Saturday, July 25, 2015

(REPOST) March 21, 2015 Natters - Foaming Hand Soap

Here we are again, me being the last person on the planet to try something.  This time it's foaming hand soap.  I never understood the thrill.  I was always content with old fashioned squirty soap.  Until I received this bottle of B&BW Lemon Meringue Cheer foaming hand soap as a thank you gift recently.  And now I am in love with foaming hand soaps!  
They're so fun!!
One easy pump and you have a handful of foam.  Start washing your hands and you have insta-lather.  Love it!  Way better than pumping a couple squirts of the usual stuff, then watching half of that slip and drip down the drain before you manage to build up some lather on your hands.  Oh my gosh, why didn't someone smack me in the head with a bottle of this stuff sooner???
I want to ditch the regular soaps we have in the house and switch to all foaming.  I might need to place a small B&BW order though because the only foaming ones I found at Walmart were scents I have no interest in, and they were anti-bacterial.  Maybe someday I'll also embrace the anti-bacterial craze but for now I just want regular foaming soap.
Are you a foaming soap fan?
It's funny, the small things that humor us sometimes.

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