Saturday, July 25, 2015

(REPOST) March 20, 2015 Haul - Collective Randomness

Since I seem to be newly hooked on Target's Dollar Spot, I couldn't wait to go shopping this morning.  The gel pens I got earlier this week were not what I thought they'd be so I wanted to go back and get some of the regular pens I'd been seeing.  Also wanted to grab more of the other stationery items and a couple other things.  Sadly, everything was even more picked over than just a few days ago and I didn't find anything I wanted.  Pooh!  I did get another one of those cheapie speakers though because Casey wanted one, and also grabbed him one of the mini tin buckets that he'd said he wanted for on his dresser but now says he never said that.  I forgot to include both of those things in the haulage photo shoot though.
I did find a couple other things in Target, couple things at Walmart, and my tiny Amazon order came in the mail today so I thought I'd do another haul post because, well, people love haul posts.
Let's go!
Got these Easter kitchen towels at Target.  Dollar Tree always has really cute towels but I don't find them to be very absorbent.  Hopefully these are.  At first I was thinking the teal (is that teal?) one doesn't go with anything in my kitchen so I almost didn't bother getting these.  Then I thought, what the heck, I don't really have any theme or color scheme in there so just get the frikken things.
Also at Target, found this multi-pack of washi tapes in the Easter decorations section.  This was by the egg decorating things.  Would you have thought to decorate Easter eggs with washi tape?  I'm not going to use these for eggs though.  The rolls are very small, definitely not much on them but that's okay because I'm not sure yet what I'll use these for.  I'm a washi noob.
I had been looking for an Easter banner to hang across the dining/living room doorway but didn't find anything I really liked at Target.  There were two cute burlap ones, and I did like them, but they weren't the style I wanted and they were a bit more than I wanted to pay.  I didn't find any banners I liked at Walmart either but I did find these bright and sparkly hanging decorations.  They don't look as nice as I'd hoped in the spot I put them though, so I'll need to come up with a new place to use them.
(One of two other things I forgot to include in the main haul pic.)
I've heard people rave about the St. Ives face scrubs.  I thought I'd give this little mini size one a try.  It says on the back to use it two or three times A DAY . . . ?!  Uh, no, I won't be doing that.  I'll still try it though, just to see what all the fuss is about.
(The other thing I forgot to include.)
I'm on a mission to find a face cream I like . . . again.  It seems like every time I find one, something goes wrong.  Like, they no longer carry it, or they change the formula, or it stops working for me, or something.  I was reading that vitamin C products are supposed to be so fabulous for brightening and toning, especially old lady skin like mine.  Out of boredom last night I did some Google searching for vitamin C skin products and this brand popped up.  I'm not one to put much stock in reviews but I was seeing good things about the brand so I decided to look for it while shopping this morning.  Sure enough!  There it is next to the Burt's Bees and Alba and Yes To products.  I barely hesitated before tossing this into the cart.  Last week I'd splurged on a a Burt's Bees sensitive skin face cream.  I'm undecided how I feel about it.  I'm definitely not wowed enough by it though.  I'm looking forward to this one now!
And then in the mail this morning, in my tiny little Amazon order, I got these keyboard key stickers.  The M and N on my keyboard have complete worn off, and some others are about half gone, so I wanted to find a way to correct that trivial problem.  Now I need to tear apart this keyboard and get it cleaned up so I can put these stickers on.  I fear what's living in all those crumbs in there.  LOL!
I was SO excited to get this!
It's a phone case/wallet.  You know me and my purse handicap.  I'd seen someone online show one similar to this that they'd gotten and had been like 'Whoooaaaa, maybe THAT'S what I need!'  I've had this in my Amazon wishlist for months but finally decided to just go ahead and get it.  There is a pocket to put money or whatever, and slots to put cards or ID.  It comes with a matching stylus, to make annoying smartphone texting easier.  I found one problem though.  Well, a problem for me.  I thought the phone would just be held in by some corner straps, or elf magic or something.  No, there is an attached hard case that the phone snaps easily into.  My problem is that during the week, at work, I only want my phone, not this whole wallet.  I could easily snap it out of here but then it's completely case-less.  Also, I thought maybe there would be enough space to put the stylus in the center fold there, to hold it snuggly while the wallet is closed.  Nope again.  Not enough room there and no place to keep it unless you sort of awkwardly slide it onto the closure tab.  Oh well, I'll play around with it, see if I can get used to it.
There is even some bling on the closure.  It's a little magnetic tab, holds nicely but easily releases to open the wallet.  You can also see, in the first picture, there is an attached chain to use as a handle if you choose.  I do love this thing.  Just a matter of trying to get used to using it now.  I'm so sooooo used to shoving cash into the checkbook, where all my cards are anyway, and just sticking that in my pocket and going.
That's my randomness for today.
Have you gotten anything fun or much needed lately?

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