Sunday, August 30, 2015

Aug. 30 - Nattering

(Not much change in the view yet.  This is Week 2 of the Creeping Into Fall view from my window.)

So here are, enjoying glorious fall-like weather the past week or so, and -BAM- we're going to be back up near 90 degrees all this coming week.  Ugh!  I got my fall decorations out yesterday!  It's going to seem stupid having all these fall things staring at me while I'm sweaty and miserable.  Oh well, can't do anything about it, can I?

Casey finally got his car back last Sunday.
Before - A few years worth of animal vs. car damage that started when Ty still owned this car.

After - Like a brand new car.  Casey is happy the door opens all the way now.  lol

We finally got a guy lined up to do the roofing work on our garage and barn.  He'll start sometime after Labor Day, but since he just does this stuff on the side it might be getting done at a snail's pace.  Hubby says he doesn't care too much about that.  He just wants it done.  I'll try to do some before, during, and after pics of that project too.

Vikings won again last night.  They are 4-0 in this preseason.  Fingers crossed it carries over into regular season.  Hubby and I are waiting for the replay of the game to come on TV at 11am this morning so we can actually see it.  I know Cordarrelle Patterson had an awesome 107 yard kickoff return for a touchdown.  Can't wait to see that!

I've been feeling all stressed and anxious again.  I can't pinpoint anything in particular that's causing it but I can feel it building.  Friday at work was horrible, not so much the work, but in my own head.  I was back and forth from raging anger to fighting off tears for no reason.  Then a coworker who I get along with but who can be difficult at times, was in her own funky mood and we just went off on each other.  I think we both felt bad afterwards but we just avoided each other the last hour or so of the day.  And it's all nagging at me once again to either blog this crap here or start writing it in a damn journal.  I read a bit about the benefits of keeping a diary/journal and stress relief is like one of the biggest things.  So yeah, I gotta just do it.

Gotta go watch the game now!
I *will* natter more often!

How are you all?


  1. The car looks great! No more beater for Casey :-)

    I believe that writing helps stress too. To just get out all the frustration on paper. Well. Not ALL. But maybe enough to keep going forward. I hope the frustrations pass quickly for you. I am hoping to by pass some of that this year. But it will happen eventually.

    Happy to see a natters up! Go Vikings! I cheered for them for you today!

    1. I can't wait for regular season football. Preseason is exciting, but when we can't see the games until after the fact, and we already know the scores and highlights, it's kind of boring.

      I'm actually excited to have gotten this choppy little natter up! Baby steps....


  2. What an amazing transformation the car has made, it looks brand new.

    I've tried jotting down a few notes about my day before I go to sleep at night but it never lasts. I remember reading about Oprah having volumes and volumes of her life documented in dairy form. I'm pretty sure I don't have as much to say as Oprah though.

    1. If I could get into the habit I'm pretty sure I'd have volumes. Once I get nattering it's hard to stop. I think if I were to scribble a few lines whenever the mood strikes instead of waiting for a time in the evening, it might be easier. Maybe then I'd be able to ease it around to an evening ritual.