Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(REPOST) June 2, 1015

Yes, Minion, some days I feel like that too.
I thought I had a song (video) posted earlier today but when I came back to the blog later I noticed it was only the text part of it.  *grrrr*  It was [THIS] song, if you're interested, the prom song from the Twilight movie.  Going through the old blog posts last week rekindled my love of Twilight.  The soundtracks are back in my stereo and I've been freakin' loving this song even more than before.  Can you believe I still have not seen the final movie??
Went to my mom's today, did her laundry and took her grocery shopping, as is our weekly routine now.  She's talking more often about getting her other hip done.  She said today "But I'm sure you don't want to stay here for two weeks again."  She laughed about it.  Honestly, no, I'd rather not go through that again, but like I told her today, "Well, at least we know what to expect this time."  And I reminded her that it probably wouldn't be anywhere near as bad if they hadn't broken her hip after surgery.  July 31 will be one year since her surgery.  I'm not sure how serious she is about having the other one done, like how soon she's thinking if she decides to do it.  We're all kinda chuckling about it though because she swore she'd never go through it again and all the doctors and therapists told her that's what everyone says.
I didn't do much else today.  I should have mowed the lawn, maybe gotten back into story writing mode.  I just couldn't summon the interest in doing it though, because I don't like our new lawn mower.  *sigh*  Hubby agrees we should try to get our old one fixed just to have two mowers (we have a lot of lawn) but so far he hasn't hauled in yet.  If we get that one going again I will gladly start mowing lawn!  
Tried watching the movie Jupiter Ascending with hubby tonight.  He was excited to finally be able to see it.  He'd wanted to see it in the theater but we so rarely go.  It's on pay-per-view now so he jumped at the chance to finally see it.  I got confused and bored very early on and gave up about halfway through.  Not sure what he thought of it.
Well, I'm very tired again this evening so I'm going to listen to the prom song one more time and then head up to read before bed.

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