Saturday, July 25, 2015

(REPOST) May 19, 2015 Natters - People Suck

Don't let that cozy, good ol' hometown pic above fool you. This crabby blogger has been in a very cranky place lately, and can't seem to get out of it.  People just piss me off to no end these days.  Anyone and everyone seems to be plucking my last string. 
I don't like the society we've become.  When did common sense and decency become outdated?  Courtesy and politeness?  People these days have apparently never even heard of those things.  It's a very me me me world these days.  Social media used to be interesting to me and there was great potential in it for keeping in contact with people.  Enter the smartphone, and glue one to every person's hand, and now we've actually taken steps backwards.  There are no conversations anymore.  People say it's a pain to type out a reply on a phone, so everything is super short or abbreviated or emoticons.  Yet people can't put down the damn phones?
There are no conversations on Facebook.  Endless shared posts with cute or inspirational things.  Endless shared '...But What Happens Next' videos.  Endless shared stupid shit.  Endless 'Like's but no comments.  And don't get me started again on Vaguebooking.
Does anyone email anymore as a form of communication?  No, because most people now check their email from their phone and we've already mentioned that it's too difficult to type out more than a 'kk' or 'cool' response on a phone's keyboard.
And then to have the already limited 'conversations' be filled with empty fluff like meaningless niceties makes it even better.  I can go stand in the greeting card aisle and get replies like that.
Snail mail?  What's that???  Who sends cards anymore when it's so easy to text an oh so heartfelt two word message, and if it's someone really special you might get a smiley faced emoticon with it.  Yes, the internet is handy when you have a quick question or something.  We've all gotten so used to the convenience of instant messaging.  But where has the art of conversation gone?  When was the last time you received . . . or wrote . . . a letter to someone?  A couple years ago, fellow blogger Liz and I attempted to be old fashioned snail mail pen pals.  It was fun, the little bit that we managed to do it, but we both found how hard it is when you can just hop online and say 'Hey!'  It's a challenge to try and get to know someone without the internet.
I'm rambling now and probably even contradicting myself.
We are a social media society now.  Probably  no getting around it anymore.  But why do we have to lose the art of conversation?  Are we really so much busier now than we were five or ten years ago?  Good lord, what did you all do before smartphones?!
I stopped sending greeting cards to most people for most occasions because it seems they just don't care about them anymore anyway.  I think I'm going to go back to sending them.  And I'm going to write something besides just signing my name in them.  *GASP*  Sure, they'll probably just end up in the garbage the next day but hey, this is going to be me acknowledging YOU, and not just through some obligatory plain font on a gadget because Facebook prompted me to.  (By the way, I've removed my birthday from Facebook.  If you really care about me, you'll know my birthday.)
I'm not sure how long this new phase of mine will last.  If you have a birthday or anniversary or something in June, I might already have rage quit on this and you'll be getting nothing.
And there are many many other things fueling my current People Suck raging anger, but I can probably get several other Natters posts out of it by picking certain areas to bitch about.
Yes, this has hopefully inspired me to finally get back into Nattering type blogging too, instead of just talking about doing it and then putting it off because of my 'What's the point?' internal arguments.
Angry blogger out!

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