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(REPOST) May 1, 2015 Haul - Card Making Supplies

Before I get into the haul part of this post I would like to explain what drove me to the crazy haul you're about to see.  So you're getting a Natters post AND a haul post in one!  Okay, so yesterday I once again pulled out my planner and journal and stickers and tapes and whatnot.  I had talked myself into just going ahead and playing with the planner whether it's something I *need* or not.  I'd seen someone saying in a haul video that sometimes we get so caught up in what we *should* be doing and forget to have fun or do what we love.  This made me shove that logical part of myself into a corner and let the 'have fun for once' part of me step out for a while.
So as you can see in the picture above, I did play around with the planner.  I'd known all along I would never get into it as much as the super gung-ho planner people with their dividers and dashboards and fancy clips and everything.  I wasn't even sure what to do on a more scaled down level, so I just started adding washi tape along the page edges, trying to use colors or themes to go along with the month.  Like, this April page has Easter themed tapes.  I filled in birthdays and anniversaries, and days I work, and some other things.  Added a couple stickers.  It was fun for a few minutes but then it just fizzled as Practical Me broke out of her corner and reminded me I'm content with my freebie wall calendar method.  I also decided to stop after only a few months worth of taped edges because I didn't want to use up my limited tapes and have nothing for an attempt at card making.
I'm admitting defeat once again on the planner idea, but this time I'm accepting that decision and feel I won't be revisiting it.  I'm undecided on the journal at the moment, but that will be getting shoved back into the desk drawer for now because . . . 
Oh my gosh, I was so excited.  Now, I know there really isn't any talent involved in this style of card making.  I just slapped a sticker on a plain white card and added a strip of coordinating washi tape to the edge and to the envelope flap.  But it looks so darn cute!!!  Hubby and Casey were even impressed, and thought it looked really nice.  Well of course all of my excitement is now poured into making these simple cards.  I was looking at the stickers and tapes I already had, trying to come up with ideas.  I couldn't wait to do my weekly shopping this morning because I just knew I had to buy more supplies.
And that leads us to the haul . . . 
Most of this is from Walmart, in the scrapbook supplies aisle.  I hadn't planned on stopping at Target but ended up doing a last minute 'Oh why not' dash to have a look at the Dollar Spot.
Not crafty related but when I saw this, I had to have it.  They have quite a lot of 4th of July and nautical themed things out now that I had not seen last time I was there.  This is labeled as a candy dish, but could have so many uses.  It is ceramic, almost five inches across and almost three inches tall, and was only ONE DOLLAR!  I'm going to set it on my buffet the week of the 4th, and put some candy in it.
I wanted to get some twine for a card related idea, so I was happy to find this leftover from the Easter line because it should have been reduced price.  It still came up as a dollar though.  Boo.  Oh well.  I couldn't find the packs of green and silver twine this time, which is what I wanted.
Grabbed this set of three ink pads because I want to get a few rubber stamps for the card making adventure.  Not thrilled with these colors, but I'm going to grab them when I see them.  Kicking myself now for not grabbing the ones they'd had out with the watercolor line, the pink and teal and whatever ones.
This pack was $3.00.
I was excited to see this 24-pack of blank cards!  I'd seen it in haul videos but had not been seeing it in my store.  These will be handy now that I've finally taken that first step and actually made a card.  The colored, but still blank cards are a more creative base to work with.  And the kraft paper envelopes are cute and homey.
This set was $3.00.
I finally found washi tapes at my Target Dollar Spot!  This is the only design I've been seeing but that's okay.  I'm just happy to finally see some at my store.  The common practice is to grab all that you see because they are rare finds.  I had six rolls in my hand at one point and still saw plenty more mixed in the bin so I figured no, I'm not grabbing ALL of them.  I did get three though.  It's a cute green-white gingham type design.
These were $1.00 each.
And over at Walmart I went a little crazy with their washi tapes.  I got these 14 designs but there are still plenty more that I did not get.  I stayed away from the glitter ones because when I tried to use the one I have yesterday, I found it's not sticky.  I don't know if there is a clear backing I need to peel off, or if I'll need to use glue sticks with it, but I'm not getting any more until I figure it out.
These Studio G brand rolls of tape cost $.97 at Walmart.  They have 16.4 feet of tape on a roll.  The $1.00 rolls at Target Dollar Spot have 15 feet on them.
I bought another pack of blank white cards, and a pack of the kraft paper colored cards.  There are 12 cards and envelopes, for $3.97 a pack.  If I stick with this little hobby I'll just start buying plain card stock and cutting my own cards.
Bought this 'corner rounder' punch for $3.97.  I have a design idea where the rounded corners might look cute.
Not sure yet just how I'll use these for the cards.  They're just paper with different designs.  I'll need to use glue sticks, but was thinking of maybe using strips like how I used the washi tape.  Or maybe line the insides of envelopes.  Not sure yet, but there are 100 4x7 sheets and the pack cost $3.00.
And of course I had to get more stickers!  I think the large designs are going to be best for cards, but I think certain smaller ones will work too.  I'll just have to be a bit more creative with the smaller ones.  Here, I got large cupcakes, because they are good for birthday cards or even just everyday greetings.  I decided to grab the macaron stickers because they are all the rage right now.  There is a line of macaron items at Micheal's that everyone and their grandmother is showing in haul videos.  (And no, I don't mean macaroon.)
Not a lot of large sticker options in what Walmart has to offer but I think I can do something with these smaller animals and a brown washi tape I already have.  I'm envisioning a few of the mason jar stickers lined up on a washi tape shelf with that other pack.
The beach themed pack was quite spendy but I know a beach loving girl . . . 
As for the 4th of July stickers, I know people don't generally send cards for that holiday but why not?  I think some cute cards can be made from these, along with the star washi tape I have.
I'm not overly thrilled with this pack but I mainly wanted it for the words.  I don't have any rubber stamps yet, and I don't see many stickers that have large word greetings.  We'll see if I can do something with these, or maybe I'll just wait till I get some stamps.
How crazy is all that stuff???
I think it'll be fun though, while it lasts.
Do you have a crafty side?  What creative outlets do you enjoy?

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