Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(REPOST) May 31, 2015

This is a cheater post for yesterday since I forgot to do it last night.  Ooops!  It was a work day, and Game of Thrones day, so I hurried home and grabbed something to eat while checking emails and favorite websites, then watched GoT and went to bed.
A coworker's wife gave birth to their baby girl yesterday.  I heard she was overdue, and it ended up being a c-section but I guess everyone is fine.  I'll see pics today at work.
Another coworker mentioned he might switch to 3rd shift.  This was the best news anyone could have given me these days!  This particular guy is one THE biggest sources of stress for me at work!  I don't think he'll really switch shifts but for now, thinking about it and hoping is making me pretty darn happy!
I'll natter about Game of Thrones a bit tonight, if I remember.  It'll be spoilerish though, if you're not current on the show.  Fair warning!

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