Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(REPOST) June 7, 2015 - Happy Birthday, Minion!

"THIS is what I get for my birthday?"
Yes, it is my naughty little angel baby kitty's birthday today.  His is four years old now.  In a way I can't believe it's been that long, and in a way it seems like it should be more.  He's been going back to his pesty habits the past few days.  I know he's bored, but nothing we try to do to entertain him seems to interest him anymore.  He's been sleeping a lot today.  That's how we like him best when he goes through these naughty phases.  LOL
Of course, Fattycat came to the party.
And in the end neither toy interested either kitty.
In other news, I know I skipped a few nights of nattering posts.  Thursday night I skipped on purpose because I wanted to let our group gripes in the Order of the Odor posts keep the spotlight for the day.  Hopefully readers checked out each linked blog in the group because we each answered the question of the month with our own different complaints.
Friday night I just forgot to post because Ty was over in the evening and there had been some drama at work.
Saturday night I was just too tired by the time I remembered I needed to post, so I let it go one more night.
And now it's Sunday afternoon and I'm bored and I'm going to write this while I still have some coherent thoughts.  So yes, I'll start with the work drama.  Casey walked of his job Thursday night.  He works third shift at the same place I work, you might remember.  It's been stressful there for a while now.  It should not be as stressful for Casey in his particular position, but he apparently takes after me and stresses about way too much.  He finally got fed up with the crap going on, the lack of management, him being bounced to different jobs all night, and endless stuff that's just out of hand.  I did not know any of this until I got to work myself.  I had noticed that he was already home and in bed when I left for work Friday morning.  That was odd, but I thought maybe work was slow (as it has been) and they'd let people go home early.  Nope.  When I got there, his supervisor made sure to pull me aside and let me know Casey had gotten mad and walked out but that he (supervisor) had covered for him and told people he'd gone home sick.  At first I thought this supervisor was being a nice guy and thought Casey was worth hanging onto.  Now I'm kinda thinking he's just afraid of one more thing looking out of control on his shift.  When I got home that night, I asked Casey about it all.  He is going back to work.  I strongly reminded him that if he wants to leave there, fine, but he better have something else first.  I'm curious to hear if his supervisor says anything to him when he goes back tonight.  (Working third shift, Friday and Saturday night were his weekend.)
Ty is doing good.  Doing well?  I can never keep good/well straight.  I usually don't even try.  Anyway, his workplace is messed up too but his is a different situation and he can just laugh at the chaos without it causing him much stress.  Unrelated to work but still related to Ty, why are big beards all the rage?  Gah!  They're so freakin' ugly and Ty is growing one.  He often lets it get shaggy just from being lazy about shaving but now he's purposely growing it.  Bleah.  He took vacation the week of his birthday, as is becoming his tradition.  He's having a new bed delivered, and he's excited to be going to a "titty bar!" and seeing a midget dancer.  Sorry, I probably should be saying . . . what . . . small person?
That coworker I mentioned recently, the one whose wife just had the baby, remember?  They named her Meztli.  Someone tell me just how you pronounce that.  Is the T silent?  Is the Z silent?  Everyone at work keeps saying mets-lee, but the Z is before the T.  However you say it, it's the Aztec name of a moon goddess.  Hmm.
Hubby and I went fishing yesterday.  He caught a small catfish and had a couple big tease bites but that was about it.  I was doing more people watching than anything.  There were all kinds of examples of my Crappy Society gripes happening.  First of all, why is everyone so loud?  Doesn't anyone care how they sound or come across to others anymore?  People screaming and swearing all the way across the pond and park area.  Parents swearing at kids.  And then, one family had two kids, a boy about 8 or 9, and a girl about 10 or 11 or so.  Each of them had their own cellphone.  At one point the girl was bitching at some other girl, going on about how that other girl had disrespected her, and telling that other girl "I'm not afraid of you!  I'll come over there and fucking take care of you!" and other shocking stuff to overheard.  All this while her mother is about five feet away and not saying a thing.  The girl is, like, TEN!  What is wrong with people these days?!
This morning hubby and I went out for breakfast at the little local place we've been going to lately.  Casey paid but didn't go along.  He said it was his anniversary gift to us.  Tomorrow is our 25th wedding anniversary.  I'll talk more about that in a post tomorrow.  So we had a lovely little breakfast, and had some money left over from what Casey gave us, so we stopped at Kmart (just down the road) and hubby got a few fishing things.  It was a rainy, stormy morning so we just came back home after that.  I cleaned up the kitchen and got laundry started.  He went to his parents for a bit to help them fix something.  And we've just been being lazy all day since then.
Game of Thrones is on tonight.  We have this week and next week, and then this season is done already.  I already mentioned recently that I'm growing more and more bored with the show.  If things don't get interesting in these next two episodes, I'm not sure how much excitement I'll be able to dredge up for next season.  I might need to start looking up spoilers and book summaries just to see if there is any hope!
I'll leave you here then.
Have a good one!

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