Saturday, July 25, 2015

(REPOST) May 30, 2015 Natters

Hubby and I were on vacation this past week.  We didn't have any big plans, just wanted to relax a bit and maybe get a few things done around here.  It rained a lot so some of the things we wanted to do weren't happening.  I ended up starting a project I've been meaning to do for a long looooong time now but always get overwhelmed by the idea of the task.  What task, you ask?  Printing my blog so I have a physical copy of the old posts from back when I did more like a daily journal type thing.  I ended up not printing, but saving to a flash drive instead.  As I was copy/pasting the old posts into a Google doc first, I was skimming over them and found myself really really REALLY wanting to get back to doing that.  I've said all this before, but going through all those old posts has made me decide IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.
I realized several things while going through those old posts.  First, I used to *do* a lot more things than I do now.  I couldn't get over how many movies I used to watch!  I mean, I knew I used to watch more than I do these days but it surprised me just how many I did watch back then.  And I still read a lot.  And I still played Warcraft and/or UO a lot.  And I did things outside a lot.  And I went places.  These days I do pretty much nothing.  I've become a very pokey reader.  I almost never watch movies.  I rarely log onto any games.  The extent of me doing anything outside anymore is me walking to my car to go to work or my mom's.  Oh, and I also used to still be able to stay up to 10pm or so.  These days I'm so bored, it's a struggle to stay past 8pm.
I used to just hop on and write so easily.  My wit and sassy humor just seemed to flow.  Now I stare and the screen and keep getting hung up on 'Why am I doing this?' and 'What am I hoping to get out of this?'  I didn't care before who was reading or what deeper meaning there might be in it for me.  I just nattered about my day.  And I'm so glad I did because as I was seeing all those old natters, there were so many things I'd forgotten.  Just silly little things sometimes, but precious moments nonetheless.
So I'm once again saying I'm going to get back to the daily journal type posts.  And dangit, this time it's going to happen!
This counts as the first one.

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