little ones when I go grocery shopping Friday.  We don't even fly a regular big American flag.  I always felt guilty about not having one until a friend from Germany said something to me way back in 1999 that made me feel okay about it.  We'd just been to Germany at that time and when we were back home, that friend had been asking me how I liked his country.  One thing we talked about was that I'd found it hard to find a German flag anywhere, whether to buy or just displayed in general.  He shrugged it off as "We don't need flags to know we're German."  Some people will probably scoff at that, but I think it's kinda cool.
Well anyway, just thought I'd pop on while I'm in a pretty good mood and kinda touch base.  I *am* feeling pretty good about things at the moment, like I do want to continue blogging.  I'm going to head back to the entertainment center project now, and will hopefully have more to write about tomorrow.
How have you been?!

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