Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(REPOST) July 7, 2015 - Some Old Wreaths

In chatting with my waxy bloggy friends recently, I had mentioned finding an old bag of wreaths that my mother-in-law had made for me many years ago.  They were interested in seeing them, so here I am, finally getting them posted.
My mother-in-law if very crafty.  She used to be into way more different types of crafts than she is now.  She had even quit her regular job many, many years ago to focus on starting a craft business.  That had eventually turned into mostly sewing, but it's these flower craft type things that I liked the most.
She had made up a bunch of various sized little wreaths to celebrate different holidays and seasons.
This was a spring or summer one, I think.
A bit more fall-ish.
4th of July.
(Or I suppose even Memorial Day.)
A larger 4th of July one, but I much prefer the smaller one with it's bolder colors.
Another for Valentine's, maybe?  It's rather mooshed and drab looking after years in a bag in an attic.
Spring or summer.
Cute Easter one.
I think this was supposed to be for New Year's, but I was never fond of it.
I'm thinking of taking the things off this and trying to come up with my own New Year's idea.
I thought of Julie right away when I saw this one again.  It's a beachy summery themed one.
And there they are.  I might be crafty in some areas but not in stuff like this.  Even though some of these are rather blah, I think I would still struggle too much in coming up with ANY idea what to do.
Are you a fabulously creative wreath maker?

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