Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(REPOST) June 12, 2015

We didn't get flooded out overnight.  There are some pretty big puddles in fields, but overall it's not too bad.  It still rained throughout the morning but by afternoon we had bright sun and all the drama was forgotten.
I didn't find anything overly interesting while shopping this morning either.  I'd seen someone online showing all the stuff that Walmart used to have in their little version of a 'dollar spot' now in the clearance aisle, so I was hoping to find those things in my store's clearance too.  There is a ton of random junk in that aisle, for sure, but I only saw one or two things from that former 'dollar spot.'  Bummer!
I did see these rolls of fabric tape on clearance.  I almost grabbed the smaller, washi sized ones, but since they were fabric I wasn't as interested.  Maybe I should have grabbed some anyway for swaps or giveaways.  Actually, yes, dangit.  I know someone I could have sent these too!  *kicking self*
Casey went over to Ty's to hang out for a while today.  That was kind of cool because they don't really do that much.  He also needed to use Ty's much faster internet to update some games on his PS4 or Xbox or whatever system he's currently wild about.  Then he came back home and headed to bed so he could get a bit of sleep before going to work tonight.  He would normally be off on a Friday night but he volunteered for tonight as a sort of apology for walking out last week.  Ty then came over here for the rest of the day and hung out and had supper.  Other than that it's been another rather mellow day.  I did a lot of little busy work things like fill the bird feeders, do last night's dishes, get some bills paid and mail ready to go.  I also watched some haul videos and a couple episodes of Snapped.  Can't beat that!
I thought I'd have way more interesting things to write about for the day but I guess not.  Kinda makes me wonder why I was so gungho to start up this daily journal thing again.
So yeah, I'm off to read for a bit before bed now.  I work this weekend so there probably won't be much to write about the next three days.  I guess that means YOU have to tell ME something interesting.

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