Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(REPOST) July 6, 2015 - My Room Update

Hello!  How was your holiday weekend?  We didn't do much here.  Saturday we did some yard work, and the boys came over so we played Munchkin.  That night we *tried* to shoot off some fireworks but the friggen mosquitoes were SO bad that we quickly gave up.  We usually drive down the road a ways to a spot where we can see a nearby town's fireworks show, but we didn't even feel like doing that this year.  We did discover that we can see the same show from our upstairs hall window.  We'll have to remember that next year!  lol  And then Sunday we had a little cookout with some friends that came over to help dig up some blocks from a small retaining wall we're removing.  They wanted some to build a fire pit at their place.  You're doing the work to get them?  Then heck yeah, take all you want.
I did have some crabby frustrations Sunday and most of it involved 'my' room that I've mentioned.  We'd gotten the old entertainment center put back together, an the old TV hauled down from upstairs earlier in the week.  So yesterday, while waiting for company to arrive, I finally started digging out the old game consoles and seeing about getting everything set up.  First I had to have hubby cut a long board that I could put behind the entertainment center as a spacer to keep it out from the wall.  We found that when the TV was in place, because it's big and bulky old school kind, it needed to poke out the back of the stand.  The spacer keeps the whole stand away from the wall so the back of the TV doesn't directly touch that wall.
We lifted the ten thousand pound beast of a TV into place and then I started running the cables from the back to get the old game consoles hooked up.  Except, they wouldn't work.  Ok, slide the TV out and turn it a bit and have one person hold/balance it while the other shoves their head and hand into the limited space to try the cables in another set of hookup spots.  Nope, game still doesn't work.  Hmm, ok, unhook that console and try a different one.  Get the helper back several times before deciding to just pull that bitch out and set it on the floor where there is easy access until things are figured out.
We have an old SNES, N64, Gamecube, and Playstation (One) and none of them would work.  Usually the old games had to choose channel 3 or 4.  But the slightly newer but still old TV wanted input Video 1 or 2, or Component (I think?) 1 or 2.  After making an ungodly mess of consoles and cables all over the room, Ty finally got the SNES to work on Video 1.    We eventually got the Gamecube to work too, but could not get the N64 or the Playstation to work.  They boys remember the N64 being very iffy even back in it's finally playing days, and Casey was pretty sure the Playstation had stopped working a long time ago.
Well alrighty.  I was tickled just to have the SNES working at least and sat down among the mess to play some old favorites, only to find out that it's all very sensitive and delicate.  You have to get the game cartridge in *just right* or it won't read it, and then you can't bump it in any way or you lose the connection.  I also found we can no longer let it sit to go get something because the game freezes and you have to turn it off and start all over again.  Yay.  This wasn't turning out to be much fun afterall.  Well no, that's not entirely true because I did have fun playing Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts for a while.  I couldn't favorites like Super Mario World or Legend of Zelda to work at all.  Boo!!
(I think I mentioned the old Zelda game as Link's Awakening somewhere.  That's incorrect.  It's called A Link To The Past.)
I eventually gave up and just left everything strewn about the room, figuring I'd have to rethink the plans for the room.  OH!  I forgot to mention that part of the plan was to bring our old DVD player down and hook it up in here so I'd have somewhere to watch things while hubby was watching man movies on our main TV.  When I went looking for that old DVD player yesterday, I couldn't find it anywhere.  Doh!  So that was another part of it all that frustrated me and had me reconsidering things.  I also decided that five inches of space behind the entertainment center was going to be a bigger problem than I'd realized.  Not only did Minion decide it's an awesome place to play and be naughty, but anything I want to put on the top shelves will easily get pushed back and fall off down behind.  *grrr*  So nearly ALL of my plans for the room were shot down yesterday.
I had some lingering crabbiness about it all this morning, but Casey showed me something that has pretty much changed everything now.  About a month or so ago he had bought himself one of those Wii U gaming systems.  I'd kinda scolded him at the time about not being careful with his money.  Today I had to laugh at that because . . . !!!! . . . he showed me that we can get a ton of those classic old games on that system!!  They are not some horrible updated remakes, but the actual old games!  You do have to pay for them, but they are quick downloads.  I was all excited, like "Oooh!  OOOHH!!!!  Get Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts!  And Kirby's Dream Course!"  So while I was at my mom's this morning, he bought and downloaded those two games.  WOOT!!!!  We can also get Zelda, and Super Mario World, and who knows what other old favorites I haven't even thought of yet?!
So yes, I had a blast playing (and sucking, big time) those two games when I got home from tending my mom.  I showed hubby when he got home from work, and he had a good laugh trying to play them too.  Then I told him about all the problems with 'my' room and how I was probably going to ditch those ideas.  And it's all good because we've already come up with other plans for that room.  I'll tell you about the new plans in a different post because A) this one is long enough already, and B) I need to take some pics of something first.
Sooooo yay for things working out afterall!
Do you have any old favorite games?
Let me know which ones YOU spent way too many hours playing!

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