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(REPOST) May 26, 2015 Natters - Me Me Me Society

The other day when I did my People Suck post about the lost art of conversation, I had mentioned that several other topics and posts could come from my building dissatisfaction with society.  The me me me world we've become was going to be my next topic and then sure enough, I heard something on the radio this morning that totally shows what I'm talking about, and fueled the fire enough for me to go ahead and do the post.
First, the thing I heard on the radio.  Okay, a local station does this thing where the DJ brings in two other people (interns, office people, other DJs, etc.) and asks a question, then they all share their opinions on that subject.  These people are almost always younger, like 20s, and I think that does matter when getting opinions on things.  And today's question, along with the 20s age group answering, was the perfect set up to display the Me Me Me World.
The question was, is it okay to still write checks at a grocery store?
The DJ thought it was interesting that there are still people out there who actually do that.  One of the girls said she thought it was okay if you already had the check started before it was time to pay, and as long as you weren't in an express lane.  She said she totally understood how the older generation is reluctant to change their ways and switch to debit cards, especially with so much fraud going on.  And then the other girl chimed in, totally 'Me me me!' and bitchily complained that no, it is NOT alright to be farting around filling out paper checks.  She went on about how technology has changed and advanced and 'these people' need to catch up.  And, here it is . . . "I have my kids I'm dealing with, and I have places to be, so I don't need to be standing around waiting because someone refuses to swipe a card and get moving."
We have a winner!
You didn't know when you left the house today to go shopping that your life was all about pleasing HER, did you?  Shame on you!  
Seriously, lady?  And all self-centered dipwhips like you?  Is it that check writing person's fault that you chose to drag your monster kids to a crowded store and probably didn't leave early enough in the first place if you had to be somewhere so desperately important?  No.  The world does not revolve around YOU.  
And I see this me me me mentality everywhere now.  In the breakroom at work, people blasting videos or whatever on their stupid 'smart'phones with no consideration of other folks in the room.  Even though it's posted to wear ear buds and even though there are reminders about courtesy posted, people don't understand that word anymore.  If you ask them to turn it down, you get the evil eye and the dumb stare with the snotty "Why?"  If you say you don't want to hear their video, they snip at you to leave or "It's my break and I want to watch this."
There it is!
"It's MY break and *I* want to watch this."
Does not matter that there are other people in the room trying to have conversations or read or just have some quiet time.
I work in a low paying factory that seems to employ the lowest types of people.  (Doesn't say much for me, huh?  LOL)  I'm not trying to single out a particular group or demographic or whatever, but we do mainly get the 'rather be unemployed' welfare moochers.  (And that's another topic I'll save for another post.)  A lot of these people are the younger crowd, but even in the older ones who come and go, I see a common trait.  They're all very me me me.  The jobs at my workplace are not all that hard, especially the entry level ones.  But these people can't believe they're being asked to do the few little things that are part of these jobs.  (Okay, work ethic is yet another topic I'll go into more in another post.)  These people are loud and inconsiderate and only concerned with themselves.  One guy couldn't believe the attendance policy applied to him when he was late to work one day.  "I was taking my daughter to her mom's," he scoffed.  One guy demanded to see inside a girl's lunch bag because he couldn't find his phone charger, and then expected the supervisor to take charge and find it for him.  One guy who talks only to impress (when he really sounds stupid, so just stop already) reminded everyone "It's my God given right as an American to bear arms!"  (That just sounds dumb to me.  God gave this right to Americans?)
I can't think of any other specific examples at the moment, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.  It's an arrogance, or a sense of entitlement.  How were these people raised?  What makes them think it's all about them, that if everything isn't the way they want it, you all better drop what you're doing and get it right?  I do think social media once again plays a role in it but I just haven't been able to figure out how.  And I wish I had better examples.  Maybe I should have waited a bit longer with this post, to make it a bit more organized and worth it.

But anyway, do you see this Me Me Me-ness around you?  What are your thoughts?  Where do you think it's coming from?  And does it drive you mad like it does me?

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