Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(REPOST) June 3, 2015

Well, I didn't mow the lawn today like I should have but I did spark some story writing interest anyway when I downloaded the song What Kind of Fool Am I, by Rick Springfield.  (All you young folks who have no clue what song that is can check it out HERE.)  I've loved that song forever but it's one of those that you don't hear very often, so I'd completely forgotten about it for years.  I heard it recently on my oldies station, remembered it today, had some credit left in my iTunes account so went ahead and downloaded it.  And still love it.  I love the lyrics . . .

I wonder who she's seeing tonight
Is she really going out with him
He's not her type
And doing all the things
She used to do with me
Well, I'd say something to her
But I get so jealous
When I think of her loving someone else
And I can't think why we ever let go
We must have been crazy
Tell me what kind of fool am I
To just let go,To just let go like that
What kind of fool am I, To lose you
She was cold sometimes
But she made me feel alive
She was such a spoiled baby
But baby she could love
And she loved me like nobody
Ever will again
I thought we'd be together
When the world ran down
When the curtains fell
And the lights came up
But the gods or whatever
Make the world go 'round
Shuffled when they should've cut

Tell me
What kind of fool am I
To just let go, To just let go like that
What kind of fool am I
To lose you
Did it come to easy to the two of us
Did we go to wrong to ever make it right
Were we too busy checking out the left hand
That we didn't see the right
Tell me
What kind of fool am I
To just let go, To just let go like that
What kind of fool am I
Oh baby please, Oh baby please come back
I meant to say in time
Baby we can work it out
But I never meant to say goodbye

Tell me
What kind of fool am I
What kind of fool am I
What kind of fool am I
To lose you 
And yes, it has me revisiting good ol' Guy and Kelli in my mind.  Now why can't I just get busy and write?! 

If you saw my haul post from earlier you know that I went to Target and Dollar Tree today.  I forgot to include something in the Target part of it.  The Dollar Spot often has containers of those sugars and sprinkles for decorating cookies and cakes and things.  Someone on YouTube had mentioned that they are a great deal if you can find them, so grabbed some today.  The containers are 3.2 oz. for $1.00.  The Great Value brand of sprinkles at Walmart are 2.25 oz. but I don't know offhand how much they cost.  I'm pretty sure they're still over a dollar though.  I got pink, red, blue, and the typical multi color tiny bead one.  There was also a red-white-blue tiny bead mix but I passed on that.

I saw that Target finally has the Suits - Season 4 dvd set.  Almost grabbed but decided to wait until the price comes down.  The new season starts on June 24!  Hurry up, people!  If you start binge watching now, you can be caught up in time for season five!  It would be nice to have someone to discuss Harvey with.  hehe

Not much else going on today.  I did some laundry, cleaned up a few things, filled the bird feeders.  I wasted a lot of time  spent a good chunk of mental health time watching haul videos.  I got a couple blog posts up and a few more scheduled for days ahead.  I guess it was a pretty good day even though I did have the nagging guilt that I should have been mowing the lawn.

As always, I'm off to read now before bed.
Hope your day was great!

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