Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug. 31 - Killer Rodents

I'm really crabby right now.  Hubby would say "Ain't nothin' new there," but no, this is more crabby than usual.  In all the years we've lived out here in the country, and in all the years I've had bird feeders over in this side yard, I have never seen those stupid little wannabe chipmunks kill birds.  Not only have I seen it THREE times this summer, but two of those times were in about ten minutes of each other this afternoon.  The first time I saw it was earlier this summer, and the little rodent bastard snagged a baby bird.  I was like "WTF?!" in horror, and then Googled it only to find out that yes, there are times when they will indeed kill small birds.

Ok, fine, nature at work and all that jazz.  But then it happened again today.  And then AGAIN about ten minutes later.  That second time I actually tried to create enough noise and motion to stop it but to no avail.  What the heck is going on?!  When hubby got home I told him there is weirdness afoot and maybe there is something to all that End of Days talk.  I was already all stressed out about other things and adding that to it now has me almost physically ill.  I almost want to stop keeping bird feeders because of all the animal drama we've had this summer.  Gah!

Let's get this crabfest turned around if we can.  Ahhh, yes, Christian Ponder.  I didn't see the Raiders game or any news on how he did, if he even played.  I know the Raiders lost though.  His daughter Scout has two super cute videos on her Instgram channel.  One is him teaching her how to growl, and the other is her clapping and watching the game.  You should go check out that sassy baby.  She's so dang cute.

The Vikings won.  Or did I say that yesterday?  Yes, I think I did.

Moving on . . . 
Do you ever find that when you hear bad news about someone else, you feel better about yourself?  It's not that you wish bad things upon people, but it sometimes makes you realize your own problems aren't that bad.  That happened to me today.  I was feeling quite a lot better about nearly everything for a while, until that bird thing happened.

I was thinking about the diary/journal thing.  I wonder if I do it as sort of a mood journal if I'll be able to get a habit started.  Maybe I'll be able to find some patterns or triggers to all this madness.  That way it also won't feel like I'm just repeating myself by writing about the same things I already write on my calendar or natter about here.  And if I can finally get into the habit of writing, and it wants to become more of a regular daily events things, so be it.  All the better!

I've also been thinking about getting some coloring books.  I didn't even realize they made coloring books for adults, like stress therapy coloring books.  They have more intricate designs and things, and need things like markers or colored pencils, something more fine pointed than regular crayons.  Have you seen those kinds of books?  Well, I've heard even regular kids coloring books can be stress relieving, but these adult ones look so cool.

I watched a true crime show today called Murder Made Me Famous.  The episode I watched was about Scott and Laci Peterson.  I remember back when that murder happened, remember following it somewhat, but never really did know what happened.  It was interesting to watch this show.  I did not know that the book/movie Gone Girl was inspired by the Peterson events!  Now I have the DVR set to record that.  Yes, I'm the only person in the world who hasn't seen that movie yet.  *sigh*

Well, I've got dishes to do, and then some UO to play before I go up to bed and read a bit more Percy Jackson.

How are you today?

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Aug. 30 - Nattering

(Not much change in the view yet.  This is Week 2 of the Creeping Into Fall view from my window.)

So here are, enjoying glorious fall-like weather the past week or so, and -BAM- we're going to be back up near 90 degrees all this coming week.  Ugh!  I got my fall decorations out yesterday!  It's going to seem stupid having all these fall things staring at me while I'm sweaty and miserable.  Oh well, can't do anything about it, can I?

Casey finally got his car back last Sunday.
Before - A few years worth of animal vs. car damage that started when Ty still owned this car.

After - Like a brand new car.  Casey is happy the door opens all the way now.  lol

We finally got a guy lined up to do the roofing work on our garage and barn.  He'll start sometime after Labor Day, but since he just does this stuff on the side it might be getting done at a snail's pace.  Hubby says he doesn't care too much about that.  He just wants it done.  I'll try to do some before, during, and after pics of that project too.

Vikings won again last night.  They are 4-0 in this preseason.  Fingers crossed it carries over into regular season.  Hubby and I are waiting for the replay of the game to come on TV at 11am this morning so we can actually see it.  I know Cordarrelle Patterson had an awesome 107 yard kickoff return for a touchdown.  Can't wait to see that!

I've been feeling all stressed and anxious again.  I can't pinpoint anything in particular that's causing it but I can feel it building.  Friday at work was horrible, not so much the work, but in my own head.  I was back and forth from raging anger to fighting off tears for no reason.  Then a coworker who I get along with but who can be difficult at times, was in her own funky mood and we just went off on each other.  I think we both felt bad afterwards but we just avoided each other the last hour or so of the day.  And it's all nagging at me once again to either blog this crap here or start writing it in a damn journal.  I read a bit about the benefits of keeping a diary/journal and stress relief is like one of the biggest things.  So yeah, I gotta just do it.

Gotta go watch the game now!
I *will* natter more often!

How are you all?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Haul - Walmart Fall 2015 Wax

Let me tell you a little story.  Last summer I decided to just place one big order for all my fall and winter scents.  I didn't bother searching different vendors to see who had what.  I didn't feel like waiting to see what might be coming out later.  I just ordered all in one shot, and ordered early.  And then kind of regretted it when the fall scents came out at Walmart.  I already had a ton of fall and winter wax, so why would I buy more?  I wrote myself a note for summer 2015 and taped it to my calendar for the start of August.  It said something along the lines of 'Only by Walmart fall wax.'

Someday I'll learn to listen to myself.

I'm sure you remember my excitement about Dessa's Homespun Scents and how I once again ordered all my fall and winter scents early, and from one place.  I was fine with it at the time.  I knew that little note to myself was coming for my on my calendar.  But I was fine with ordering from Dessa's because it was like the rules had changed.  I hadn't known about this vendor when I wrote that note to myself.  

Well, heh, yeah.  The fall scents are out now at Walmart.  I saw them and was giddy but kinda kept it in check because I knew I already had my fall stash.  But the Walmart wax was calling to me.  And then I watched a video from some waxy guy I'd never watched before, about the 2015 fall scents, and I just couldn't help it.  I went and bought a crap ton of Walmart fall scents.

You know I love The Walmart Wax.  To those who continue to frown upon it, and don't consider me a 'real' wax fan . . . whatevs.  There is just something exciting about seeing the new stuff come out, whether it's fall or winter or even the spring and summer stuff.  Maybe it's the convenience of actually being able to see and smell it and buy it right then and have it.  So yeah, seeing this new stuff come out, and seeing that video with the guy also so into it, I just couldn't help myself.

Some of these are not actually fall release scents, but general catalog scents that fit into the fall category for me.  And there are some of the fall release scents that I didn't get because either I just didn't care for them or they didn't seem fall-like.  A couple of these I'd bought a week or so ago, and a couple I just bought today, but the bulk of this was bought in one shopping trip a few days ago.  LOL

So let's take a look!
(These are my cold sniff thoughts.)

Pumpkin Spice (Mainstays)
Spice heavy, nice pumpkin, not much bakery.

Apple Pumpkin (Mainstays)
I'm digging apple-pumpkin this year but there's not much pumpkin in here.  Even so, it's a nice spiced apple scent.

Mulled Cider (Mainstays)
I never used to be much of a cider fan.  I'm really liking them this year, for whatever reason.  This is just a typical warm, spiced apple cider scent.

Warm Apple Pie (Mainstays)
Not really what I think of for an apple pie scent.  It's almost more berry-like than apples.  I don't get the spice or bakery notes, at least not on cold sniff.

Cranberry Mandarin (Mainstays)
Not sure why this is an everyday scent.  It should be a fall or winter release because it screams holidays to me.  The mandarin is strong but the tart cranberry is there right along with it.  Not sure if there is a touch of spice too...?

Warm Spice (Scentsationals)
The picture shows clove, nutmeg (?), cinnamon, and a cup of cider.  It's not a sharply spicy scent though.  It almost seems like there is a bakery note in there, like a sugar cookie or something.  Maybe that's just the nutmeg?  I don't really get a cider note, or any kind of apple.  It's more of a dry, warm scent.

Pumpkin Spice (Scentsationals)
They had this in last year's packaging as well as this new packaging.  I decided to get the new for the sake up this post.  I'm pretty sure the scents are the same.  This is not spice-heavy, which is somewhat surprising.  There is a strong, creamy pumpkin note.  I've heard it described as buttery.

Blackberry Cider (Scentsationals)
I think this is meant to be a Christmas release scent because it shows pine and Christmas ornaments in the picture.  It seems like there is a musk note in here, maybe even a slight hint of that pine.  The guy in the video was saying it was like a blackberry merlot, or some sort of fruity boozy drink.  I'm not getting much for fruit or cider or anything like that on cold sniff.

Warm Apple Pie (Scentsationals)
This one is much more like warm apple pie than the Mainstays version.  The apple note is there, along with the warm, spiced syrupy note, and a hint of bakery.  So warm and cozy and yummy.

Apple Berry Crumble (Scentsationals)
This one is yummy too, but much brighter.  This doesn't have the warmth of the spice.  The apple note is stronger and there is a bit of tartness from the cranberry.  There is just a wee hint of bakery.

Sugared Pecan Pumpkin (Scentsationals)
This is quite spicy, and almost more nutty than pumpkin-y.

Harvest Berry Pumpkin (BH&G)
Oddly enough, this smells like a toned down version of Fruit Loops.  Weird, but true!

Fresh Orchard Apples (BH&G)
Straight up apples.  Perhaps the tiniest hint of greenery.

Crisp Fall Leaves (BH&G)
An outdoorsy, piney, moist type scent.  This type isn't my fave for fall but I do appreciate how it fits into the fall category, and it's been around for years, so I always seem to get it.

Whipped Pumpkin Cream (BH&G)
This is yummy BUT it's nowhere near as pumpkin-y as you might expect.  It's much more of a thick cream type scent, heavy on vanilla and maybe something like butter.

Cranberry Mandarin Splash (BH&G)
This one is not quite as bright and holiday-like as the Mainstays version.  This one is heavier on the mandarin and seems darker somehow, and juicier.

Baked Apple Strudel (BH&G)
I like the Scentsationals Warm Apple Pie better than this one.  This is really nice, but has more of a sweet candy-like cinnamon note right off the bat, and the somewhat tart apple note with a hint of bakery coming in behind it.  This is not nearly as warm and cozy as Warm Apple Pie.

Simmering Apple Cider (BH&G)
Another nice cider scent, but not as warm as the Mainstays version.  This one seems a bit more full bodied though.

Spiced Apple Pie combo pack (BH&G)
This pack contains Apple Pie, and Clove.  The apple pie side is heavy on the bakery note.  The clove side is just spicy, as you'd expect.  I will definitely combine these when I melt them.

At The Fair combo pack (BH&G)
This pack contains Spiced Caramel Corn, and Cider Apple Fritters.  I'm not a huge fan of popcorn scents in home fragrance.  This one is cozy though, with a delicate sweetness.  The Cider Apple Fritters are darn yummy though!  I don't get much apple but there is a strong, warm doughy note and maybe a smidge of spice.

Autumn Afternoon Stroll combo pack (BH&G)
This one contains Golden Oak Leaves, and Apples & Acorns.  Someone said Golden Oak Leaves is the same as Crisp Fall Leaves, and since I have both here to compare I would say yes, they are the same.  If they're not THE same, they are incredibly close.  Apples & Acorns is almost like warm cider to me.  Are those cranberries in the picture?

And that is my fall scent haul.  I do have others, backups that I bought at the end of the season last year, like A Thankful Harvest, and Candied Caramel Apple, and I don't recall what else offhand.  There a few that I saw in the video that I did not see at my store.  There are also some that aren't out yet, according to the guy in the video, who said he'd talked to a store manager.  Two that I'm really interested in finding are combo packs.  One contains Spiced Sugar Cookies, and some coffee scent.  The other contains Pumpkin Sugar Cookies, and Cinnamon Pumpkin.  I'm willing to pay for them, or trade, if anyone find them in their store.  Just let me know!

Did any of these catch your eye?
What particular scent are really liking this fall?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Haul - Petals Bath Boutique

I don't order from handcrafted bath and body vendors like I used to.  I got lazy and switched back to retail body washes some time ago, and lately I've even been lazy and switched back to the convenience of retail lotions and lip balms too.  Earlier this year I'd fallen in love with the body custard from Petals Bath Boutique because it was the only thing that was keeping my hands in decent shape.  Well, even with that, my laziness took over and I told myself any lotion will work on my hands.  Not sure why I thought that?!  Because after that one jar of body custard ran out and I started using regular lotions, my hands went right back to dry and crappy.  So back to Petals I went.

Demeter is described as 'Fragrant blackberries, early autumn fruits, and southern sweet tea with dashes of cinnamon and brown sugar.'  I'd seen some people mention on the Petals Facebook page that this was like fruit tea with a cinnamon stick in it.  I got excited, thinking *maybe* this would be similar to The Melting Fairy's fruit tea scent that I loved so much.  I'm getting over a cold right now so my sniffer is not very reliable and I can't say for sure how similar this is or isn't.  I do get a really nice, dark and slightly spicy fruit scent though.  Another reason I picked this scent is because of the name Demeter.  I've been reading Percy Jackson books lately and Demeter is one of the goddesses they talk about.  I'm a dork, I know.

I also got a jar of unscented body custard because sometimes you just don't want clashing scents.  Right?

And I got a small jar of the body custard made with orange essential oil.  I wanted to try that because the face cream I've been using (from Avalon Organics) has orange oil and I really like it.  I'm curious to see what this will do for my hands, my nails and cuticles in particular.  It smells so fresh and bright and energizing.

The 4 oz. jars sell for $7.50.
The 2 oz. jars sell for $3.99.

I noticed the Demeter scent was also available in wax tarts.  If there was any chance it was going to be like my beloved Fruit Tea scent, heck yeah I was going to try it in tart form!  Once again, I can't tell if my cold is interfering or if the scent is just light, but it does seem quite light to me on cold sniff.  It also doesn't seem as deep and full, as the body custard version.  That's common too though, that the same scent can smell different in wax compared to body products.  I'm still looking forward to melting these, to see how close it might be to the Fruit Tea scent!

Clamshells are 2 oz. of wax and sell for $3.50.

And Demeter in bar soap form!  Not all of Kia's soaps are goat milk soap but this one is, so that's another bonus!  The version of the scent in soap form is much closer to the body custard version, with that deeper, darker feel to it.  Although I haven't been using bar soaps for a while now, I'll have to give this one a try.
Bar soaps are around 4-5 oz. and sell for $5.25 - $6.00.

Did the little elves at Petals notice my tea obsession?  Because I received this teeny tiny sample of body custard in Lychee Red Tea scent.  Described as 'Sweet and tart with dew fruit, Rooibos and white florals,' this must be a strong scent because even with my disabled nose it's coming through easily.  I don't think I'd ever like this scent for home fragrance but for body products I quite like it.  The floral note is rather strong, but enough of the tea and fruit are there to make it okay.  What is 'dew fruit'?  I do not know.  The tiny little jar this came in so stinking cute!  Seriously, you can fit a fingertip in there and that's about it.

I also received a sample of Walnut Apricot exfoliating scrub.  I can't wait to try this!  I go through phases with scrubs, sometimes loving them and sometimes going for long times without ever touching them.  I think this might nudge me into a renewed 'I love scrubs!' phase.  I don't even see scrubs on her site.  I wonder if they're out of stock or if she's testing this?

Anyway, I'm so happy to have more body custard for my poor hands.  The first jar I had lasted a long time because a little goes a long way with that stuff.  So now I have three jars, and I should be set for life.  Okay, for a while at least.  Even so, I'm going to grab a minty one for winter if I see one pop up on the site this fall.

Have you tried Petals Bath Boutique?  Have you tried the body custard in particular?  Winter is coming, so you know you want some heavy duty body creams.  The site is a little picked over now, but keep an eye out for the fall release and maybe you can snag some goodies then.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Read - The House of Hades (Percy Jackson)

The House of Hades
(The Heroes of Olympus, Book Four)
by Rick Riordan
583 pages

'The demigod crew of the Argo II is standing at a crossroads.  They could return home with the Athena Parthenos statue and try to stop Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter from going to war.  Or they could continue on their quest to find the House of Hades, where they might be able to open the Doors of Death, rescue their friends Percy and Annabeth from Tartarus (if they have survived), and prevent monsters from being reincarnated in the mortal world.  Whichever road they decide to take, they have to hurry, because time is running out.  Gaea, the bloodthirsty Earth Mother, has set the date of August 1 for her rise to power.

Join the demigods of the prophecy as they face their biggest challenges yet in The House of Hades, the hair-raising penultimate book in the best-selling Heroes of Olympus series.'


You know I've been enjoying all of the Percy Jackson books.  One thing that I'm pleasantly surprised by is that I'm consistently liking each book.  Usually a series will bomb for me after the first book.  Not these Percy Jackson books though!  I do wish I'd have read this one faster, more efficiently, because I think I might have liked it a bit more if I'd really plowed my way through.  Still, I really did like this.

Once again, it is the Percy and Annabeth storyline that I really loved about the book.  Their story continues to grow more solid and serious while the rest of the cast provides a sort of comic relief.  At the end of the previous book, Percy and Annabeth had fallen into Tartarus, the heart of the Underworld.  The rest of the demigods don't even know if the two survived the fall, so how can they decide what their next move should be?  Do they take the statue back to Camp Half-Blood and try to stop the smaller war between Greeks and Romans?  Do they take the statue to Greece and prepare for the larger war, the final battle?  Or do they try to find the Doors of Death and close them so monsters will stay dead?  If they don't close those doors, there is no hope for them in the final battle because they'll never be able to kill the monsters.  Plus, if they can find the Doors, they can maybe also find Percy and Annabeth.

They need to get to those doors.  So the remaining crew sets off an adventure, and in their parts of the story things get a little busy and cluttered.  You know I don't like that.  It was sometimes hard to keep track of who needed to go where and for what.  It was kind of like they each had a mini-quest to get or do something to prep them for what's still to come.  That's fine, but some of it just seemed so . . . dumb.  Frank and the poison cow creatures?  What the heck was that all about?  Piper continues to be the weak spot, almost the joke of the group with her lack of skills and her food shooting cornucopia as her weapon.  I had to laugh when Piper was left to face Khione, and the snow goddess ridiculed her by saying pretty much everything I've been thinking about her.  And I still don't feel any bond or special vibe between Piper and Jason.

Meanwhile, Percy and Annabeth DID survive the fall and are now on an adventure to make it through Tartarus, find the Doors of Death, and hope their friends are on the other side to save them.  They get help from some very unlikely sources along the way, and there are some absolute tear-jerker moments towards the end of the book.  I just love their parts of the past two books!

While I did enjoy this book, I wish it would have been a bit shorter by cleaning up and streamlining the side stories of the other characters.  I'm very much looking forward to the next book, the final one in this series.

Small Fall Haul

Just a super quick haul post here.  I picked up a few more fall things while shopping with my Mom this morning.

I don't eat pumpkin pie but I am venturing into more and more pumpkin flavored foods and drinks.  When I saw these in a brand new end cap display of Little Debbie fall themed snacks at Walmart, I decided to go ahead and give them a try.  I'll set them aside for a while yet though, till we're a little closer to actual pumpkin-everything season.

Picked these little guys up at Dollar Tree.  They are those pick things that you can stick into a potted plant, or fake flower arrangement, or wreath, or whatever.  You'll see what I do with these later, when I do my fall decorations post.

Since taking that month or so break from melting tarts, I'm finding it slow going getting back into melting them.  I've been digging candles more lately, and after seeing everyone and their dog haul these little baby mason jar candles from Dollar Tree, they've been stuck in my head.  When my mom said she wanted to stop at Dollar Tree this morning, I went ahead and grabbed these three fall scented ones.
These are the cutest little things!  They are 3 oz., single wick, mason jar candles.  I got Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, and Cranberry Smash.  The pumpkin and apple ones are Luminessence brand, which is the common Dollar Tree brand of wax.  I was surprised to find that the cranberry one is Old Williamsburgh brand though.  I received a box of free candles for review from that company a few years ago and they are quite nice.  So I'm happy to have this little one now.

I am getting over a cold right now so sniffing things is unreliable for me at the moment.  The pumpkin pie scent seems to be low spice, typical pumpkin bakery.  The apple pie scent does have a bit of spice, and a nice warmth of bakery notes along with some juiciness from the apples.  The cranberry one is delish!  It's not quite as spicy as the cranberry spice type I prefer but it there is enough spice to bring warmth to the tart juicy cranberry scent.  This will be great to have burning in the kitchen on Thanksgiving day.

I also so Blueberry Pie, Banana Nut Bread, and Cinnamon Roll scents.  I really wanted to get the blueberry one!  Actually, the banana bread one is really good too, but the cinnamon one didn't appeal to me much because it has that sort of 'sour' note like from cream cheese or something.  I also saw Apple Chai scent in the little wood wick candles that Dollar Tree has but when I sniffed it I couldn't really smell anything.  That might be because of my cold.  I think next time I'm there I'm going to sniff it again, and probably grab a blueberry and banana candle.

Alrighty!  That's my little quickie haul.  Have you found anything fun recently?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Melted - Rosegirls / Toffee Apple Blend

Ooey Gooey Caramel / Toffee Apple Crunch / Dunk My Donut

I'm kicking off my return to wax melting by kicking off the fall scent season!  This muffin has tucked away in my fall stash since very early this year since it was part of our Muffin Club that order that arrived too late for fall of last year.  It's such a lovely blend for 'early fall!'  (Yes, I know we're still technically in summer.)  It's like a teasing mix between caramel apple and cinnamon apple.  Sometimes I get a more distinct, sweet and creamy caramel note with the apples.  Other times I get the cinnamon note more.  Overall it's a bit of both, which makes it quite interesting.  A spiced caramel apple?  That's what this is.  But spice haters need not fear.  It's just a warming type of spice, not a harsh inyerface spice.  There is just a hint of bakery note from the Dunk My Donut, just enough to sometimes make you think it's an apple pastry scent instead.
I divided this muffin into 1 oz. portions among three tea light warmers, and had them all going, spread out through the house.  I had a healthy medium scent, not overbearing, but pleasantly noticeable.

Aug. 21 - Just Nattering

Hello!  It's just me, slacking at blogging again.  Since we're only a whisper away from the fall season, I thought I'd feature a pic of the view from my window, and will try to update this picture weekly throughout fall.  Won't it be interesting to see how the corn field and trees take on their fall colors?

So anyway, what's been happening?  I started melting wax again today.  A Rosegirls muffin in a blend of Ooey Gooey Caramel / Toffee Apple Crunch / Dunk My Donut was my official kickoff of fall scents.  It's a lovely caramel apple scent with just a hint of spice and bakery.  And it's pretty neat that today is cooler and quite fall-like.  Our furnace even kicked on last night!  Sunday we were miserable in 90 degree heat and high humidity.  Thursday night we're down to 49 degrees and the furnace is on.  lol

Christian Ponder (#9) played a chunk of the Raiders first preseason game last weekend.  He did pretty good!  Had a touchdown, but also an interception.  This week the Raiders play the Vikings, in Minnesota.  People are asking who I'm cheering for.  I keep saying it would be funny if the Vikings lost and that most of the points came while Ponder was playing.  Ha!  Seriously though, I do want the Vikings to win.  Ponder is still battling for the backup quarterback spot on the Raiders though, so I hope he does ok while he's in.  I really don't like their starting quarterback.  He strikes me as an arrogant dick.

Casey will hopefully get his car back today.  The guy had told him "the better part of a week," so we'd been hoping it would be done Thursday.  It's Friday afternoon now and still no word.

Ty is here, just hanging out and chitchatting.  Well actually he's playing Mario 3D something or other on Casey's Wii U while I finish this post.  We'll have Friday fish fry dinner from our local place after hubby gets home from work.

I was debating journaling vs. blogging again.  I'd given journaling another try because I was excited about the idea of adding stickers and washi tapes to the daily entries.  Yeeeeeeah, I did one day and that was it.  I like the idea of handwritten journals because I always see so many neat little journal books and notebooks.  And then the idea of adding stickers and tapes makes it more fun.  But there is something about blogging that I like too.  It's easy to include pictures, where in a regular journal it would be more difficult.  Typing out things is so much faster and easier than my messy handwriting.  And believe me, it's become MESSY over the years that I've been doing so much internet stuff.  I think I could speak more freely about some things in a regular journal.  I guess I just need to make it part of my routine, to write something in the notebook each night before I read, or something like that.

Do you journal?  Do you also blog?  Which do you prefer?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Collective Fall Haul - Walmart, Dollar Tree

Fall items are really starting to pop up in stores now.  Most places haven't quite yet made the full fall switch, but we're getting ever close.  I've started picking up a few things.

We almost always have chocolate of some sort in the candy dish on the buffet.  I hadn't wanted the fall M&Ms quite yet but when I remembered I wanted M&Ms I was on the other side of the store and didn't feel like trucking all the way back for candy.  Aha!  There was a handy dandy display of fall candies right there where I was so I went ahead and grabbed them.  I passed on the Pecan Pie ones, and just got regular plain and peanut.

(Will you be trying the Pecan Pie ones?  I had the Caramel Apple ones last year.  I think that's what it was anyway.)

Ty uses the Glade scented oils in his apartment and was telling me he'd really like the fall scents last year.  Since I had coupons I picked up a pack of Apple Cinnamon for him.  I went with this over the new apple one Glade has this fall because this ones smells more fall-like.  Also grabbed an Apple Cinnamon Renuzit gel freshener thinger for Casey's room.

I'd seen these the weeks before while shopping and was quite intrigued.  They have a variety of these scented oil warmers, the plugin things, with different decorations on them.  The normal Glade warmers are just plain white block-looking things.  These very much reminded me of the B&BW wallflowers.  And then I saw the label.  These are made by 719 Walnut Avenue, who we already know has those awesome candles, AND is made by the same company that makes B&BW candles.  Hmmm!  So when Ty said one of his warmers wasn't working any more, I went ahead and grabbed him one of these.  I think they are something like $2.79 at Walmart.

I keep obsessing over stickers and wishing I had a use for them.  When I saw these I just *had* to have them.  I told myself I'd make another attempt at journaling and just add stickers to each entry.  I mean, how cute are these?!

And these?!  The picture doesn't show it really but some have some glittery areas.  These are just freakin' gorgeous.  They would have been perfect if I'd stuck with card making.  Or who knows, maybe I'll whip up a few fall cards to send out.  Or use for pocket letters, if I decide to dabble in that.  I don't know, I just had to have them.

(And no, the journaling thing is still not working out.)

I've been seeing haul videos with cute fall things at Dollar Tree.  People are crazy, grabbing up one of everything they see.  I admit a lot of it is super duper cute but I'm trying to be more realistic and only buying things if I know where I'll put them.  So while there were four or five designs in these glittery decorative rocks, I only got one because I know I'll put it on the little greeter table by our back door.
Same with these little glass pumpkins.  I remember last year wanting to have more of this type of decoration to just place around the house, and there are a lot of different styles and colors of these at Dollar Tree, but in the end I just grabbed the most traditional looking one.  Once I get my fall decorations out, I'll see if I still feel like I need more and will grab some then *if* there are any left.

There were several cute wall hangings that I really liked but just don't know where I'd put them.  They don't really look durable enough for outside, and I did not see the one I really wanted so I passed on those.  There were a lot of window clings too, but I'm not usually a fan of those.  There were some large ones, like signs, that I really did like though.  I'll probably put this one on our refrigerator.  It's about 9x15 inches.

Another of the window cling signs that I really liked.  I'm not sure where I'll put this one.  I'm thinking maybe on the side of our fridge, which is right next to where you come into the house from the 'back' room.

That's all I've gotten so far.  Dollar Tree had some really cute little mason jar candles that I almost bought.  There was Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, and a cranberry scent.  They all smelled so good!  And being so little, they'd be cute for just some quickie burns, like have one going in the kitchen while we play Munchkin or something.  I didn't get them yet because I have an overload of fall scented tarts, and we already have several large fall scented candles.  I don't know though, they were cute and smelled darn good.......

I'm really anxious to see what Target has in their fall things!  I know the change has to be coming soon because people in haul videos are saying Dollar Spot stuff is starting to be marked 70% off.  I stopped there today just to check and did see one little section with a handful of fall/Halloween kitchen towels, but that was it.  I know it's coming soon though!

Are you excited for fall?!
Have you bought anything fall related yet?  Or, what are you hoping to get this year?

The Fall Slut is excited!!