Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(REPOST) July 18, 2015

Happy weekend, everyone.  Sounds like it's been hot and stormy all over today.  I woke up to a whopper of a storm shortly after 5am, but once that passed it was a pretty nice day.  There was all this talk about a heat advisory for today because the temp was supposed to be 91 with a heat index over 100.  I was soooo not looking forward to that because with the morning rain it would be miserably humid.  We lucked out though.  Temp never got over 85, I don't think, and there was a nice breeze all day.  We did pull shades down later in the day and had a couple fans going but overall it wasn't that bad.  Tomorrow is supposed to be hot and stormy again though.
In my previous natters I mentioned Casey had bid on a higher job position.  He found out that he did indeed get that spot.  That's kind of exciting.  I bet it'll be nerve wracking for him at first, even though he pretty much knows the job already just from helping out lately.  And it's more money for him.  I keep teasing Ty that Casey can afford to move in with him now and help pay the bills.  Ty is absolutely like "Noooooo way!"
Hubby went fishing with his two coworker friends again today.  They go way up to Green Bay, out on the one coworker's big boat.  Today was not as successful as the previous outing, but they still did pretty good.  He said the weather was a concern, choppy water that almost tipped the boat a couple times.  They even waited the first few hours at the boat launch to see if things would clear enough for them to go out.
I just kinda chilled today because of the heat and humidity.  Ty came over and did his laundry, hung out for a while and played video games with Casey.  I had to move my bird feeder posts around today because our furry little raccoon friends keep wreaking havoc out there.  We knew it was raccoons doing it but we couldn't figure out just HOW they were doing it.  There is a mommy-coon and her four babies living somewhere nearby because we see them quite often.  One of the babies is black and so dang cute.  Well anyway, three of the babies showed up early enough in evening yesterday that we were able to watch their antics, and found how they were able to hug-climb the part where three feeder posts were close together.  Ah ha, you little buggers!  So today I went out and removed two of the unneeded posts and repositioned the other two so they're far apart from each other.  I'm curious to see if they'll be able to do anything now.
I tried to upload a video of the little furry fiends several times today but our internet must be too sucky to handle it because the screen just stayed on 'uploading video' but never gave any indication that anything was being accomplished.  The video is cute but it was so funny after because I actually opened the window and stuck my head out, and had a talk with these three babies.  They hunched in startled cat positions and stared at me at first, then two decided to head for the field and one missed that memo.  He continued rooting around in the grass for a bit then when he realized he was alone he ran to the nearby tree and crawled up a few feet, then started doing the saddest little chirpy-clicky cry.  His brothers by the field must have been answering him because he eventually headed off that way.  I know raccoons shouldn't be considered cute little visitors.  Hubby's all gungho to shoot them and get rid of the problem but I am against it.  They're babies!  And we DO live in the country.  If I can figure out a way to post that video, I definitely will.
Other than that, not much excitement at the moment.  Did my shopping today but didn't bother to look for anything new or exciting.  Considered stopping at Target and Dollar Tree since I'd gotten a later start than usual because of the storm.  Usually I'm in and out of Walmart so early that the other stores aren't even open yet.  But in the end I decided nah, I don't need any cute dollar stuff right now.  If hubby and I are out and about tomorrow though, I think I'll see if he wants to stop for the heck of it.
Today is my brother and sister-in-law's 27th wedding anniversary.  I did send them a card.
Today would also have been my grandma's 100th birthday.
Well, I'm off to read before bed now.
Anything interesting happening in your corner of the world this weekend?

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