Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug. 31 - Killer Rodents

I'm really crabby right now.  Hubby would say "Ain't nothin' new there," but no, this is more crabby than usual.  In all the years we've lived out here in the country, and in all the years I've had bird feeders over in this side yard, I have never seen those stupid little wannabe chipmunks kill birds.  Not only have I seen it THREE times this summer, but two of those times were in about ten minutes of each other this afternoon.  The first time I saw it was earlier this summer, and the little rodent bastard snagged a baby bird.  I was like "WTF?!" in horror, and then Googled it only to find out that yes, there are times when they will indeed kill small birds.

Ok, fine, nature at work and all that jazz.  But then it happened again today.  And then AGAIN about ten minutes later.  That second time I actually tried to create enough noise and motion to stop it but to no avail.  What the heck is going on?!  When hubby got home I told him there is weirdness afoot and maybe there is something to all that End of Days talk.  I was already all stressed out about other things and adding that to it now has me almost physically ill.  I almost want to stop keeping bird feeders because of all the animal drama we've had this summer.  Gah!

Let's get this crabfest turned around if we can.  Ahhh, yes, Christian Ponder.  I didn't see the Raiders game or any news on how he did, if he even played.  I know the Raiders lost though.  His daughter Scout has two super cute videos on her Instgram channel.  One is him teaching her how to growl, and the other is her clapping and watching the game.  You should go check out that sassy baby.  She's so dang cute.

The Vikings won.  Or did I say that yesterday?  Yes, I think I did.

Moving on . . . 
Do you ever find that when you hear bad news about someone else, you feel better about yourself?  It's not that you wish bad things upon people, but it sometimes makes you realize your own problems aren't that bad.  That happened to me today.  I was feeling quite a lot better about nearly everything for a while, until that bird thing happened.

I was thinking about the diary/journal thing.  I wonder if I do it as sort of a mood journal if I'll be able to get a habit started.  Maybe I'll be able to find some patterns or triggers to all this madness.  That way it also won't feel like I'm just repeating myself by writing about the same things I already write on my calendar or natter about here.  And if I can finally get into the habit of writing, and it wants to become more of a regular daily events things, so be it.  All the better!

I've also been thinking about getting some coloring books.  I didn't even realize they made coloring books for adults, like stress therapy coloring books.  They have more intricate designs and things, and need things like markers or colored pencils, something more fine pointed than regular crayons.  Have you seen those kinds of books?  Well, I've heard even regular kids coloring books can be stress relieving, but these adult ones look so cool.

I watched a true crime show today called Murder Made Me Famous.  The episode I watched was about Scott and Laci Peterson.  I remember back when that murder happened, remember following it somewhat, but never really did know what happened.  It was interesting to watch this show.  I did not know that the book/movie Gone Girl was inspired by the Peterson events!  Now I have the DVR set to record that.  Yes, I'm the only person in the world who hasn't seen that movie yet.  *sigh*

Well, I've got dishes to do, and then some UO to play before I go up to bed and read a bit more Percy Jackson.

How are you today?


  1. Hi Deb! I was obsessed with the Peterson case but I had no idea Gone Girl was inspired by it. I'm trying to think of the similarities now and it's a bit of a stretch since Laci was nothing like the female lead (even if they switched the gender roles, Laci was even less like the male lead). I guess inspired is different that based upon. I think you will like Gone Girl though!
    I got an adult coloring books and markers for my birthday. I've also gifted it as well. As a matter of fact, I think I've gifted the one you pictured.
    Your bird trauma -- I couldn't deal with that either.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your evening :)

    1. That's so cool that you've gifted the coloring books. I've seen them pop up at Walmart now, so I just might have to grab one. Put down the wax and pick up the coloring book next time I'm shopping, hehe.

      Did you read the Gone Girl book? I read Sharp Objects, by that author, a while ago and liked it. I've always meant to read her other books, especially when Gone Girl became a big thing, but have never gotten back to them.

      Scott Peterson is a total dick! Wow. In the show I watched today they had excerpts from the recorded phone calls and holy ballz, what an ass. And his smug face throughout it all. Ugh.


    2. I did read Gone Girl prior to seeing it in the movie and I actually thought they were equally good as opposed to normally being disappointed in the movie versions.

      I'm hoping that show is a series ..I'll have to add it to my forensic files/48 hours/snapped list of shows that I love.

      The phone calls between him and Amber? I know! I remember those and how ballsy and confident he was. What makes me mad is I've heard he's getting special treatment on death row in San Quentin. Uggg.

    3. Murder Made Me Famous is indeed a series. It's on ID channel. I've been watching more of the crime stuff on that show, even though it's cheesier, because I'm tired of the same handful of Snapped repeats.


  2. IT'S MAGIC!! I hopped on UO yesterday for the first time in a few months and here I am today reading this and you mention UO! Now I must go back and catch up on your natters! Not that I wasn't going to anyway :)
    You're not the only person who hasn't seen/read Gone Girl. I didn't know that was based off of the Peterson situation which is surprising because I lived in that area as all that stuff was happening and heard about anything and everything that had to do with them.
    Animal drama is never fun. I know it's supposed to be nature and all but come on man, I just don't wanna see it!

    1. I watched Gone Girl yesterday, finally. Having just watched that show about Scott Peterson, I can see what things in the movie were similar but all of those little things are quite early on. As for the movie itself, I didn't care much for it. I was bored through a lot of it, and couldn't stand the wife.

      I'm still puttering around in UO, trying to get one minor character's skills maxed out. I only play a little bit every now and then because our internet is so sucky lately. When I get her maxed I'll get back to crafting and gardening and all those boring things.


  3. I never knew chipmunks were so predatory! I do the same for our mocking birds. There is a snake and tom cat that likes to stalk my babies but I can usually catch them and scare them off.

    I enjoyed the thrilling story of Gone Girl. I still want to watch the show too. Percy! I can't wait to gush about it! So glad you are reading it. I am pushing it with my current library book. It is due on the 5th and I am not done yet..... Ugh!

    1. They're not actually chipmunks, or gophers. They are technically 13 Striped Ground Squirrels, but it's easier to just call them chipmunks when we're ranting about them.

      Did you finish that library book that's due TOMORROW? hehe
      Have you read the Peculiar Children books, whatever the actual names are.....?