Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(REPOST) July 14, 2015

Well, plans for my medieval game playing movie watching craft doing room are on hold yet again.  The stereo is about a half inch too tall to fit into the TV space of the entertainment center like I'd hoped.  So without that option, I'm rethinking it all . . . again.  If it's not going to be a gaming and/or movie watching room, we don't need the TV.  If we're not needing the TV and the stereo doesn't fit, we don't need the entertainment center.  I'm totally willing to give both away but I don't think the entertainment center can be moved again without breaking in the same spots, and everyone has the flat panel TVs now so I don't know who would want this old heavy beast.  So for now they're are still just sitting in that room.
Do I carry on with the craft room after those things are gone?  No reason why I can't at that point.  Except, well, during this time of halted productiveness I've also been reconsidering the craft room idea.  We're not crafty very often.  In the past we've just set up the old card table in the living room and worked there.  That way, if I'm doing something crafty and hubby's watching TV, at least we can still keep each other company.  Since we're not often crafty, do we need a room for that?
Then I considered just turning it into a guest room.  We have a spare bed and dresser upstairs.  Just haul them down here and set them up in that room and be done with it.  But wait.  We never have guests that stay over anymore.
So what the heck can I do with this room?!  It's been bothering me so much I was beginning to feel physically ill.  Sounds stupid, but it's true.  I'm sure that a lot of other little stresses balled into this one to create a seemingly spare room based anxiety attack, but still.  It was making me INSANE a few days ago, until Casey finally snipped at me, "Why does it matter?!  You haven't done anything with it for a year so what does it matter if you don't do anything with it right this minute?!"
Ah, Casey.  He is often my voice of reason because he's somewhat unfiltered.  Of course, it pissed me off when he said it, but it did seem to work.  I've put that whole room project on the back burner for now, like it has been for the past eleven months since Ty moved out.  I think I still want some shelves for my many photo albums, but other than that, it might just become a storage room until a true better use presents itself.
(I'm still stressing about the TV and entertainment center sitting there though.)
In other news, the machine shop Ty works at was bought out by another company.  They'd been dreading this because they'd heard horror stories of companies buying smaller shops and gutting them to reduce competition.  They were all sure they'd be unemployed soon.  But no, it seems this company is going to keep things going.  Ty was here this weekend filling out new paperwork for insurance and 401k and stuff like that.  *phew*
Casey has finally decided to bid up for a different position at work.  His supervisor has been having help out on the lines when they're short on people, and it must be enough of a confidence booster that he finally went ahead and bid on the job.  He says "I'm doing it half the time anyway."  This would be good for him financially because it's almost a dollar more than his current position pays.
Casey has also made an appointment with a local guy to get his car fixed.  His car is one Ty used to have.  It's got some major body damage from multiple animal mishaps over the years.  A couple of large raccoons and a deer have definitely left their mark.  He considered getting a new car but then decided he liked this car, and since most of the car is still excellent he'd rather put the money into just fixing what needed fixing.  The guy can't get to it until August though.  That's fine.  It's been banged up like this for years now anyway.  Another month won't hurt.  I'll try to get some 'before' pics before it goes in.  He does have enough money in the bank to cover the repairs but he wants to go get a small personal loan to cover part of it.  This way he can also build some credit for himself.
As for me, I haven't been doing much.  I switched days with a coworker so I had Monday off.  The downside is I have to work Wednesday for her, and then my scheduled Thursday and Friday.  Three 12 hour shifts in a row is hard for this old person.  
I finished the second book in the Percy Jackson - Heroes of Olympus series.  My post for that went up earlier today.  I'm looking forward to starting the next book when I finish this post.  I also bought both of the Percy Jackson movies the other day.  It's a version of the DVD that has both movies in one package, and it only cost $9.96 at Walmart so heck yeah, I grabbed it.  I would like to see more of the movies made but it sounds rather iffy whether that will ever happen.  If I knew there were going to be more, I would have bought the individual DVDs instead.
On a DVD note, if anyone is remotely interested in The Tudors series from a few years ago on HBO, I noticed the entire set is available now for rather cheap.  I think it was like $35 or something like that.  For the complete collection.  That's pretty darn good.  I think I paid close to $100 back in the day and have a big, oddball style package that doesn't fit on any shelf.  I love The Tudors.  I'd like to watch it again.  Maybe as I relearn how to sit and relax and just read or watch movies, maybe I'll marathon my way through the series again.  (I do have a couple old posts about the show.  If anyone is interested, I will link them.)
Alrighty, this post is getting lengthy so I'll go for now.
How have you all been?

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