Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(REPOST) June 24, 2015 - Weeds & Birds

This was my view while mowing the lawn the other day.
I had a somewhat unexpected day off today.  Yesterday we found out one of our lines will be down for a few days so I jumped at the chance and used a 'general purpose' day to have today off.  General purpose days are unpaid days off that we earn from perfect attendance.  They're kind of sucky in that, well, they're unpaid, and you also can't use them next to a vacation day or a holiday.  But whatever, any extra time off I can get at the moment helps.  I'll have a short week next week too, because of the holiday.
I tried to keep busy today.  Too many of my days off lately have been spent staring at the computer.  I could at least be reading or even watching some movies.  But no, I sit here and hope something exciting will happen online.  Bleah.
I think I've mentioned that hubby and I sucked on yard work last year, and haven't been doing a very good job this year either.  Doesn't help then whenever we want to do something, one of the tools doesn't work.  Like, the trigger thing on the weed whacker is broken.  Hubby can still use it but it's trickier.  The pushmower doesn't start now.  I prefer that one to do 'detail' work around the house and yard.  Of course, my beloved riding lawn mower died this spring, and we bought that other one.  I still don't like that other one so my desire to get out there and mow is slim.
Anyway, the flowerbeds are overgrown with weeds and today I decided to finally do something about it.
I didn't get the whole bed done.  It extends about twice as long as this off to the right, along the whole side of the house.  While I didn't get this one finished, I did get areas on two other sides of the house done.  I also hauled a very heavy birdbath to a better location near the feeders, and dragged the wheelbarrow out to pick up the tons of sticks and branches all around the yard from storms we had Monday.
This branch was pretty funny.  It's dead and fell from a tree during the storm, but look at how it landed.  That sucker was jammed about three inches into the ground!
This partial tree also blew down Monday.  It had originally snapped and most of it came down many years ago in a much worse storm.  This part had remained standing and we'd just left it there.  The little tree to the left had been a little offshoot from that partial, and we're glad now that we'd let that little guy grow.  So this large part will need to be hauled away now.  Hubby says he'll take care of it this weekend.
We had a little incident with bird feeder poles yesterday.  We have different types of feeders on those shepherd hook poles and over time they've started to sag and lean against each other.  Last fall a little sparrow had somehow gotten his head stuck in the 'v' where two of the pole cross.  I noticed commotion from my window and ran out like a crazy lady to free the poor little thing.  I spread the poles apart and he fell to the ground.  I stepped away and watched.  After a few moments he hopped away into taller grass and I left him.  I didn't see him after that.  Well yesterday, Casey heard a bird screeching like crazy and looked out to find a woodpecker had its leg caught in that same 'v' spot.  He ran out and separated the poles.  He said the bird's leg was very obviously broken but after a moment it flew up into the tree.  I don't know if birds can survive with a broken leg . . . ?  I haven't seen it today so at least it hasn't fallen out of the tree or anything.  That was enough though.  When I got home from work I immediately removed that one pole and placed it well away from that area.  I also put a gap filler (cardboard and black tape) in the 'v' where the two hook loops meet, so no birds get stuck in there.  
The hummingbirds were a bit confused when they flew to the usual spot, but quickly located the new spot.  It's right next to the house now.  I can't see it as easily from my window, but if I lean over a bit more I can now get a much closer view of the lovely little creatures.
Even this silly oriole had no problem finding the feeder in its new spot.
Today is Casey's one year anniversary at his job.  
Tonight is the season five premiere of Suits.
Tomorrow I'm going to Target to see if I can find the new things I've been starting to see in haul videos.
Anything chat worthy happening with you these days?

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