Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Haul - Petals Bath Boutique

I don't order from handcrafted bath and body vendors like I used to.  I got lazy and switched back to retail body washes some time ago, and lately I've even been lazy and switched back to the convenience of retail lotions and lip balms too.  Earlier this year I'd fallen in love with the body custard from Petals Bath Boutique because it was the only thing that was keeping my hands in decent shape.  Well, even with that, my laziness took over and I told myself any lotion will work on my hands.  Not sure why I thought that?!  Because after that one jar of body custard ran out and I started using regular lotions, my hands went right back to dry and crappy.  So back to Petals I went.

Demeter is described as 'Fragrant blackberries, early autumn fruits, and southern sweet tea with dashes of cinnamon and brown sugar.'  I'd seen some people mention on the Petals Facebook page that this was like fruit tea with a cinnamon stick in it.  I got excited, thinking *maybe* this would be similar to The Melting Fairy's fruit tea scent that I loved so much.  I'm getting over a cold right now so my sniffer is not very reliable and I can't say for sure how similar this is or isn't.  I do get a really nice, dark and slightly spicy fruit scent though.  Another reason I picked this scent is because of the name Demeter.  I've been reading Percy Jackson books lately and Demeter is one of the goddesses they talk about.  I'm a dork, I know.

I also got a jar of unscented body custard because sometimes you just don't want clashing scents.  Right?

And I got a small jar of the body custard made with orange essential oil.  I wanted to try that because the face cream I've been using (from Avalon Organics) has orange oil and I really like it.  I'm curious to see what this will do for my hands, my nails and cuticles in particular.  It smells so fresh and bright and energizing.

The 4 oz. jars sell for $7.50.
The 2 oz. jars sell for $3.99.

I noticed the Demeter scent was also available in wax tarts.  If there was any chance it was going to be like my beloved Fruit Tea scent, heck yeah I was going to try it in tart form!  Once again, I can't tell if my cold is interfering or if the scent is just light, but it does seem quite light to me on cold sniff.  It also doesn't seem as deep and full, as the body custard version.  That's common too though, that the same scent can smell different in wax compared to body products.  I'm still looking forward to melting these, to see how close it might be to the Fruit Tea scent!

Clamshells are 2 oz. of wax and sell for $3.50.

And Demeter in bar soap form!  Not all of Kia's soaps are goat milk soap but this one is, so that's another bonus!  The version of the scent in soap form is much closer to the body custard version, with that deeper, darker feel to it.  Although I haven't been using bar soaps for a while now, I'll have to give this one a try.
Bar soaps are around 4-5 oz. and sell for $5.25 - $6.00.

Did the little elves at Petals notice my tea obsession?  Because I received this teeny tiny sample of body custard in Lychee Red Tea scent.  Described as 'Sweet and tart with dew fruit, Rooibos and white florals,' this must be a strong scent because even with my disabled nose it's coming through easily.  I don't think I'd ever like this scent for home fragrance but for body products I quite like it.  The floral note is rather strong, but enough of the tea and fruit are there to make it okay.  What is 'dew fruit'?  I do not know.  The tiny little jar this came in so stinking cute!  Seriously, you can fit a fingertip in there and that's about it.

I also received a sample of Walnut Apricot exfoliating scrub.  I can't wait to try this!  I go through phases with scrubs, sometimes loving them and sometimes going for long times without ever touching them.  I think this might nudge me into a renewed 'I love scrubs!' phase.  I don't even see scrubs on her site.  I wonder if they're out of stock or if she's testing this?

Anyway, I'm so happy to have more body custard for my poor hands.  The first jar I had lasted a long time because a little goes a long way with that stuff.  So now I have three jars, and I should be set for life.  Okay, for a while at least.  Even so, I'm going to grab a minty one for winter if I see one pop up on the site this fall.

Have you tried Petals Bath Boutique?  Have you tried the body custard in particular?  Winter is coming, so you know you want some heavy duty body creams.  The site is a little picked over now, but keep an eye out for the fall release and maybe you can snag some goodies then.


  1. What a great haul! Demeter sounds lovely and it made me think of Percy too! I will watch the site. It has been ages since I have ordered from Petals.

    1. I'm having an itch to go back to handcrafted bar soaps. I think it's just a fall thing though, because it was in the fall that I first discovered the crazy world of goat milk soaps and all that fun began.

      Had a couple urges to make soap again too.


  2. The Demeter soap is so pretty! I will be interested to see your thoughts on the body custard made with orange essential oil, I have heard that's a really good product to use for about a zillion different uses. Nice haul!

    1. I've used the orange custard a couple days now. I like the scent at first because it's such a refreshing burst of brightness, but I'm finding that after a while I don't care for that lingering hint of orange.

      Yeah, orange is supposedly good for a ton of things. I've been using the orange oil face cream from Avalon Organics for a while now. I do like it, but I'm not noticing any of the fabulous benefits. Oh well, at least the cream is nice.