Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(REPOST) June 16, 2015 - Work & Game of Thrones Suck

This pic is from earlier this year, the view I had when I went out to my car to go to work.  That's our neglected greenhouse, with the sunrise behind it.  It looked so cool, like there was light blazing IN the greenhouse.
Anyway, I tried to post Saturday night but after 12 hours at work my mind was just not wanting to form meaningful sentences.  Then I just let it go for the rest of my three day work weekend.  Saturday was just ridiculous.  I've said before that it's the total lack of management that has gotten it to the hopeless situation it's in now.  There are just so many small issues that could easily be dealt with, nip things in the bud, and work your way back up to the larger things.  But no, they are all so focused on the wrong end of things.  As a lead person, I'm supposed to be an extension of the supervisor.  I'm the eyes and ears out on the production floor when they can't always be there.  Lead people are supposed to have a bit of authority, like in the smaller areas.  But no, combine this totally disrespectful me me me society with the lack of higher authority and the lead people have become nothing.  Try to tell someone something and you're pretty much ignored.
It just really got overwhelming Saturday.  I could count the endless violations all around me, and it was way more than usual for whatever reason.  It just got to where I was actually thinking of just quietly giving up and walking out the door.  But why should I be the one to leave???  It's so frustrating.  To constantly be going to the supervisor to report these ongoing violations is just making me look like a nag.  Most of the time the supervisors won't respond anyway because they know it's become something out of their hands too.  They're so desperate to hang on to people that they don't want to discipline and risk having to fire someone.  Really?  Even though these people are crappy employees and not doing their jobs anyway???
There have been times when I take an "I don't care!" approach and ignore the crap going on around me.  But then it bothers me because those people are winning.  Saturday I wrestled with my own sanity on how to deal with it all.  It's easiest to just ignore it like everyone else.  For my own mental health, that's probably what I should do.  If no one else is going to do anything about it, I can't carry the total weight on my old lady shoulders.  Where is that getting me anyway?  Nowhere.  I thought maybe I could just silently keep track of the things I'm seeing and quietly slip a weekly report into the Big Boss's mailbox, just something to keep them reminded of what's going on.  I could keep waging war against these idiots.  It might not solve any problems but it would be a constant burr in the sides of the offenders.  For now though, I think I need to take the ignore route for a while.
Sunday was a bit better because I was cruising that Ignorance Is Bliss Road.  I still see the offenses and my blood starts to boil, but then I just remind myself 'I don't care today, I don't care today,' and focus on something else.
Monday was better too because I just stayed away from sources of negative energy as much as I could.  Of course, keeping to myself more allowed extra time for thinking about other things just to keep my mind occupied.  And that lead to me feeling all mopey and insecure about other things.  It put me back into my 'What's the point?' mindset in regards to blogging and Facebook and most things I've whined about in recent times here on the blog.  Had a bit of a heart-to-heart with someone last night and am feeling a bit better about things this morning.
Add into all of this, that crappy Game of Thrones season finale and . . . yeah.  I've been struggling with that show the past couple seasons, but have really been on the verge of giving up this season, especially the past few weeks.  The show just doesn't make sense to me anymore!  What purpose is it serving to shock viewers by killing off all the characters anyone cares about, and only be bringing in disgusting, despicable, ugly new characters that no one will ever care about?  The books, the author . . . blah blah blah.  I've been hearing for a long time now that the books and the show started changing drastically after the first season/book.  I'm hearing now that once the current show writers took over more, that it's gotten even farther away from the books.  From little bits I've been finding out in the past few days, apparently we'll be having Medieval Walking Dead eventually because all these beloved characters "aren't really dead."  Wtf?  I don't even care.  And if the author is somehow being swayed by the popularity of the show, and writing the new books accordingly, well that's crap too.  I'm curious about the ratings for Game of Thrones since the beginning.  Is it still high and climbing?  Has it leveled off?  Is it dropping?  Ugh, just so mad about that show.
Well, I have some stuff to do before heading to my mom's this morning but I'll hopefully be back later with a regular Tuesday post.
How was your weekend?

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